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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shutting your mouth is cool

I heard about this great activity the other day. It may seem new and radical, but please give it a chance. It can almost be a way of life. It's called, " shutting your mouth." Some people may also refer to it as "shutting up" or " listening", but I think shutting your mouth has a pretty good ring to it.

Shutting your mouth allows you to listen to what the other people are saying. You can actually listen intently and hear complete sentences from people without any interruption. It opens up your mind for critical thinking and also allows you to formulate a complete and intelligent rebuttal that takes into consideration of peoples' thoughts and sayings. No more interrupting people! Shutting your mouth can actually help you dissect and appreciate what people are actually saying without trying to get your word in as soon as possible. 

When you have your mouth shut, you can take a back seat and really pick and choose things to say that are the best within the context of the situation. Think of it as a kind of mental filter that restricts from saying anything too impulsive or disturbing in nature. It considers the conversation more of a team effort and less of a dominating conversational competition. 

Just take a moment to think about many ways you can shut your mouth and really let your ear holes soak in the information like a sponge. It may take some practice, but with time you will be such a great person with your mouth shut. 


Friday, August 28, 2015


Has anyone seen my glasses?


Has anyone seen my glasses?
They are black rimmed dark shades that are pretty rad looking. They fit snuggly on my nose and neatly around my ears. They've been with me through the good and through the bad. We have avoided the violent radiance of the sun many a day at the pool and out strolling the city. It has protected my corneas and rods and cones from the ugliness of squinting and the strain around my temples. 

I have checked everywhere. I have checked my closet, my car, my pockets and my house. I have checked my forehead, my bathroom, my bike and my dryer. They seem nowhere to be found. The last time I saw them I was at a park looking at squirrels. The squirrels were having a grand old time. I remember taking off my glasses periodically to look at all the fun the squirrels were having. After that, everything seems a little cloudy. 

Now my eyes and head feel naked and a replacement pair just will not do. The experiences I had with my shades are more than a few. It's painful to think that they are gone forever or that they are sharing a life with another. Those glasses to me were like a brother! I'll give it a few days and try to withstand the rays. I'll try to be careful how when I go out into the sun the next couple of days. 

I'll keep searching my friends,
Hopefully get over this hump. 
I just hope that my glasses,
Don't end up in the dump!

Has anyone are my glasses ?!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top 9 best things about being broke!

Hey are you broke?
Well certainly it is not the end of the world. Being broke shows that there is an opportunity to be more creative and fiscally conservative with the money you don't have or have yet. Here are the top 9 reasons on why being broke is beneficial for you in the long run.

1. Being broke forces you to prioritize what is necessary and what is important in your life. 
- you might want to reconsider the small things you buy. They add up. Consider focusing on the necessities such as rent and living expenses. Maybe that cappuccino or that beer isn't the best option for you right now. Consider what foods you could buy that will last you a week or more. Rice and beans are a good start.

2. It makes you think more long term while still making you focus on the importance of the present moment. 
-When you are broke it is good to subscribe to a "More bang for your buck" philosophy that will help you in the near future. It makes you think, " How can I sustain myself until I get a new job to get paid again?" You can take a deep break and realize that what you have right now is enough and that saving a little bit more or learning from past frivolous spending actions will turn you into a better money managing human. 

3. Being broke has the potential to make you more grateful.
- When you have very little, things of value such as friends, family and current luxuries will shine brighter than before. Showing your gratitude will also inspire others to look at their lives in a different light. It's that old saying, " You Get What You Give." 

4. It allows you to become a
Conscious freeloader. 
- Ok maybe freeloader isn't the best word. I believe that scavenger is a better word for it. We live in a consumerist society that praises buying new things and shuns the idea of scavenging or buying used things. Taking your time to see places that offer snacks, samples and treats are a great way to visit new places and eat for free. Going to thrift shops, garage sales and looking on Craigslist are all great activities for creating a sustainable lifestyle of low income and money saving. I would recommend the book, The Scavengers Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson.

5. It allows you think of possible new ways to make extra money. 
- You know that old Casio keyboard or that antique shelf that you never use are collecting dust. You probably have many objects that would provide some value to other people. This goes back to prioritizing your stuff and De-cluttering your space. Your stuff is a reflection of your inner state of mind. 

