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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lonely the Only

It's starting to get late at night. I'm getting hungry. I decide to make a salad and some soup. I hear a knock on the door. I see who it is. It is loneliness again. He has come uninvited. This happens too often. I decide to let him in.

I will refer to Loneliness as L in this piece.

Me: Hey, again.. 
L: hello, I heard you were making food. 
Me: well, yes, but I wasn't expecting company.. 
L: I hear you, let's not forget the treasures of the element of surprise. 
Me: Ok, well I think I have enough for the both of us. 
L: great.

I sit down with loneliness at the dinner table. Of course, I am feeling glum at this point. Seems like another great night. (Sarcasm) 

L: How has your night been? Where are your friends? 
Me: Well, it's going good. My friends are all busy or with their partners. 
L: oh I see, where is your partner?
Me: I don't have a partner.. 
L: oh, why is that?
Me: I wish I knew..
L: Is that why you invited me?
Me: What? I didn't invite you..
L: Oh are you sure? I mean it seemed like you needed some company tonight. I'm your guy!
Me: Why would I need to hang out with loneliness on a night like this? I could call over a friend.
L: Oh can you? I thought you said that all of your friends were busy tonight.
Me: Well, yea, but I have other friends I can call...
L: Hmm.. I see, but I guess none of those friends hold up to me.
Me: No, I mean you are cool, but it seems like you are coming over quite often.
L: I know, I'm a part of you. Well, I mean, I make you think that I am part of you. You have plenty of options, but I keep showing up in your life.
Me: Why do I feel so lonely, loneliness?
L: Well, I think you have gotten use to my company. You are no longer lonely with loneliness. You have embraced me with somewhat open arms.
Me: I just feel alone at times that's all.
L: Well you realize that you are not alone right? I mean otherwise you would have Alone over for dinner.
Me: Yea I know, I guess you're right.
L: Yea I know I am right.


L: Quit checking your phone!
Me: I'm not!
L: I just saw you sneak a peek under the table.
Me: Ok fine, I was just checking on the time.
L: sure.. you're waiting for someone to text you aren't you?
Me: Well.. Kinda..
L: Pay attention to me. I am your guest tonight. You and Loneliness. We could be having fun.
Me: Yea, but no offense you're just not that fun anymore.
L: Oh really?!
Me: Yea, I mean you show up unannounced and sometimes you keep me up and are a real bummer.
L: Well how rude!
Me: I don't mean to offend, I just need to get right with myself and you. I think it's time we took a break from each other.
L: How do you mean?
Me: Well maybe I can have some great nights in the near future where I can enjoy my own company and realize that I have a great supportive network of friends and family that I can get in touch with or even hang out with.
L: Oh, you really think that will work?!
Me: Well, I know that this isn't working..


L: You're going to miss me. I know this. You'll keep wanting me back!
Me: Eh, I don't think so with that attitude.
L: Well you just try.. I'd like to see you try in fact.
Me: Ok, well I think I have had enough. Thanks for coming over and I'll remember these nights of turmoil and loneliness.
L: Sure.
Me: There's the door. I'll let you know when I need you..
L: Bah...

Front door slams.

I eat my dinner quietly with a small smile for once.



You Haven't read this have You?

You Haven't read this have You?

I want to talk about a specific pet peeve of mine that has been chipping away at me for some time. I want to approach this in a healthy non ranty writing piece that can logically describe what I am talking about. Of course, I can only limit my emotional reaction to this subject to a certain degree.

I can make a pretty good conclusion that most of us have heard what I am about to say. Some of us probably don't even bat an eye when we hear it or even acknowledge it's fallaciousness. My problem surrounds itself around passive aggression and blind assumptions. The way it is approached is very illusory in nature. Here are a few variations on what I am talking about.

You guy's don't happen to have butter pecan ice cream do you?

Y'all don't have a bathroom I can use do you ?

You guys don't happen to have some tweezers I could borrow for a few minutes, do you?


So at first these questions seem mildly confusing. Is it really a question? Why can't they just ask.

Do you guys have a bathroom?

Seems simple doesn't it?

