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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why you are so serious?

Hey you,

Why are you so serious ? 
Why the furled brow and the focused look? 
Did something upset you? 
Did something take over your being? 
Did a task or an outside distraction steal your awareness? 
Did you forget that we were on a giant floating magnetic rock? 
Is your pride hurt?

Are you in constant competition with your fellow man? 
Did you forget to breathe after a troubling moment? 
Is status taking over your life? 
Does your career take precedence over your general well being? 
Are you too busy trying to get from A to B and forget to appreciate the present moment? 
Are you taking other people too seriously? 
Are you letting peoples' opinions of you affect your mood?

Are you taking responsibility for how you interact with the external problems in the real world? 
Have you fallen victim to a distorted perceptions based on learned habits from society and your parents? 

Are you distracting yourself with your phone and drugs? 
Did you forget you can dance? 
Did you forget to surrender ?
Did you forget to laugh? 

Did you forget to call your mom? 
Did you forget you had friends?

Remember when you use to play on the playground? 
Remember the simplicities of taking a walk without a phone? 
Remember how ridiculous it was to judge others?

Remember when you actually mindfully ate something ? 
Remember sitting down and laughing at the absurdity of it all? 
The absurdity of attachment,
The absurdity of taking things too seriously, 
The absurdity of always getting what you want. 
The absurdity that surrounds our daily lives.

Within this absurdity lies deep gratitude and entertainment. Within this absurdity, we can let go and let to not take ourselves so seriously. 

We are brains on sticks in a tiny jar that is infinite inwards and outwards. 


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