What are some talents or actions that would be able to provide value to other people? I am not necessarily advocating for you to quit your job and pursue your kombucha or decorated bottle cap business right away, but if the need for more cash is needed you can start small. What are you passionate about and what can you offer people for some side cash? You can certainly be amazed by the snow ball effect that happens when you actually start interesting people in what you have to offer. This also fits hand in hand with time management and how and what you value in life. Your actions are a reflection of what you value. 

6. It forces you to engage in more free activities and adventures. 
- Maybe the idea of going to a bar with your friends and not being able to afford any drinks is a bad idea. You can certainly go while being honest with your friends, but there are so many options besides sitting around and drinking at a table. You can invest your time wisely and start thinking of activities that don't involve spending too much money. Hiking, swimming, working out, going to a park and riding bikes are a great introduction. It will open you up and allow you to see past the consumerist ideal of just going out and spending frivolous amounts of money on food or stuff. 

7. It shows you the people in your life that are willing to help you out.  
- Going back to the "Get What You Give" philosophy, you will certainly figure out that many friends and family members are willing to help you out or even provide for you without even asking. Most of us sometimes operate under Reciprocal Altrusim, where we spot a friend and then they spot us later. While this is completely common and fine, there will be times where your true friends will omit their sense of obligation. You may need a ride, a couple of bucks for the bus, a much needed post work drink or even a granola bar. When you are in the financial dumps, true and honest friends will step up because they value what you offer in the friendship. The value you offer to your friends is leaps and bounds over anything monetary in return. This is a good idea to reflect and ask yourself what you are actually "giving" or "adding" to your relationships and how you can step up and add more value. 

8. Being broke allows you to investigate more into trade and bartering. 
- There are lots of websites popping up and pages on social media that are operating under trading, sharing and bartering. If money is tight, but you need a necessary piece of equipment or even food, trading is a great way to start. Even if you only have a couple small basil plants, some really good books, canned goods or some clothes, you can find someone willing to trade what you need. It will take some more time investment and you can always reach out to closer friends if you are in an immediate need for something. Sharing is a concept this is often lost in our society. Take a moment to see if any of your friends would be willing to lend you something that they are not using. You can save and work up to getting your own in the future, but realize that there are lots of trusting people and friends that would have no problem letting you borrow their stuff.

9. Being broke has the potential for tremendous growth. 
- When you are tight on money it is important to always align your self with your inner atmosphere. Remember to breathe and be ok with what is. Panicking and making up stories in your head provides no positive actions for yourself at the moment or yourself in the future. You must realize the the outer is a reflection of the inner and through awareness, meditation and breathing, any financial state should not dictate how you actually feel. Don't be a victim to the dollar. Breathe, regroup and take all past events as lessons for your growth into a financially responsible and happy person.


I was so busy I forgot to be busy!

I was so busy I forgot to be busy. It's true! I was in a wash of unmitigated busyness set forth by past business that perpetuated present busyness that has caught me off guard. I didn't plan on being this busy. It just happened. 

While I was going about my day being busy, I came across the thought that maybe I wasn't being busy enough. I mean I have been busy this whole time and it didn't really occur to me that I should be even more busy. This busyness sure comes with some small rewards. It is absolutely imperative that I keep remaining busy so that busyness can maintain itself. I mean who doesn't want to be busy? 

From the first time I wake I make sure to satisfy my mind with busy thoughts and fill up my time with busy actions. I must at least make it look like I am busy so that people do not think I am not doing something with my life. I must make sure my schedule is somewhat air tight and constantly tell friends and colleagues that my busyness takes the utmost priority in my life. Even when I attempt to go to bed I like to ponder the significance of the business that will occupy the next day when I wake. I must revel in the busy ness of others. Even if I or others do not necessarily get anything done, I can at least say that I was busy doing something. 