For one, you are not starting an ambiguous and passive question with an assumption. You are immediately pushing yourself into a situation where you are assuming this person does or does not have what you are asking for. This seems very perplexing. You are establishing a relationship where you have  made some uninformed judgments and assertions. Sometimes it is more obvious and absurd than it looks. It's like someone going to a specialty toilet store and asking: "Yáll don't have plungers do you?"

So why do people do this? I believe the reason lies in the perpetuation of being kind. Being kind is important, but this is a special type of dumb kindness that has no relevance to perpetuating good kindness. It is simply being indirect. It is a failed attempt of relating to another person. It's beating around the bush and somewhat insulting. It is softening the blow if someone tells you "no".

The best way to solve this is to ask direct and concrete questions?
Such as:

Do you all have a bathroom I can use?
Do you all carry butter pecan ice cream?
Do you all carry specialty toilet plungers?

The more we trim the fat in communication, the more we can progress as a peaceful and intelligent species.

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Disaster Date Predictions

Here are some predictions of dates for upcoming world and or local disasters natural and man made. 

Keep these dates in mind: 
July 29th August 15th sept 4th and October 21st


Monday, May 25, 2015

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The Rise of Dude Culture

"Sup Bro?"

              Here we are in this post modern technologically literate Westernized culture. Young twenty somethings crowd the urban landscape with a sense of budding identity and youthful hope and ignorance. These kids are searching to be a part of something. They want to fit in and they want to be loved or at least just be "accepted". We live in a time of gender identity and what it means to live and understand one's innate sexuality. The world is witnessing how misconceptions of masculinity are manifesting itself in the young men of today.

Let's take a hard look at the young modern male today. I want to specifically shine the line on the contemporary sect of the modern male known as the "dude". This "dude" can also be associated, but not limited to terms such as "bro","Duder","Guy" or "bromigo". One can invent an unlimited amount of vacant terms for this type of male, but I want to focus on the "dude" for sanity's sake. The Dude can be found in all settings, but mostly in a city like type of industrial environment close to big colleges and youthful springs of recreational activities. This type of particular male seeks to fit into an identity that is nonetheless carefree, fun, frivolous, and surface. The dude makes a it a point in his disposition to be either "chill" or "partying". Sometimes these two states of limited mind are interchangeable based upon the context of the atmosphere such as a party or a well lived couch.

The typical dude likes to participate in several lackadaisical activities in order to fulfill his life.  Aside from working a menial next to minimum wage unsustainable job, the dude likes to be active in non active or productive events such as hanging by the pool, binge playing video games, going to the beach or the "lake", drinking beer outside, drinking and hanging out with friends at a local watering hole, bar or mid grade restaurant that may or may not serve chips and salsa before each entrée. The dude may casually respond to a call or a text with very little words and with a casual and slightly passive agreement to do something. The dude loves to "hang" with the other dudes and talk about the banalities of work and the treasures of vapid sexual conquests. The dude will get drunk and regret things the next day on a regular basis. After slightly recovering or mediating the hangover the next day, several dudes will roam outside and search for the nearest body of water or a fellow dude that promises the presentation of snacks and a mediocre movie most likely streaming on Netflix. The dude may find himself binging on tv shows a couple times a week unconsciously or consciously disregard any adult obligations. Dudes think that merely showing up to a menial job is creating enough value to a society and it's citizens.

Dude Wear

The fashion of the dude has a very limited spectrum. The dude likes to choose comfort over looks for about 90 percent of their daily existence. Most of them will reach for a sleeveless shirt, a ratty pearl snap, a semi ironic tshirt, a rock tshirt, or an un-ironed polo. Some in a time of emergency will reach for the least dirty shirt in the hamper because of the lack of time management skills to execute a successful laundry session. The disheveled shirts are usually accompanied with some cargo shorts or an occasional holy jean pant. The dude will occasionally upgrade to a wrinkled dress pant and a slightly too tight button up when obligated or when participating in a modern courting ritual such as dating or just "hanging out." " Are y'all dating?" " Nah, we're just hanging out."

The facial hair spectrum of the dude is very diverse. Some will stick to the lazy 5 o clock shadow bead that will occasionally be shaved every few days or so. Some of the dudes will go for the full on un-groomed beard thinking that it will enhance their downtrodden look or even add some value to their sexual potency. Occasionally, the dude will try out a sloppy soul patch or even a ratty moustache. The dude makes it a point to not show off too much and tread into hipster territory. It is not uncommon for a dude to try out different pieces of facial hair to experiment and play around with their identity.

