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Friday, January 29, 2016

Faking Bravery

They all tell you...
To be Brave. 
To be confident.
To be courageous. 

But what do all those things mean? 
Do they all exist?
Do they have value? 
Are they useful? 

What does it mean to be brave and all those other "things"? 

Bravery implies that you are willing to stand up against adversity, fear and discomfort. Bravery instills a sense of self confidence that is resilient to external factors in the real world. What makes us want to be brave?  How can we be brave and resilient to fear? 

Is bravery manufactured? 
Is bravery deceptive? 

Guy: Just be Brave! 
Girl: How can I be brave? 
Guy: You just do it? 
Girl: Well, I can try. 
Guy: No, no do not try, do. 
Girl: I will be brave even if I am not. 

If you think you are not brave, but you want to be brave, what is stopping you from pretending to be brave? Does pretending to be brave legitimize bravery? 

Bravery is a mask you wear. It is an expression of human will and desire. You are trying to manufacture a mindset that will help you cope with something external or even internal. You are disciplining your mind in order to accomplish or simply endure a task or event. Bravery is derived from the mind and "of the mind". Does bravery deceive your authentic self? 

When you want to be brave, you are fitting yourself to a rigid mindset that does not allow for openness and introspection. You are putting up a wall that moves. A wall that you think moves forward, but it stays at the same places. The bravery wall is designed to resist and reflect competing thoughts or events. 

One could see bravery as a shield. 
Bravery takes the same concept as fake it till you make it. If you try to be brave, if you fake being brave, you will appear brave. Bravey is the willingness to become something that you are not. It is the resistance to insecurity and discontent. It is the opposite of trying to diagnose internal problems. That being said, when one recognizes bravery as an ego identifier, one can truly see how hey want to be perceived.

If you pretend to smile, it gives the idea that you are happy and content. Bravery is much like the smile. Simply telling yourself to "Be Brave" is being brave itself. Bravery may last only for a small moment and vanish when the mind returns back to a cycle of compulsive thought. Bravery starts in the mind and perpetuates the illusion of bravery and masking identity. 

So why try to be brave? 
Is there a real reason to or is it counter intuitive? 

Self knowledge and awareness are the most important part of growth within person. The label of "bravery" is a by product of understanding and discontent. Bravery becomes unnecessary when you are present of your self and not resisting your internal atmosphere and moods. 

Understanding Bravery: 

" I am feeling discomfort and discontent. I am aware of these feelings and choose not to resist them, but to recognize them instead. I understand that trying to force a certain state, whether it be confidence or bravery, is trying to escape the present moment. What I resist will persist and trying to be brave is strengthening of the ego and false sense of self." 

One does not "need" to be "brave". One only needs to "be". Anything that comes after "be" is an ego identifier. Bravery is just a labeled feeling and mask. 

Presence is key. 
All other states of beings are a way for us to learn about our own humanity and growth. 



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The secular church

Hear Ye! 
Hear Ye! 

May I have your undivided attention?
I am calling for a radical idea. This idea can strengthen unity within the community and expand your inner awareness. It focuses on building, creating and growing. 

Let me explain. 

We pick one day of week where we can all gather. It can be a house, a rented space or even a place outside. 
A sacred space.
A space for us to share stories, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. A place with we can really focus on the unity of community. Where we actually get to know the eccentricities of our neighbors and fellow community members. 

A space not based on belief. A space based on the idea of communion, strength and support. Where judgment takes a backseat and understanding takes the wheel. Where acceptance is key and forgiveness is a necessary practice. A place of sharing without expectation. A place where presence is present. 

This space will focus on the progress of the individual and the collective. The strengths can shine and organically flow into place with each willing individual. A common understanding of community, respect and maintenance where each person can offer something extremely pertinent and valuable. Where talents are fostered. Where love is imminent. 

Some of us may see it like church, but there shall be no pastor. There shall be no leader reading from a book to convince people to act in a certain way. There will be respectable codes of conduct that advocate not harming other individuals. Patience and compassion will be the huge pillars in the space fostering the growth of each individual and the community.