I must keep this hamster wheel in my head spinning with great vigor and pace from one task to the next. I must focus on the A to B dichotomy and totally ignore the pertinence of the present moment. If I slow down then my thoughts and doubt will creep in like a cockroach in a kitchen at night. I must make sure to avoid pressing problems in my psyche and push forward to finishing a paper or depositing a check at the bank. I am a conduit for fruitful busyness to move through. I must bend to the will of my mind's eccentric and beautiful madness that uses up glycogen like fire to a book.
I must frantically panic when something does not go right. I will then regain my composure and be a slave to my amagydala. Did I say that I need to be busy all the time? Even when it appears I am relaxing, my mind is busy. 

I must identify with the busyness. I must become the busyness. The busyness is my business. It may be none of your business to be involved in my busyness, but my busyness business is my busyness life. So are you busy right now? 
Are you on the road to being busy? 
Is your busyness your business?
Is your busyness your master?

Well, everyone else is busy. Why aren't you?


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Text Neck

What a beautiful piece of crap.

What a beautiful piece of crap,
It's probably made in China,
It's got a wonderful plastic wrap, 
There is plenty of it just like it, 
From machines on the floor,
You can bet your dollar,
That there will be more than enough out the door,

It's wonderful to thing that this crap came from imagination. Driven for profit without moderation. Guaranteed to sell hundred or even thousands. It's all about the immediate incentive and less about the value. It's all about getting as much green as possible. As much notoriety as possible. As much exposure as possible. 

This wonderful piece of craps life cycle is relatively short. When the trend dies or it is simply used up, it gets thrown into the waste cycle. The cycle of plastic, trash, electronic waste and knick knacks make its way into huge dumps of toxic ecosystems pushing against the earth with turbulent vigor. 

The neglect to see the long term makes these wonderful pieces of crap into not so wonderful pieces of crap. One thing that may have given momentous and instantaneous joy has been thrown away, forgotten or stuffed into the crevices of cluttered closets and musty storage spaces. The memories they fade and the material seldomly degrades. Out of sight and out of mind is the American way. 

Let's keep in mind that these products that emerge from demand become our responsibility in hand. We vote with the dollar and have machines make these things. We perpetuate the packaging that gives our conscience a sting. We unconsciously buy the the immediate product without considering the fate of our future conduct. 

Just give it to me now,
I just want to be wowed, 
This thing will look great on my shelf, 
Without knowing it I identify with this object,  
Making me escape myself.

This clutter is a reflection,
Of our minds in rejection, 
We make the mistake of enriching our lives,
With things that will not make us thrive, 
Without looking inward, 
We forget who we are,
The material around us makes us thing we are too far, 
From thinking critically,
From thinking clearly,
From being aware that we are thinking at all. 
So before you see trinket,
Don't over think it,
Just put it down and ask yourself,

Is this good for us ALL? 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 things you did not know about things.

Things are cool, but are there some things you don't know about things? 
Let's shed some light on the things that make up things. 

Here are 10 things you did not know about things. 

1. Some things are things, but not all things are stuff. 

2. Things can help you separate the good things from the bad things. 

3. Things can teach you about other things you did not know about.

4. You can create things that have the ability to create other things. 

5. Some things work better than others.

6. Things can create a bunch of waste.

7. Things will be here as long as the universe exists. 

8. Sometimes people get lost in things.

9. People like to base their lives around things.

10. The love of things will perpetuate more things. 


Saturday, August 15, 2015

The absence of creativity is creativity itself.

A man sees a bright red ball laying in the grass. He goes over to pick up the ball and sees a piece of triangular wood near by. It must have been from a child's play set. These two objects were obviously not meant to be in the natural landscape of the outdoors. The fact that the objects didn't belong peeks the interest of the man. He takes the ball and goes to pick up the wooden triangular prism. He holds two objects in his hand that he had not intention of holding in the midst of his daily walk. He had no intention in trying to look for objects that did not belong. 

The man decides to take both objects and assemble them into different ways. He tries putting the ball on top, and on the bottom and the side. He tries leaning next to each other as if gravity was another playing force in the activity. He finally finds a combination that strikes his eye. He fixates on keeping it this way. A burst of inspiration works through him. Should he get some adhesive and glue the two objects together or just enjoy the moment of spontaneous creativity? Would preserving the position of these objects eventually diminish in excitement overtime or would it serve as a memory and indicator for future creative endeavors? 