The dude head hair index holds a great variety of shapes. Most of the time, the dude will settle for a middle of the line longer on top, but shorter on the side without getting too trendy type of hairstyle. There is a faction of dudes that like to grow out there hair to show off their lustrous mains and the ability to not conform to a short hair male mainstream standard. Some dudes bounce between short, long and in-between. The dude will sometimes stick to one hair style only in order to lock a comfortable and complacent identity in place.

Dude Talk

The dude contemporary vernacular is unique in itself. Dude conversation is initiated through short and sometimes ambiguous statements and questions. The dude mentality is to conserve mental energy and maximize their communication skills without getting too deep or sympathetic. Some common examples of semi-prosaic dude language are:

" Sup dude?"
" Chu up to?"
" How ya been, bro?"
" You hungry?"
" Where you at?"
"Just chillin."
"What you up to later?"
" That's tight."
"Wanna hang?"

There are unlimited variations on all these short examples displayed above. The basis of all the dude language focuses on small talk type of conversation strategies with a definitive direction to a means to an end. The extent of deep conversation in the dude circle is sometimes not addressed unless otherwise motivated by a substance such as alcohol or marijuana. These drugs may allow for the dude to break away from his vanilla mind and look at the vast variations of perspective they wouldn't normally stumble upon.

Dude Nutrition

The dude nutrition relies more on pre packaged and easy to go meals than home cooked meals. The dude diet mostly relies on convenience and instance gratification of sustenance. A simple sandwich or a box of microwavable macaroni and cheese or pizza bites would suffice. They like to rely heavily on carbs, salt, sugar and low grade protein(most likely from a lunch meat variety). The microwave is the main tool for the dude. The stovetop often collects dust or stains depending on how much Campbells soup or Spaghettios are made. If the dude is sometimes exhausted, some dinners consist of a few bowls of cerealThe dude might occasionally crave a smoothie or eat an apple out of obligation to be "healthier" and "feel" better about themselves. Some dudes rely heavily on "grazing" and less on full and complete meals. The balance relies on the balance of nutritionally imbalanced and balanced foods in excessive moderation.


The modern dude tends to exercise out of the need of necessity to feel better about themselves and to feel a small sense of accomplishment in their bleak and slothful existence. He might go to the gym a few times a week and do a few leisurely sets often focusing too much on the pectoral and bicep muscles. The dude occasionally craves the testosterone boost, but does not adjust dietary or lifestyle needs to change or improve their overall well being. The dude may occasionally hop onto an elliptical or treadmill with a distraction of a screen right in front of him. The mirror is almost as important to the dude as exercise itself. The dude will make it a point to make constant glances into the mirror and check in on his illusory progress. " Man I look good."

Work Ethic?

The common work ethic for the dude focuses mainly on staying in comfort zones and procrastination. They might have some great ideas for a business or enhancing their "career", but won't implement a game plan to execute their goals. Their sense of ambition becomes a footnote of their identity. They will eventually "get around" to it. The dude will seldom be idea drunk. His head will spin with a false sense of inspiration, but nothing will be done to manifest these ideas. Granted, some of the dudes break free of the procrastination chains and become highly motivated later in life, but some will just "ride" the dude vibration to the grave. Scraping by becomes a common mantra for the dude. They make sure that their comfort comes first and that nothing will come in the way of their "carefree" lifestyle.

Mating Rituals

Dudes like to participate in casual and ambiguous romantic type of relationships that eventually just perpetuate the same behaviors. The dude tends to avoid commitment and hides when any type of emotional growth or intimacy arises. Dudes peacock their feathers and show off in order to get "laid" or even land a friends with benefits type of label. Dudes eventually become emotionally unavailable and move on to the next girl after suffering weeks or months of a "dry spell". Several dudes may graduate from dudedom and have healthy and fulfilling relationships. Dudes are in a constant state of dating and dumping. For the most part, dudes are about quantity over quality. The dude refuses to see the long term and is mostly interested in hanging out with women and looking forward towards the next ejaculation.