Individual beliefs shall be respected. 
Individual beliefs shall not be enforced. 
The presence and personal space of each person must be respected. 
Looking out for other peoples well being is a major pillar of this space. 

This space will allow for honesty and sociability. People can air out their grievances and express their feelings. People can console with one another. People can support one another. 

This space shall have access for anyone at any time. This space shall serve as a place of sanctuary and sanctimony. This space shall serve as a shelter for the abused in the community and the traveling person. This space shall encourage creativity for everyone in many ways. 

What say you? 
Where value does community have in your life? 
What value does unity have in your life? 
Are you ready for the Unity in CommUnity? 


Tending your mental garden

Imagine if you will... 
You brain as soil. Your mind as a garden. 
What shall you plant in your head? 
How shall you choose to take care of this infinite plot of potential and abundance ? 

Think of your thoughts as seeds and the planter is your state of awareness. Your consciousness will help you make the best choices for what needs to be planted, tilled and prepared. Now, think of how these thoughts and intentions influence the rest of the garden. Certainly the bad thought could be seen as weeds and/or pests. Take note that compulsive thought and anxiety create an unmitigated atmosphere of turbulent vegetation. 

Your garden plot can start small. Abundance grows from the presence you harvest. What valuable thoughts or things occupy your mind and in what way do the bring value to your innder atmosphere? Do these thoughts need constant watering and/or maintenance?
It is important to see how each planted thought will work towards the overall health of your mind and body. 

What kinds of fruits or vegetables do these planted intentions provide? 
With your awareness and ability to breathe, each part of he garden grows a little more. It takes little discipline to influence abundance of the mind vegetation. You cannot force a plant to grow. You must step back and look at what you can do. Have you taken the time and effort to look at the weeds that grow in the crevices? Have you taken the time to see why some of your plants have not been fruiting or growing? 

Water your mind garden with awareness and presence. There is a never ending supply of this. Think of taking deep mindful breaths as a garden hose. You can water with ease. You can relax and check back in with yourself. Ask yourself...

Am what I doing right now helping to manage my garden? 
Is what I am doing right now hold any value or have an effect on how myinner  garden will harvested in the future? 

Some of us may not have the means to create an actual garden. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to. I can see my actual garden as a reflection on how my mental health is. I can look at the general state and have direct and concrete examples on what I doing and not doing. Are some plants dying? Are weeds taking over? Is there a pest  issue? I feel as if my garden is a direct reflection with how I choose to care and maintain things in my own life. 

My outer garden tends to reflect my inner garden. I can use it as an accountability tool that let's me manage and maintain my habits and my internal state of presence. If my garden in the outside would is doing well, then most likely I am doing well. I can look at it, smile and breathe. I am connecting with the now. 

You can use this garden analogy for many aspects of your life. How are you maintaining relationships in your life? 
How are you maintaining your health?
How are you maintaining  your goals? 

Like gardening and agriculture, it focuses on growth. How are you growing in different parts of your life? Both inner and outer? How are you watering your mind plants to make sure they can grow and seed for the future? Your thoughts can seed in many different ways. Some can blow into the wind and plant in ways you would have never thought of. Those seeds can plant in the minds of others and influence how that person chooses to tend to their garden. 

You plant seeds with your actions.
You plant seeds with the behaviors. 
You plant seeds with mindfulness. 

How are these seeds going to grow?
Are they going to ravage and take over a mind garden plot? 
Are they going to bloom into flowers that can produce more flowers in the future? 

You can diversify your garden and experiment with how you see it and how you want it to be. So, go forth and plant seeds of kindness and opportunity in your mind, the world and in the consciousness of others. Educate people of the importance of the soil and how it creates abundance. 

Take a breath and plant your humanity and consciousness. 


Monday, January 25, 2016

Just trying to Expand my Brand

Oh don't mind me,
In just trying to expand my brand.
Just trying to market my product and image. I'm just trying to get more eyes on my effort. More likes for my agenda. 

I'm just trying to aim for success. You know, eyes on the prize. Trying to put myself out there and make myself important. Make myself more clean cut and approachable. Make my brand reflect "who I am." 

I'm looking for the acceptance and validity from my peer and the general public. I can certainly say that I believe in what I'm doing. I believe that my brand and my style are the keys to expanding my career. Why is my career so important? Good question. 