The man thinks long and hard and looks around the park. He sees a kid playing right by her mom near the park bench. He looks at the two objects and realizes that the objects were not meant for permanent amusement. The objects were catalysts in sparking his inspiration and creativity. He realizes within himself that these particular objects would inspire and benefit the kid playing near the park bench. His attachment to the objects fades and the fleeting moment of creativity goes away, but it is transmuted into a feeling compassion and empathy for a smaller human being. The memory of the creative spark may fade, but will eternally remind the man of the beauty of spontaneity and surrender. 

Creativity deals with the awareness of what is. Creativity does not always begin with intent. It thrives in the moments of spontaneity and joy. It reproduces itself through action and thought. Creativity creates value out of nothing. It allows the mind to take new avenues and allows consciousness to expand and explore. 

Universal consciousness is creativity manifesting itself through biological processes. It is the awareness of awareness itself. Not all creativity imies action. When one is truly conscious and aware, creativity is infinite and abundant. Being is creativity and not creativity at the same time. The absence of creativity allows for the cup to be filled with creativity. Without the absence of creativity, there can be no true creativity. The absence of creativity is creativity itself . 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Borrow/Spend Forever

You Ain't the Clouds

You Ain't the clouds, 
You ain't the debris that you see,
You're merely the sky where things happen to be, 
They come and they go,
Some without fair warning,
You can always expect,
That there will be some storming,
For these passing clouds,
Dark, bright or rainy, 
Cannot rip up the sky,
Or make you go zany,
But when you confuse the clouds for your overall being,
You can't really believe what you are seeing,
These moods they might pass with grace or torment,
But realize that you can choose how you explore it.
Sit back and watch the dance of the clouds, 
Breathe in the air and make a big sound, 
The sky might change colors, 
But it still remains the sky,
If you hold to those clouds,
You'll be living a lie! 


Friday, August 7, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'm a Statistic!


I am John.
I am a White male almost in his thirties.
I have a college degree and a decent paying job.
I have good credit.
I have made mistakes.
I am a statistic!

I will be lumped into a category and criticized even when people do not know me personally or know how I like to live my life.
I will be criticized on how I feel about the world by the color of my skin and the particular type of philosophy I subscribe to.
People will tell me that I cannot voice my opinions on certain subjects because of my current situation, past life or even the way I look.
People will use emotional manipulators to incite some type of reaction out of me and ultimately dodge the possibility of continuing any rational or peaceful debate.
People will go out of their way to call me out on things they think are wrong and immediately tell me I am wrong without even bringing up and evidence to back up their view.
People will lump me into a certain group of people based upon past actions and backgrounds and not consider the possibility that I have grown from my experiences.

I will get yelled at and called names for certain words that might "trigger" someone else. The accusers will point the finger and chastise me for using a word and not consider the context of how the word is used.

I will unintentionally "offend" people for speaking truths while continually being compassionate and considerate of each others feelings.

My views will be taken out of context and picked apart. 
People will develop views on me based upon what I have said without doing the appropriate research to make a valid assessment and opinion.
They will be shot down and discouraged.

People will form groups and not consider the possibility that there are other views that might align more to reason and evidence.
People will bind their minds to an ideology and not open other views into a healthy discussion or debate.
People will waste their time without looking inward and seek solace and comfort from a group or organization.
People will lose their selves in their own beliefs.
People will point the finger and ignore responsibility and self ownership.
People will get lost in a tornado of blame.
They will dehumanize me and other people by placing us into less endearing terms.
They will create their opinions off of small mistakes you have made.
They will not see the whole picture.
They will not get to know you because they are too interested in their own agenda.

I will become isolated.
I will become angry.
I will become lost in a swarm.
I will become a statistic.


Don't Wait, Integrate!

Hey You!

What are you doing today?
Do you have a To Do list made up?
Are you procrastinating again?
What exactly are you putting off?

Don't Wait!

Do you get what I am saying?
Ok, let me Elaborate!

