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Invisible Art

Art doesn't exist. 
Let me explain. 
Art is an identifier that people invented in order to categorize and process human expression.

When an art object is made, it is just an object. The meaning is placed from the maker and the viewer of the art. 

A man could make a chair and a man could make an abstract sculpture. Both exist in 3d space and both have the potential to have the same amount of meaning and value. 

When a man plans to make a chair he sets intentions to manifest the idea in real time and space. The time spent on the chair has no correlation to the value or meaning of the chair when it is "finished". 

The chair is different every day although it may look fairly similar it did the day before. The chairs integrity is affected by physics both from the real world and time as well as the physical human interaction associated with it. A chair's intention is to act as a seating device for humans. This is the implication that we all asign when we see a chair or group of chairs. 

When the chair's form is obstructed, the meaning shifts to be more subjective. If someonewere to remove one of the legs of the chair, the immediate response would be that the chair cannot serve it's original seating purpose. The chair this becomes a convoluted object that could be interpreted as something dangerous, off putting or down right silly. 

If a chair of historical significance is set up in a museum and put behind a security rope, then it's meaning is transformed based on the context and implications. The museum implies that all or most objects on display are sacred. Therefore, a chair that was originally intended for sitting and serving a purpose turns into an object on display. The museum and sophisticated individuals assign a value to the chair to show off it's illusory importance. 

The people of a museum and curators alike hold a role in determining the value of the object or "art" object. The value is influenced by it's monetary worth, historical relevance, and aesthetic uniqueness. 

Could a three legged chair be classified as an art object? 

If you place a three legged chair in a gallery, does it's implied context make it art? 

One could argue that placing an object in a white walled gallery could change it's meaning based on context. Based upon patterns of behavior in the art world, this rings true. By removing a leg of the chair you are changing it into an object removed from it's original intention. By placing the chair in a gallery, you assume that this manipulated object belongs in the gallery and that it is art. 

The chair becomes an abstract sculpture.
One can identify with it because it somewhat resembles a chair, but it doesn't quite make the cut since it is manipulated. If the three legged chair were to be tossed in a dumpster, the meaning would change based on the it's contextual atmosphere. One could logically assume that the chair is broken and that is trash based on the environment around it. 

If people cannot identify or classify an object into a certain box, genre or type, then it becomes abstract and could be called art if the viewer chose to see it that way. 

We have been conditioned that white walls and exceptional lighting is the appropriate atmosphere to display and "sell" "art". An artist could take or make an object to a gallery and have people interpret it's artistic validity. 

Is it art if a group of educated people call it art? 

Is it art if it has a high monetary value? 

Is it "good" art if the object has a high monetary value? 

"Art" is another box that we like put things in. Art is defined by institutions,
Galleries, businesses, magazines, patrons and artists. It has the same relevance as saying, " That is bread! It must be bread because it looks like bread so I think that we should call it bread!" ( Even if it is a croissant ) 

Since art is so heavily based on the eye of the beholder or beholders then it doesn't actually exist. You cannot refute a man that tells you that a piece isn't art when you think that it is art. It may be art to you, but it may just be an "object" to them. One piece of art may have more of a significant meaning to them than it does to you. Does that mean that it is more valuable or more art than you "think" it is? Absolutely not. 

One may see a painting of a sailboat and like it because of that one time you went on a sail boat with his or hers family in the past. The viewer then assigns an emotional attachment to the painting that is only significant and relevant to their realm of consciousness. Others may have similar feelings toward the same painting, but it cannot be quantified as the same. 

Art can ignite a reaction. Rather, an object intended to be called art from the artist can ignite a reaction. 

The artist defines himself as an artist by making art. He through intention, expression and experimentation make objects, performances, writing or destruction. The artist has a vision and feels what he makes. The title of "artist" could theoretically apply to an object maker that uses creative and critical thinking. The artist should never be defined on where he or she shows the art, the price of the art or how culturally significant the meaning of the art is. 

A three legged chair has the same potential and illusory significance as a Van Gogh painting. 

Art exists how YOU define it. 
Art can always change to non-art when you want it to change.
Art is a magnificent illusory concept that separates us from chimps and allows us to express ourselves in infinite ways. 

Art is mans response to nature and the madness and understanding of the ever changing human mind and consciousness. 

Life can be art and art can be life. 

It's up to you to define it. 


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Iggy Pop

Narcissists United

I am here.
I love myself?
Do I really love my self?
To love the self is to love the thing that necessarily is not you. When you use "I" or "me" you identify with that form. That my friends is ego. When you love the self then you are loving the "thing" you think you are. The "I" is a form. Form can be manifested into an actual object or can be a thought or idea. When you think you love yourself, you are assigning love to an object. You are creating an attachment to an illusion. 


A selfie is a reflection of your self reflecting onto it's own self. It's demanding. Look at me, look at me now. 
What will people think of this picture? 
Upon further investigation, the selfie serves to feed the self and the ego. The feeding of this "thing" perpetuates the same behavior and strengthens the ego.  