I believe that my career will lead me to a more fulfilling and successful life. I think that my social status and income are the paths to true happiness within this capitalist land mass. I am looking to shape my brand to be something different. Mold it into a marketable, likeable and ubiquitous product that anyone could certainly relate to. Selling my image is of the utmost importance. 

My image may be a mask or a tool, but I can assure you of its authenticity. I'm planting the seeds of marketing tricks to convince you that what I am doing is important. The competition is out there and I am ready to play. It may be cutthroat and unforgiving, but I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of my brand. 

My brand is the way. The way for me to excel and grow as a productive member of society. It is the way for people to respect me and like me. It is the way for my self confidence to radiate like a sunbeam. My brand is hot and radioactive. My brand has immense potential. My brand has the power to grow and succeed! 

I see people as a way to expand my brand. How can this person or people help to expand my brand? How can this person be of use for me in my success and career? How can I learn to expand my brand from other brands? How can I make my brand more marketable for the future? 

I need to make my brand more marketable. How can I sell my brand and how can I sell myself. I must merge my concept of self with my brand. I must eliminate my pitfalls and shortcomings in order to present myself as an adequate ambassador of my brand. I must become my brand and adopt my self identity under this construct. 

My brand will make me grow. 
My brand will make me grow. 

I will be relentless and pursue the goal of brand expansion. I will market and manipulate my message in order to network, succeed and make more money. I will dedicate my time and energy to fulfill the needs of my brand. 

I am my brand. 
I am a brand. 
I have branded myself do that I may expand. 
I have expanded myself so that I can brand. 

Look at me.

Don't mind me I'm just expanding my brand. 


Going Knowhere

Sometimes it feels like I'm going nowhere. 
No plan. No long term goal. 
I mean sure, I think most of us want to be stabile. Most of us want to be financially secure and healthy. That's a given. 

Some of us are chasing success. 
Some of us are chasing a career or pursuing what we love no matter what financial gain it rewards us with. 
Some of us are running....
....from here. 

From where? 
That's a good question you ask. 

When you are going nowhere, where are you actually going? Are you simply uncertain of the future? Is there anything wrong with that? 

Well when you're present, the worries of the past and the future do not take priority in your consciousness. When you are uncertain, you have a unique opportunity to regain your presence 

What's the point in always trying to get "somewhere" when somewhere is not here and nowhere to be found? 

Nowhere is your natural authentic state of being. Think about it. You are always in the moment whether you like it or not. You may not be fully aware, but now is all there every really is and every really was. Your idea of the past and future only exist in your mind. They have happened. Now, this is all happening. 

This lull in your life. 
This uncertainty in your life. 
It's all meant to be there. 
It is meant for you to listen. 
To recenter.
To realign with your inner strength. 
Most importantly, to discover. 
To allow spontaneity and creativity to flourish inbetweenst the cracks of unknowing. 
To discover new passions and horizons while shedding light on old patterns and habits. To learn. To get an education.

Plans become clearer when presence is here. Goals start to show when you're focused in growth. 

So, can anyone really be "going nowhere"? No. Since nowhere is not a destination, it means that you are always "there". Nowhere is everywhere when you are aware. Nowhere is the gift of being. 

To really know nowhere, you must know where to look. It's there. It's here. It's all around. When you know where nowhere is, it becomes knowhere. You know? 

You can say with confidence and compassion that you are here and nowhere. Now, you know Knowhere. 


Thursday, January 21, 2016

I give up

I give up. 
It's true.
Don't think too much about it. It's not what you think. I haven't given up on life. I haven't given up on love and living. In fact, living and loving have encouraged me to give up with confidence. 

What does it mean to give up on life? 
Well life isn't a goal. Life isn't a means to an end. You certainly can't possess it.
You are it! 

What have I given up? 

I'm giving up on resisting and struggling. I have given up on the rat race. I have give up on becoming since becoming never comes. I simply am giving up on defining myself through outward appearances. 

I have given up on the resistance since the resistance bleed persistence. Persitence of resistance. 