Dudes live their life with a "whatever" mentality. They consciously avoids drama and tends to run away from their problems or confront them with aggression. Some dudes adopt the illusory ideal that the problems with sort themselves out and that the promise of things improving relies on them passively accepting their state without any proactive change. A dude may simply give up and move on from a challenging task and not try to push through his shortcomings to succeed.

In conclusion, the rise of Dude Culture is strong. Apathy is slowly replacing value and virtues from the minds of men. Society is creating the dude. Dude culture perpetuates dude culture. Dude culture will perpetuate another generation or generations of dude culture unless we educate and understand the viral nature of the dude. When you confront a dude, please be friendly. Learn to get along with dudes and understand their inherent nature. There is not need to try to change a dude, but by leading by example you might inspire a dude to change.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear God, will you make me a sandwich?

Dear God,

               Will you make me a sandwich? I am feeling very hungry and I crave the sustenance of a gluten based meal. I want the energy so I can go about my day and succeed! I want tomatoes with bacon and cheese and some mayo. But please hold the lettuce! The iceberg variety is oh so disappointing. I shall become one with the sandwich in the moment. I will eat with conviction and eat with my full attention. Every sandwich is a gift. The bread, the meat, the condiments and the vegetables work together in union and create a blissful dance on my tongue. I want o be full oh Lord!

                I will not ask for chips or a pickle for that matter. I only want the grace of a sandwich. Be it in a bag or on a plate, I will eat it. Give it to me on rye, wheat, sourdough, pumpernickel, but please not on white. For the white bread eliminates the potential of the sandwich. The bread of the sandwich holds so much weight. I mean it holds the whole sandwich together for YOUR sake! I am not saying that I wouldn't take chips, but I don't want to ask for much. Side note: Fresh and local vegetables would be a great addition, but once again I don't want to be too picky.

                I will leave the type of sandwich to you. I want the surprise of biting into the unknown. I want the excitement of not knowing what I am getting into. I know you know what I like. Like a search engine, you know me like the back of your hand right? Please don't hold back on the mayonnaise. Let the mustard or Dijon slide across the bread and clash with the mayonnaise forming a wonderful marbled swirl of explosive taste. I feel like I am asking for a modest delight. Although I do prefer the blessing of condiments, I am not opposed to a dry sandwich with the base of meat and cheese. I will also not refuse a vegetarian sandwich. Slather that hummus or peanut butter on that bread with humility o' lord. I occasionally enjoy the school like charm of a classic PB&J. That sandwich transports me into the past. The childlike innocence and exuberance that I seldom forget comes rushing into my frontal lobes like a high speed train. Each sandwich has the potential to transport me into a different time. I am eternally grateful for this.

So what say you God? Shall you grant me the blessing of a sustaining sandwich? Will I be graced with this culinary masterpiece? I do not ask for much and I know you have been watching. I pledge to be a better person. I pledge to enjoy every bite of the sandwich. I shall no take this for granted. For the fertile land produces abundant sandwiches that bless people each day. What a wonderful and fantastic world full of choices. Grant me this holy task of consuming the fruits of my labor. Give me strength to masticate and process the POWER of the sandwich. One sandwich could change everything!

Dieter Ray Geisler

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm considering eating this donut.

There it lies. A glazed cake donut sitting right next to a few napkins and an used Styrofoam coffee cup. Someone must have left it there for a reason. Did someone forget to eat this wonderful baked blessing? Maybe I shouldn't. Wait, when was the last time I had a donut? It was like 2 weeks ago right? Ok maybe a week? I had a muffin a few days ago. Does that count as the same thing?

(5 second silence)

Maybe I should just go eat some oatmeal and a grapefruit. Take it easy today you know? But the donut is just sitting there. I think it is meant to be. I mean who leaves such a delicious donut on the table in the work room? This obviously implies that someone was willing to take this out of the box and put in plain sight so that someone will eventually take it. I mean they could have just thrown the donut away!

" Ok let's take a few breaths. 1...2...3...ok let's get a cup of coffee."
" This coffee is kind of old, but it will do. This coffee needs something.."
" I think this coffee needs something to dip a... DONUT!"

Ok I am going to go for it! I am going to go for the donut. I mean I don't get the opportunity to grab a free donut everyday! Treat yourself big man! Let your desire transcend your thoughts and just act! Grab that donut like a lost love and smuggle it into your mouth. Caress the delicious chocolate curves and massage the texture with your tongue. The sweet moist clash of the coffee and the sugary delight! Oh what a gracious gift from god!