Man is the reflection of the universe.The universe manifests itself through the consciousness and awareness of man. So the understanding of the selfie is the reflection of the reflection of the universe reflecting it's awareness through man. 

The hungry ghost that is fed and feeds the selfie shall perpetuate the increased occurrence of more selfies. It will give the illusion that you want to be seen. It will give you the illusion that you are doing well. It will feed the beast that compares yourselves to others. It feeds the ego and the ego loves to strengthen itself through the act of "self importance". 

Status: this is what I am doing. 
This is what I am doing in the future.
This is what I want you to know right now.
I am too scared to tell you in person. 

Social media allows one to express their thoughts and feelings through form. It gives the illusion that people will care or that people are involved in your thought patterns and distracted consciousness. You delve into the unconscious when your urges and actions are motivated from the self or ego. 

The selfie and the status create an environment of false expectations. You post with the intention to get seen and to illicit sometime to "like" or comment a response. When someone approves your status or selfie, various chemical reactions occur. Dopamine is released in the brain and the "pleasure and reward" center of the brain is triggered. This leaves you wanting more. This fuels the fire of the self and the illusionary unconscious realm of reality. 

Some statuses can lead to positive reaction and inspiration. When you share with the intention of creating an atmosphere of conscious awareness and wisdom, then you are only strengthening the self and ego. When you are posting with the pure intention of creating your online ego, then you are deceiving yourself. You are identifying with an illusory perception of reality based on the opinions and feelings of others and your self. 

" I think people will like this and I think people will benefit from this post." 

When you think that a status will make you any more important or relevant than other statuses, you are creating a conflict. The conflict centers around the illusion of self importance and self comparison. Even when you tell yourself that you don't care what other people think, you are denying yourself and creating a false perception of thine self. This creates suffering. 

...but I'm just trying to be cool man. I'm just trying to send out some juicy positive vibes. 

What is the point of posting a selfie and status? There is no point. There is no end to it. 

The mere wish to not participate in social media out of judgement of yourself is stupid. What you resist persists. It is like the ego trying to get rid of ego. You cannot get rid of ego, you can only understand it and shine the light of awareness of it. When you become more aware of your behaviors and actions motivated from the self and the ego, you listen. You learn and you don't identify with the controlling social media serpent. To rid yourself of a feeling or a state of being is to ignore the present. When you are not present in the now, then you are unconscious of your social media behavior. 

Social media is of the mind. 
When you realize it is of the mind, then you are free from it's binds. 

But isn't the selfie and moment in time and thus a recording of being in the moment? 

You are taking the photo with the intention of sharing it. 
You are taking the photo with the intention of impressing or luring others. 
You are taking the photo with the expectation of achieving a response. 
Your self is taking a photo of itself and creating a feedback loop of unconsciousness and ego identification. 

This is what I am doing now, 
This is what I want to share. 
If I say I don't care, 
Then I must be impaired, 
I feel that I must consistently share.

Social media is a strange and predictable anthropological invention. It gives us the illusion of connection. It connects us through technology. It fits us into boxes and leaves us playing roles. Authenticity is tossed out the window. Everything is edited. Honesty is masked by deception. 

Social media is a strange experiment of human behaviour. It is a creator of bad habits. It is also a creator of false expectations and predictable outcomes.

The fact is: 
You are connected. 
You have infinite connection to the now void of such deviating distractions.
There is no need to think that others are having a better life than you.
You are you and you are love, but you are not really you when you think you are love. When you don't identify with "you", you are shining the light of awareness onto it's self. Love runs through you. 

Love what you share. Notice the insignificance and notice the significance. Learn from your social media mistakes. 
Live in the now and share spontaneously. Be silly. Be serious. Share wisdom. 

You certainly aren't what you post. The posts are a reflection and workings of what is working through you or what is controlling you. When you breathe and become aware of your behavior, you grow.

Live, love and learn through the abundant  feed of social media.

We are monkeys sending all the wrong and right messages. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 random comfort zone breaking activities

Spice it up. 

1. Pull over, get out and do at least 10 jumping jacks on the side of the road. Better than coffee? 

2. Dance for as long as you like in a grocery aisle. No one has to watch and you can bring friends. Let it out hominids. 

3. Buy some fruit ( apple and banana ) and some cheap flowers. Give to a unsuspecting stranger, couple or friend you haven't seen or talked to in awhile. 

4. Pick a random fast food restaurant and go inside. Say," May I have your attention please! I want to wish you all a fine dining experience and I love you! Cheers!" 

5. Go outside and hug a tree. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I didn't ask to be born. Some would say that I was more or less removed since I arose from my post-placental bliss from the delicate C section procedure. I didn't now have the fortune of being forced out of my mother causing great pain and strife while kicking and screaming as I breathed my first few breaths of air. 