I'm not losing anything. Think about the statement of "giving up". I am giving so I am gaining. I certainly am not giving down. I have given down most of my life. Given downward to unconscious oblivion and suffering. Giving down by not looking within. Giving down because of the discomfort in my own skin. 

Let's change things around. The opposite of giving up is taking down. Their is no value in taking down.
Taking down others.
Taking down yourself. 
Taking down the joy of the present moment. 

I surrender to the moment and the uncertainties in this existence. I surrender to spontaneity and the creativity it serves. I have loosened my belt let the good and bad things flow and know that it's going to be alright. 

I give up on the ideal of perfection. 
I give up on identification.
I give up on defining myself by what I do. 
I have given up on trying to be something that I certainly am not. 

I have given in to passion that makes me more present. Wherever that takes me. I'm good. It's all good.

I give up and so should you so you can finally witness the eternal growth inside of you! 


The "Maybe" Generation

Are you going to the party?

Welcome to 2016. The non-commital up for whatever, letting it ride, ambivalent year. 
So many options. So many events to "maybe" go to. So many things to "maybe" do with your friends.
Can't make a decision on what to do? 
Let someone else pick! Forfeit intuition and put decisions in the hands of others. 

Where is the "YES!" ? 
We've been accustomed to oks, and maybes that enthusiasm has evaporated in the air. Confident decision making is overridden by compulsion and the inability to look inward and critically think. 

Assertiveness is such a valuable characteristic. You can't change everyone's behavior, but you can start with yourself. When the uncomfortableness of decision becomes present, you can look inside and trust your intuition. You have the opportunity to try something different and exciting. Maybe the best decision you can make is making the decision to not make an immediate decision. You can thrust yourself into uncertainty and open yourself up to discovery. 

"Maybe" gives off a weird and unnerving stench.  It makes uncertainty more present. It puts people in a weird in limbo state of discontent. Uncertainty is beautiful when you are aware of it. Uncertainty turns into an opportunity when you shine the light of awareness on its inherent nature. Use to taking right turns? Take a left turn. 

Submerge into the discontentment of uncertainty by breaking your comfort zones. "Maybe" arises from learned habits and behaviors that are not challenged. Habits that are unconscious. Socially conditioned habits that lack self knowledge and self ownership. 

Not sure what you want to do? 
That's perfectly fine! 
What comes at the top of your head? 
Listen to it.

Switch from trying to make an expedient decision to listening to what you desire. You may hear silence. That silence is there for the unmanifested to manifest. Let that empty glass fill up with uncertainties. Change your mind from simply doing or acting to discovering! Look around you. "Maybe" something will trigger an idea. 

Not sure what to do again?
That's great. Sit in silence. Sit in the company of your friends or peers. Have a brainstorming session instead of trying to move from A to B like a furious and unconscious rat. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with doing nothing and embracing the unseen. Let that "Maybe" dissolve into a challenge. Let that "Maybe" be a teacher for you to make risky, but informed decisions. 

Maybe "Maybe" can be our best teacher, but let's not get caught in the trap of "maybe next time". 


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miracles ?

It's a miracle!
But, is it really? 
I mean what is a miracle exactly? 

Is a miracle an act of a god or an intentional event set up by the universe itself? 

Why do we call certain events miracles? 
Have we been socially conditioned to see certain events as "miracles"? 

Let's look at this. 

Do you believe in miracles? 
Let's break down "believe". 
When you believe in something, you are willing yourself to think about a certain thing without actually knowing if that certain thing exists. You are subscribing to a certain mindset. It is based upon imaginary concepts. 

I believe in god. 
I believe in love at first sight.
I believe in miracles. 

Are miracles labels we give to events we cannot explain? 
When we believe are we just focusing on what we feel without reason or evidence to back up our feelings? 
What happens when someone questions our so called beliefs? 
Do we get defensive? 
Do we get emotional right off the bat? 

It is important to ask questions. It is also important to question your beliefs and everyone else's. There are certainly things we cannot explain. We can draw conclusions or we can choose to look deeper into the issue. We can ask questions to the questions we are asking. We can let go of the immediacy and the compulsion to seek direct answers for things we cannot explain. We can accept the uncertainties of our perceptions of reality.