" Maybe I'll just take a bite..."
" No, who does that? what would I do? Just leave the massacred on the donut or throw it away? What a waste!"

I'm beginning to think that it is my moral duty and obligation to eat this lonely donut. I mean there are little kids starving in Africa right? I shall conquer this baked good with conviction and valor!

*grabs donut
*stuffs donut in mouth
*eats with presence and satisfaction
*Wipes mouth and takes a big swig of coffee

That was great! Ok, that wasn't so bad. I feel better I think. Maybe I should have had some oatmeal. Oh the weight of sin! The cursed siren call of sugar! Donut, you have defiled me. You have tricked me, but the moment I tasted you I know it was true lust. For those passionate 30 seconds, you completed me. Thank you.

Gratitude to the Donut!


Should or shouldn't you use should ?

[ SHo͝od ]
  1. used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions:
    "he should have been careful"
    • indicating a desirable or expected state:
      "by now students should be able to read with a large degree of independence"
    • used to give or ask advice or suggestions:
      "you should go back to bed"
    • (I should)
      used to give advice:
      "I should hold out if I were you"
  2. used to indicate what is probable:
Source: OxfordDictionaries · © Oxford University Press
" Don't tell me what to do! "

Some people think that they know what is best for you. You know these people.
Maybe their binary based mindset corners them into a perspective that is unshakable and resilent against criticism.

A: "You should really be doing this if you want to make it in this industry".

These diluted people operate under an illusory concept that their is one "correct" path. They think from their past experiences and sloppy research that what they did will work out the same way for you. Without considering strengths, weaknesses and natural advantages, they regurgitate psychological babble primarily intended to deter or "motivate" you. Sure there may a few instances where a certain type of procedure "should" be the best course of action to eliminate or minimize harm or failure in a situation, but there is not interest in debating these concrete examples.

Simply telling someone that they should do something lacks self knowledge and bypasses critical thinking. Listening is the most important thing to engage in in any conversation. When you react on a hair instinct, you are operating on a insecure base surrounded by personal ideals mainly influenced by ego. " I think you should do this because based on what I have heard, this might be the best possible thing to do." Some people use should with some of the best intentions. I am not saying that saying "should" is in any way objectively destructive, but I am willing to dissect and analyze the way we use the word in all contexts.

So what should you do?

The most important thing to do is to be mindful of the way you use the word. What benefit are you bringing to the person or people in a conversation? Are you simply replying to a person under an obligation to show that you are engaged in the conversation? Take a look at the timing between talking in conversations. When you are present and without an agenda in a conversation, any reply will be a sane and sober reply. Consider some options you could use when replying to a person in a non aggressive and self interested way.

For example:
"Have you considered this?"
"Have you tried doing something different?"
"How do your decisions make you feel?"
"How can you change for better? "

It's important to keep asking questions in order to guide the people you care about in making informed and critical decisions. Instead of commanding someone to do something, consider being open in letting the other party consider some viable options. When you change a conversation from being authoritative in nature to organic and compassionate, you are greatly benefiting and enhancing the authenticity of the parties involved.

- used to give or ask advice or suggestions:
  Recap: Considering giving advice without telling someone what to do. This is an interesting and challenging exercise that will let you grow and not submit yourself to a Them Vs. Us false dualistic mentality.

2: used to indicate what is probable:
- This is a case where should has more of an objective and non biased intention. Based upon certain evidence and principles, one could use "should" in the context of determining outcomes. " This egg should crack if I drop it on the floor." For this use of the term, should has no relation to an ego identity.

Life Lesson: Listen

Am I telling you that you "should" do this?



Friday, May 15, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Modern Passivity and the Power of Enthusiasm

A: Want to go to the movies later?
B: Sure
A: Ok.
      Modern Technology has allowed us to be concise and short with communication void of intimacy and emotion. We all want to say yes, but settle with passive, short and ambiguous texts and messages. We intentionally and subconsciously hide ourselves from the our true emotions. We are bored, desensitized and disconnected while being connected to everything at the same time. I am using "we" as a generality. It has been to my observation that most of us have become hidden and passive with no sense of joy or enthusiasm. We trade exclamation marks for periods. We seldom walk with conviction and mostly have dull and small interactions based on small talk and social obligations.