Nevertheless, I am here today in the flesh and somehow surprised that I made it to this moment. Continuously astounded about the history and the implications that placed me on this rotating magnet. It's amazing to think that you come into this life kicking and screaming and now you most likely work a job that pays OK and your sense of vibrancy and enthusiasm has been dulled by the structure of society and the conditioning of the human mind. What a bunch of weird chance circumstances that had to arise for you to be here today. I am not solely talking about the sweet copulation of your two lovely neurotic parents. I am talking about the continuous perpetuation of the human species from your ancestors to bring you where you are today. 

 Some of you may have already participated in the biological imperative of procreating and are reaping the rewards and lessons of being parental units. Somewhere down the trunk of your family tree, some disastrous and beautiful things happened for you to live in this very moment reading this very piece of literature. Are we all victims of our biological imperative driven by hormones, feelings of love ( chemical reactions ), and the the innate and almost selfish desire to pass on our genes so that more people are thrusted into this universe without permission or choice? 

 Your genes are constantly influenced by your environment and your family history. You really are turning into your parents! Sorry not sorry. To be more specific, you have so much information from your parents and their parents parents and their parents parents. Through this epigenetic continuum, you are a living legacy and have infinite potential when you wake up to the fact that you have so much presence to offer to the world. Somewhere along the line, you have survived. You have survived during this lifetime and now you are the grand success of your ancestors. Through the plagues of catastrophic disasters, diseases, bizarre accidents and happenstance, you have survived with the help of your genealogy. This you can be grateful for. Are we really just put on this earth to procreate? Are we genetically crafting a disastrous species or do we have so much righteous indignation that we think we need to proliferate the earth with more people to carry on the civility of human race? 

For each thought, each piece of literature we read, each interaction we face and each imaginary trouble we make up in our minds, we are constantly learning and evolving through the evolution of consciousness. From a personal standpoint, we learn from our kids more than we teach them. We are constantly reminded on the futility of life and how precious each moment is and how it molds the every fiber of being of our progeny. When we raise kids, we are looking into ourselves and seeing ourselves in their small actions and characteristics. It's like we're totally seeing ourselves and the collective progress of our family history from the inside and out! I'll let you sit on that for a sec. 

 Some would say that having children is almost making you immortal. For when you die, a piece of you is alive within your children. Whether it was planned, or whether it was a check off the old bucket list, the circumstance of life making it all the way out of the womb is fascinating. 

Congratulations! You made it. You made it across the great cellular divide. The genetic dominoes fell into place and you are here. Be excited! Where did that youthful and childlike enthusiasm go? Do you think the world could benefit from more of it? So what's the point? What's the point of being born and having kids and perpetuating a cycle of humans? This is how it kinda looks.


 A is Birth and B is death. What's in between? Well quite literally it is "life". What can we do with this thing called "life"? Why does it create so much suffering? This is why we are here. We are here to understand, to love, to be aware and to shine our light unto the world. I don't mean to sound like I am promoting in New Age hogwash, but we are brimming with potential to create a great existence on this earth where our children and our children's children can live and "be". The love of a child is infinite and gives great meaning to how we interact with other human beings inside and outside of our families. You have the potential to raise intelligent, thoughtful and conscious human beings that can go forth and fulfill their inner purpose. The inner reflects the outer. We must look inside the infinite universe within ourselves and realize the importance of human life, the human condition and transcending the conditioning that has been passed on to us from generation to generation. 

We are at a point where we are not at a constant state of fight or flight and we have so many resources at hand that let us actually live our lives and not just focus on trying to "survive". We all have innate animal instincts and the troubles and progress of our ancestors inscribed in our DNA. We have the power through science, meditation, mindfulness, awareness, love and "being" to evolve our DNA and learn so much that we haven't yet found. This is necessary for us and our children. A child is not a possession. We all are raising children with each interaction we make with them. 

For each lesson we teach, gift we give, silly gesture we express and time spent with our children, we are conditioning their minds. The most important thing is to love and to let them grow and flourish with the unique genetic traits they were handed. They are the keys for the next generations of the human race. We both have the power to align ourselves with the beauty of the present moment and the infinite potential of the cosmic consciousness.

 So what's the point again? You didn't ask to be born and they didn't ask to be born. So, why do we need to go on? Seems like some trivial questions doesn't it? When you ask what the point is then you are implying that there is a means to an end. Is there an end goal in sight for having children or even being born? Absolutely not. Eventually we die, but that is not a goal. This is a fact of life. This is what all of your ancestors had to go through in order for you to be here today. They all were born, lived and died. So when you ask what the point is, that is your ego trying to find meaning in something that is so abundantly beautiful and mystifying that it reduces it to an object of attainment or desire. Of course, it is great to ask questions. Continue to ask questions forever. This allows you to learn and become more conscious around you. The gateway of Why is continual gift to human evolution and involution.

 When you are in your natural state of being and in your body without any type of ego identifications, that is it. That is the answer. Close your eyes and breathe and be grateful for the millions of years of astounding progress that your ancestors have brought you to this day.

Monday, February 2, 2015