You are responsible for creating your own perceptions of reality. This is what reality is. Reality becomes the perception you choose to adopt. Some of us our unconscious of this fact. We choose to accept our own perspective and cannot see the inner workings of people's minds. These are the levels of consciousness. How aware are we? 

There is so much to learn. So much to explore. So much to challenge. These things we call miracles could be there to expand our consciousness. To expand our perception that is reality. To make us learn. 

What a gift it is to even witness events that we call miracles. To defy the odds. To see the unexpected. To see the so called "amazing" feats of the universe and action. 

As awareness expands, we may see smaller things as "miracles". We may see the interactions of squirrels and birds as small miracles. We may see the interior of shopping malls as miracles. We may see the fact that all matter is held together as miracles. We may see that consciousness and the ability to label things as miracles a miracle. 

A belief is a belief. 
What legitimacy or value does a belief hold in this present moment?
Does your belief segregate you from the humanity of others? 
If so, question it. 
Does your belief trap you in a fixed mind set? 
Well, question it. 
Does your belief allow you to grow or expand your consciousness? 
Most likely not? 
Drop it. 

Swim in the presence pool. 
Let those beliefs swim by your side, but don't let it carry you to the deep end. 



Friday, January 15, 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

You don't have to think that way !

Stop it. 
Just stop it. 
You don't have to think that way! 

It's true.
You are just creating all of your problems. You are planting seeds that become weeds and distract you from what is important. It is really centered around the WAY you think, but also the value of thought itself. 

Some people might say that changing your thoughts will help improve and change your mind. While this might hold some truth, it can miss the mark of actually missing the validity of thought itself. 

The way you think is only part of your self. The derivation of thought is tied to establishing an identity through the mind and ego. Simply if you were only to identity your well being with the way you think, then you are putting yourself in a trap of unconsciouness. Thoughts emerge. It is your choice of what to do with the thoughts. Do you choose to resist them? Do you choose to identify with them? Do you choose to let me them affect your mood and well being? You are not thoughts, but sometimes you choose to wear them as a dress or a nice pair of khaki pants. 

So the way you think is only a small part of your consciousness. Seeing the thoughts for just thoughts is the first step in breaking through a vicious cycle of mind thought identification. 

Be like...

"Oh hello thought, I will let you dance around on the stage in my inner space. I see you and I see your moves. However, you are not in control and I can see that you are transient. I will learn what I can from you and breathe through any anxiety or pain that you have attached to you. Soon you shall pass and more thoughts shall enter!" 

When you choose not to identify with the well spring of thought, you are allowing awareness and presence to manifest within life and the present moment. Growth happens when you can meet with your demons and let them do their thing without getting emotionally or mentally involved. 

So yes, you don't have to think that way! 

You really shouldn't try to think in any other way since disciplining a type of thought pattern is a dull path to a fixed mind set. Your authentic being is fluid and allowing spontaneity and vulnerability to flourish will open your blinders. You can switch from being of the mind to knowing the mind. You can see that thought is separate and can offer some great entertainment or lessons needed to progress in your consciousness. 

Allow the river of thought to flow through you. When you relax and watch, you'll see things you have missed all along. When you try to redirect the river, the river gets stronger and produces more conflict. 

Let the river of thought flow and the river of life shall carry you in the right direction. 


Traffic In/Out

It's rush hour again. 

You're stuck in that traffic again. 

Anxiety and impatience takes the hot seat in your cerebral dominion. Anger creeps up like a teenager trying to sneak into a punk concert. The voices in your head start to make an interrupted appearance. 

" Why did I take this way again?" 
" I have to get a new job!" 
" I need to move somewhere else, the traffic here is terrible!" 
" What is the deal here?! I'm going to be late!" 

Well here is the deal. 
You are in a city with a lot of crowded people. People need to work and commute. Lots of people are constrained to similar schedules. You get the idea.

Now, let's look at the idea of getting mad at traffic after hearing why traffic happens in the first place. Traffic provides an awesome opportunity to become more mindful. An unconscious reaction is that of aggression and discomfort. This is part of the monkey mind. You are trying to get from A to B and your ideal projected commute has been extended and interrupted. 