      We reduce our language to "text speak", acronyms and vernacular ambiguities. Emotive expression and personality markers are limited in the sphere of text messaging. Intimate questions are transmuted to non personal and non confrontational transactions eliciting short and apathetic answers.

       A good chunk of us wake up with fatigue and lack of motivation. Some of us wake up hungover and zombified resisting every inch of what we have to do in the day. The tasks of the day are done with a sense of obligation and disdain. Our heads swim in another place as we blindly drive ourselves to our jobs. Hours run into hours and days run into days. We all drift in a collective haze. Our energy is drained and our attitudes dwindle. Our exhausted minds and bodies trudge through each minute like an old ungreased wheel. Our drained energy transforms us into subservient, apathetic and passive beings drifting from one point to another without paying "attention" to what is in between.

        We abuse the word "OK", "Sure", "Alright" and even the dreaded "K" with an occasional ".". We have become great masters of assumption. We take what we can from short quick texts and project what we think the other person is feeling. " Why is he being so short with me?" " Is something wrong?". We stare at our phone or constantly check it expecting the other person to reply immediately. The expectation creates tension. We assume that everyone should have their phones on them at all times. You must always be "on call". "Why is he taking so long to get back to me?" God forbid you leave the phone on top of the kitchen table or even leave it in another room when you are taking a shower! Our reward centers love it when we get a text and anxiety creeps in when a response does not happen in a timely manner. We constantly check on our phones awaiting dimwitted replies and sterile confirmations. We are rats pressing the button for the cheese and when we don't get it we suffer.

         Can we stand up straight and puff up our chests and communicate with conviction? Can we be patient by listening and not simply waiting anxiously to respond? Focusing on Affirmative Communication and being Assertive are two great life enhancers and changers. Being mindful of what kind of space you create when you communicate is essential in creating a healthy and productive atmosphere. We have the power to turn a simple and drony "OK" to an enlightening and refreshing " Absolutely". We have the transformative power through self knowledge and growth to turn a dull "Ok" or a "sure" to a resounding, assertive and proactive YES full of vigor and confidence. We have potential to bring care, enthusiasm and compassion to each social interaction in real life and through technology.

Listen to your gut instinct. Take a chance and ask yourself if you are being passive or ambiguous.

1. Check in with yourself.
2. How are you feeling?
3. Am I going to choose to use this aggression, disdain or indifference to initiate and/or respond to a person or group?
4. Will I transform my mood or reaction with the power of self awareness and create a healthy and exciting atmosphere for dialogue?

Enthusiasm is contagious. Assertiveness is courageous.
Uncertainty breeds insecurity. Passivity perpetuates passivity.

Friend A: Where should we go?
Friend B: I don't know what do you feel like?
Friend A: I don't know.
Friend B: Ok hmm...

oh those dreaded dots of anxiety and anticipation.
Here is a possibility...

Friend A: Where should we go?
Friend B: I know a great new Italian restaurant that we could go to! I've heard great things!
Friend A: Oh Great that sounds delicious!
Friend B: Excellent! I'll go ahead and pick you up!

When you take control and volunteer yourself as an assertive and competent individual, you are creating an environment of cooperation and proactivity. It's not all about you. Putting yourself in control allows you to be pay more attention to the needs and desires of others. Take chances or pay attention to past cues that your friends might have suggested in the past. You can base your decisions to cater to your friend's needs by simply being present. What's their body language like? How are they talking? What kind of vibe are they giving off?

Break out your comfort zone. Listen to the first thing your mind tells you when making decisions. Be very wary about being impulsive, but don't be too critical of your intuitions.

Don't wait for people to make decisions for you all the time.
Put your foot down and be assertive and honest. Always consider the feelings of others.


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Artist as false identity

First off! 
I want to preface that what I am about to present in this writing piece does not necessarily reflect how I think about myself or "artists" in general. It does serve to stimulate thought and some philosophical notions about the way we see the world. I will try my best to refrain from being snarky or cynical with the questions and dissections I present. Also keep in mind that "artist" as it is used in this piece could easily be replaced by any other egoic identity or label. 