We all love to compartmentalize.
 We all love to multitask. They say it is good for employment. They say you can get more done by doing multiple things at once. What an Idea! We seek solace and pleasure in completing small menial tasks that give us a false sense of purpose. Some of them are necessary I might add. Some of them need to get done for the sake of being done. Let's take dish washing for example. Most of us dread the fact that we have to eventually clean the piles of porcelain and metal that lies in the sink. We make haste with it! We make a race with it. We sometimes fail to align ourselves with the present moment and really enjoy the heck out of dish washing. But when you are truly present with what you are doing, you can enjoy it and be one with it. You create the opportunity for yourself to improve the art of dish washing. Sure you will make mistakes, but it is important to breathe through the small hiccups and proceed through the dish washing completion. Breathe and Proceed.

Do the Dish washing dance!
The Dancing of the Dishes,
If ya wishes.

So what am I getting at?

I brought up the dish washing to bring up a great point on living in the present moment. Now I want to dive into what "passion" is. What are you passionate about? What are you doing from day to day to live your passion? Sure most of us have full time jobs, social lives and even families, but how can we discipline ourselves to live a creative and integrated life. I will have to correct myself on what I just said. I used the D word. Discipline! We are all think that fitting our lives and actions into rigid routines will make us into better people or produce a better product. There is a lot of myth in Discipline. Ponder this thought...

Discipline is the suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self control. Self-discipline is to some extent a substitute for Motivation.[citation needed] Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action that opposes one's desires, which is the opposite of Fun. - Wikipedia

Discipline can be seen as a form of resistance. We want to use discipline as a form of violence to have us "become" what we are not. We like to use discipline as the resistance to the innate desires we have in us.

" I cannot give into my desires because the desires are not in alignment with what I want to BE!"

We can fall into the trap of rigidity that makes us think that we are achieving who we want to be by disciplining our lives for the sake of the promise of our future selves. Where is the passion in our lives? How can we integrate that passion without trying to subdue or whip it like it is an unruly bull?
When we are present and aware of the present moment and are innate passions and desires, we can learn to channel them at the most important times. We can not only dedicate a block of time to our passions every day or week, but we can integrate them in every part of our daily lives. We can harvest the creative energy at every time and turn something out of nothing. You ride with the flow of life and trust your intuitions without putting on a mask that constricts you into an illusory sense of self.

When we start to see discipline as a distraction and a form of constraint, we can start to see why we are better off with out it. When we understand that the core of discipline feeds the illusory sense of self and ultimately distracts us from the totality of life, we can grow. We can breathe through our desires and really evaluate the true values in our hearts and minds. When we understand that our actions ultimately align with what we value, we can make the right choices and start to truly live our lives with integrity and confidence. 

We can align ourselves and accept that our pitfalls and alleged "mistakes" will only be lessons for the future. We can open up ourselves to the creative possibility of not knowing what is coming next and creating an atmosphere of joy, experimentation and curiosity. When we integrate our passions with the present moment and not anxiously try to escape, we become artists of innovation venturing into the grasps of the unknown. We can integrate technology such as an Iphone, a notepad or a sketchbook to draw or jot down the ideas that come to us from the universe. We all have the potential to become antennas for the innovative ideas presented right in FRONT OF US!

Breathe. Accept. Integrate.

Integrate your life with the things that you value. Integrate your life with the relationships and friendships that you value. Integrate your life with the possibilities of not knowing what will come next. Integrate your life with the present moment.


"The ingredient - if I may use that word which is absolutely necessary is the quality of affection and integrity. I don't mean by integrity any form of pattern of belief, nor do I mean it as integrity according to the experience through which one has to live; but I mean that integrity that comes about when you begin to observe every movement of your own thought and when no thought is hidden. You do not wear a mask, you do not any longer pretend to be something other than what you actually are; and therefore there is no discipline, no fancy, no worship; and out of that comes the external sense of integrity I mean that kind of integrity, not the man who has belief and lives according to that belief, not the man who is sincere but with certain ideals, not the man who follows a certain discipline or tries to bring about an integration emotionally or intellectually. Such efforts do not bring out integrity. On the contrary, they increase conflict, misery."- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Tuesday, August 4, 2015