So all the control relies in how you react to the situation of traffic. If you are running late, you are running late. Becoming aggressive holds no value in the situation. Traffic holds many teachings. 

Some bad traffic happens. 
Look around you.
Breathe again. 
In fact, keep breathing. 

Accept what you can't change. 
Close your eyes if you can, but not too long. 

Focus on everything going on.
You might see the disdain or sadness in other drivers' faces. It's kinda silly ain't it? 
Why be trapped in an unconscious bubble or aggression and angst if you have the choice to be present? 

Each traffic situation is an opportunity to look inward. You're forced in a seat in a vehicle. You're responsible for driving a big hunk of metal. What a great time to look inward. To recenter. To reevaluate. 

Meditation in Traffic.

Now that we have covered traffic in the outside world, let's look at the traffic within you and me. 

There's a pile up of thoughts within your inner highway. Some are making you foggy headed and some are making you anxious. Understandable. There's a pile up of unaccomplished tasks, things you think you "should" do, resentments for past people, regret for past mistakes and unfulfilled dreams. It's a mess.

Many of us try to simply shoo off our inner traffic. That seems to work for a couple of miles, but alas it gets worse moments later. You want to move In between lanes. In between thought cars. In between the lines. Like a rat, you are trying to find the fastest way to the cheese. 

But what is causing the traffic? 
Are you patient and relaxed enough to really slow down and reasses where the traffic is actually coming from? 

Is it one big thought backing up other smaller thoughts? 

Is it the incessant urge to do something or occupy the mind with a dull and small rewarded task? 

Are the thoughts competing for your attention? 

Just sit. 
If the traffic is bad, just sit. 
Don't try to manipulate the thought traffic.
If you can't sit, stay still. Let the thoughts declutter and maneuver themselves. 
Watch the traffic. 
Move with it. 

Analyze the impermanence of it all. 
The value of it all. 
Sit in that traffic.
Breathe in that traffic. 
Be grateful for the traffic. 

Once you see the traffic for what it is in your head, the real world traffic will have no effect on you. Once again, it is like a mirror. It is the inner reflecting the outer. When they vibe together without resistance, you have made peace with what is. You are without question, what is. 


Friday, January 8, 2016

This Land is My Land

Tom, a scraggly settler enters a new territory with a crew of 6 men, weapons and food. A tribalistic civilization is peacefully settled on the land. There is plenty of open space, but also modest agriculture, trees and homemade tools. 

Tom encounters the tribal camp and meets one of the inhabitants named Jurioz. Jurioz greets Tom with a bow and a smile. 

Jurioz: Hello, kind sir. I am grateful for your presence. What brings you to this part of the world? 

Tom: I am here to seek out new territories to inhabitant. With my crew, we can turn this land into a successful and profitable enterprise. 

Jurioz: I do not understand your words. Are you here to live with us? 

Tom: This land looks fertile and I think that this land would suit our best interests. This land could be our land. 

Jurioz: Oh, you want to share your land with us? 

Tom: Not quite, it seems as if your little tribe might be in the middle of our idea for operations. We may have to move you all. 

Jurioz: I still do not understand. You are welcome to share the land and help us maintain and grow our small self sustaining community, but we have traveled many miles to find a place like this. 

Tom: I believe we have different interests, we must make money to get more things and expand our small empire. This land would be perfect. We can offer you money to move and help you move your community. How does that sound? 

Jurioz: I do not see how you can just think you can take over such a beautiful bounty that we live amongst. What is this money you talk of? I do not believe it will be of much service to us. 

Tom: You drive a hard bargain. How exactly do you all profit off this land? 

Jurioz: We do not have a profit. We live with the land and develop with what we need. We have healthy women and children and men willing to protect the entire tribe. It begins with respecting the land. 

Tom: Well it seems as if we have a higher purpose. We can do more with this land which makes us more entitled to the land. Some of these trees and shrubbery may have to come down, but otherwise there is quite a potential for development. 

Jurioz: How does one claim ownership of land? Shouldn't land be shared with all living creatures? How does one see his land as MY land? 