What makes an artist an artist? 
Does an artist have any importance to society? 
Does identifying as an artist create more suffering in the world and the striving individual? 

An artist makes art to bring about attention to an inner dialogue or an expression of feeling. The drive of the artist can be motivated from different factors. The artist can be driven by ambition to create more art and seek fulfillment through financial or selfish means. An artist can work hard to develop a signature style in order to give the patrons of the art a sense of direction or conceptual identity. 

An artist can exploit his or her talent with great ease or motivation. The artist takes into consideration that their self worth is determined by the output of "work" perpetuated. The artist creates the world around them to fit their internal desires and subscribe meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence. The artist wants to distract their being and become a "doing". When the absence of art making and any other artistic activities comes about, the artist races to try to get back on track and align their thinking and doing to the artistic process. They become a process. The process works through the artist and enslaves the artist in determining self identity and self worth.

I am an artist. Marvel in the fruits of my labor. Look at my suffering. I am this because of this.  The success of art strengthens an ego identity. The failure of art also empowers the ego. 

The Critisism of art often puts art on a dualistic spectrum of good and bad. When the art is judged as such, it creates drama. Drama fuels the mind and creates a false attachment to the egoic self. If the artist does not agree with the perspective of the critiquer, he or she identifies with the emotional reaction to the criticism. The artist can be fueled by passion or anger to only strengthen the egoic will that is attached to the artist label. 

The act of art making can be very close to stroking their ego. When they make what they feel out of personal attachment to a philosophy or an ideal, they are constructing an illusion. They are strengthening a sense of meaning to fulfill their creative drive. That drive can be motivated by different factors. If the artist just blindly follows a drive without knowing why, they run the risk of trapping theirself into a illusory egoic identity. 

The artist creates a means to an end product. One piece of art is "finished" and the desire to create more art is strengthened. When a piece is done, they move to next one and so on and so on. This hungry momentum creates an illusion of progress. Their meaning as an artist is defined by external product and the dubious success of the art itself. 

In conclusion, the artist creates their identity in his or hers own image or the image he or she thinks an artist should be. The artist clings to the label of artist as a means to define their avoidance of the self. The artist has the potential to express his or hers frustrations and joys through the art. In the end, the artist is remarkably human. Most importantly, art engages us and helps us process and understand the workings on human nature and existence. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm a published Author

I am a published Author. Every post I have made on social media can be appropriately cited. Every post becomes it's own identity or part of a collective whole of conceptual continuity. I can arrange posts for future publications that could most likely take the form of a blog article, book or pamphlet. 

Every post is an original thought. The unoriginal quotes that are copied onto statuses and tweets are appropriately credited at the bottom. Since I publish on the internet through social media and blogs, I am challenging the way we read and write with each published word. Each social media post becomes part of a grand patchwork of internet writings. 

A narrative is not necessary for determining the legitimacy of a published piece on social media. Simple random words and declarative statements are no different than thoughtful and contrived posts. Some posts are more interpretive and less objective. The posts that are objective can easily be truthful statements that perpetuate the endless cycle of internet archival practices. 

Each post expands the internet consciousness and adds to the archival knowledge of the global network. For when all participants in social media and internet practices post content, the expansion of authors becomes commonplace. Each person generates their own original content when the thought is original or a simple expansion or innovation of unoriginal thoughts. Each post reinforces the author identity on the internet. Internet post participants perpetuate the false identity of internet avatar relations. One cannot be simply his or her self when authenticity is manipulated through each published post. Users create their identity through the publication of words and images. Users steal identities from others on the internet to reinforce their own egoic identity. 

 Each post is deceptive in social media. We are putting makeup on our internet face. We are internally editing in our brains and outwardly expressing that editing through published posts. Writers do the same thing. Writers are contrived. Writers reinforce their own identities through the act of writing and editing. Editing becomes god. Editing becomes your egoic identity. 

We are trying up be honest. 
We are trying to impress. 
We have also have inhibitions. 

We edit and we act on impulse.
Each post is an historical document.
Each post becomes a relic from a past time. We can learn from them and we can forget them. We can be witty and we can be dumb. For posts are grand studies on the human psyche and evolutionary human biology. 

We are all writers! 
Rejoice !


Friday, May 1, 2015