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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What a beautiful piece of crap.

What a beautiful piece of crap,
It's probably made in China,
It's got a wonderful plastic wrap, 
There is plenty of it just like it, 
From machines on the floor,
You can bet your dollar,
That there will be more than enough out the door,

It's wonderful to thing that this crap came from imagination. Driven for profit without moderation. Guaranteed to sell hundred or even thousands. It's all about the immediate incentive and less about the value. It's all about getting as much green as possible. As much notoriety as possible. As much exposure as possible. 

This wonderful piece of craps life cycle is relatively short. When the trend dies or it is simply used up, it gets thrown into the waste cycle. The cycle of plastic, trash, electronic waste and knick knacks make its way into huge dumps of toxic ecosystems pushing against the earth with turbulent vigor. 

The neglect to see the long term makes these wonderful pieces of crap into not so wonderful pieces of crap. One thing that may have given momentous and instantaneous joy has been thrown away, forgotten or stuffed into the crevices of cluttered closets and musty storage spaces. The memories they fade and the material seldomly degrades. Out of sight and out of mind is the American way. 

Let's keep in mind that these products that emerge from demand become our responsibility in hand. We vote with the dollar and have machines make these things. We perpetuate the packaging that gives our conscience a sting. We unconsciously buy the the immediate product without considering the fate of our future conduct. 

Just give it to me now,
I just want to be wowed, 
This thing will look great on my shelf, 
Without knowing it I identify with this object,  
Making me escape myself.

This clutter is a reflection,
Of our minds in rejection, 
We make the mistake of enriching our lives,
With things that will not make us thrive, 
Without looking inward, 
We forget who we are,
The material around us makes us thing we are too far, 
From thinking critically,
From thinking clearly,
From being aware that we are thinking at all. 
So before you see trinket,
Don't over think it,
Just put it down and ask yourself,

Is this good for us ALL? 


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