Tom: Well, this land suits our own personal interests for what we want to do. It will make us more wealthy and enrich our lives with what we can sell. We shall take advantage of the land and prosper from the fruits of our labor. 

Jurioz: We prosper from what we need and everything else is taken care of. We save, we grow and we support what is best for everyone. This land should not be destroyed for the greed and affluence of a collected few. 

Tom: I guess we can not agree. We have different ideas on how to live and prosper. We have force and guns to help us get what we want. If you all cannot settle than we must take what we want with force. 

Jurioz: We do not understand this aggression. We do not have weapons to rival your cavalry. I guess we must surrender. 

Tom: Well, we can offer you work for the chance to share our profit. We can start you out small and then offer you more. Possibly housing next to work so it will be  easier for you all to live. 

Jurioz: We already live off the land and have no need to slave over riches. We shall move to another place. 

Tom: Alright boys you heard them, let's set up camp and start making money! 

The tribe packs up within the next few days. Tom and his crew take over the camp and decide to employ some of the men for work. Some of the tribal men only agree to work so they can support their families that leave. The original tribe is divided and settles in various unsuccessful locations. More of the men are forced to come back in order to work hard for very little. They become desperate and invite their families closer so they can be fed and supported. 

Tom talks to his new crew. 

Tom: Look how we have prospered. We shall expand this new business in new and exciting areas once we have drained this land for what it can offer. We must grow! 

Two of the converted tribal men shake their heads and sob. One whispers to the other. 

" We had all we could ever want. Who would of thought that wanting more could be the end of all of us? "


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thankful for discomfort

This discomfort that weaves in and out of my consciousness is a blessing. Some may see it as a nuisance, but I see discomfort as a powerful teacher. Discomfort allows you to breathe and recenter. 
Discomfort allows yourself to ask questions. 

Why am I feeling discomfort? 
Is this discomfort a choice for me to feel? 
What is this discomfort trying to teach me? 

The key is to notice the discomfort. The more you resist, the more the discomfort persists. It is not there to ignore or to get rid of right of away. Discomfort leads to growth. It all depends on how you choose to interact with it. Battling the discomfort demons will only increase their resiliant army.

The writhing feeling you get from discomfort can force you to be more present. Yes folks, the suffering of discomfort can let you see what is truly important. When you pick the scab of discomfort, it cannot heal quickly and organically.  

It's your choice. 

Recognize the discomfort in your mind and body. Feel it and do not resist. Use your breathe as a tool to relax and be one with what is. Do not attempt to label your emotions or opinions on the discomfort. Those will only keep the cycle going. Words are unnecessary in this context.

Accept yourself unconditionally in that moment. In every moment of the discomfort and every moment of comfort. 

See the potential for growth. It is endless. 
Thank the discomfort for allowing yourself to be more present. Thank the discomfort for the discreet holiness it presents for you. It projects your humanity.

What a blessing it is to feel discomfort in the first place!


Checking your authority

Don't do this. 
Don't do that. 

Some of us fail to see the unchecked authority all around us. Authority is something we are all socially conditioned to respect and to admire. We are indoctrinated into a system where we obey and appreciate figures of authority more than ourselves and our peers. What makes authority legitimate? Can authority be valuable towards someone other than yourself? If you are an enforcer of authority, does that mean you have more power than the enforcee? 

Authority in its true form is an illusion. Someone can claim authority over others and back it up by a collective of people that believe the same authority. So authority is inherently dependent on people that believe in it and choose to obey it. A person who believes in authority decides to ignore his or her personal autonomy and self ownership in order to follow a benign sense of purpose or a means to an end. The enforcer of authority is propped up by faith and promises for a better and more secure tomorrow. 

Authority not only exists in government and organizations, but also within common human interactions and relationships. You may find that you have been guilty of being authoritative in nature to get what you want. The first step is shining awareness of the unchecked authority in your life. Has anyone ever told you to do something even if you're an adult? It could be a parent, family member, a friend or even a romantic partner. 

People that use authority are people that want to use power to get what they want. Now, it is important that we distinguish that heirarchial structures within jobs are somewhat of a necessity when using authority. When you enter a job, you are most likely going to have bosses and supervisors. People within the job will use their title and power to enforce rules for all people that fit the mold. The first step is accepting what system has worked for each organization or workspace. It does not mean that you can't question it. People with higher job titles may hop onto a power trip. They will use their title as a way to talk to you as if you are less than them or ignorant of what they know. Letting a job get to your head is a cold and deep plunge into unconsciousness. 

This is where checking your authority and other peoples authority comes into place. How does one try to shed the light on inadequacy of identity with authority with another person without becoming confrontational? The main purpose to illustrate is that you and the other person are on the same level even if there is the illusion of a higher status or fallacious attachment of age and experience. 

When a person tells you to do something, what do you do? 
Is it how they tell you to do that? 
Do they ask politely? 
Do they greet you as if you are a conscious human being? 

Does raising your voice add legitimacy to what you are saying? 
Does applying aggression to your orders make your orders any more valuable? 
Does thinking you know better or assuming you know better than someone give you an incentive to control or order someone around? 
Does guilt tripping or offering an ultimatum make your case and more valuable? 

Cooperation dissolves the myth of authority. Individuals working together while knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses yield great results. Cooperation allows growth within working together while fostering the strengths and skills of each individual. No need to bark orders or to assert power. Most importantly cooperation works best when all members are mindful of the programmed behaviors of others. 

One must continually question authority in order to grow and flourish in life scenarios. One must question each judgment they have of others and look at it. Taking responsibility is the first step in not reliving past unchecked authoritarian behaviors. The growth will start from the inside and influence and flourish into the outside world. Letting go of the need to control will let you learn more things about yourself that you thought you may have never known. You will see the ugly, the irrational and the callous. You will see the compassionate, the articulate and the patient. It takes present and awareness to break down the internal conditioning of the illusory necessity for authority. 

Taking responsibility and not blaming will help shine the light on what needs to be done. It is your responsibility to check your own authority. It is your will to make that happen in order to inform others of the inadequacies of barking orders or using manipulative manners to get what you want. The resilience of self ownership  holds an assertive unmovable flame to the unconscious. 

Don't tell them what to do and you'll find out that what they need to do in the first place will present itself clearly and organically. 


There you go again

There you go again, 
Hopping on the ol' worry wagon, 
The wheel of compulsive thought, 
The constant stream of unquestioned pieces of memory and oblique obsessions. 

You think that thinking your way out of it is the right way. You can reason with your thought tornado, can't you? You try to get rid of it. Resistance becomes your tool in trying to repress, suppress and digress. Somehow the thoughts get bigger. They build of bigger defenses. You start to identify with them. You start to think that they hold some type of airtight value. You get lost in the transient hurricane of compulsive thought. 

When you get caught up in thought compulsion...

You turn pebbles into boulders. 

Something small and insignificant starts to stream through you like a virus. You feel it in your body. You get anxious. You get uncomfortable. You are swimming and slowly drowning. You lose your center.

When you are in your head, you remove yourself from being present. You forget to realize that you can breathe through it. You can let the thought tornado pass through you like water through a pipe. You got so caught up in habitual resistance that you freak out when you get uncomfortable or disastrously disarrayed. 

It is a vicious cycle indeed. 
The good thing is you're recognizing it. 
You're shining the light of consciousness on things that have not worked for you. The things that have had you dig a deeper hole that you could not get out of. 
This is the sweet nectar of growth. 
Seeing through the bull honky that has not served you. 

It has not served you. 
It has not served anyone else.
It has built a wall between you, yourself and your most authentic self. 

Quit trying to force it. 
Just look at it as if it is a piece of junk. 
Breathe and watch. 
Breathe and watch. 

It's there, but it is not you. 
It's there, but it's not part of you. 
It's there, it is inside you. 

It will pass. 
Don't grasp and don't change. 
Let compulsive thought flow through you like water. Let compulsive thought inform you and teach you to practice presence. 

Every merry go round of compulsive thought is a sign for you to recenter and be more present. Let the anxiety pass through you without resistance. 

Thank you, anxiety. 
Thank you, discomfort. 
Thank you, murky thought tornado.  

You have informed me to be more present. 

Compulsive thought you are a powerful teacher. 

Roll on.