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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You Ain't the Clouds

You Ain't the clouds, 
You ain't the debris that you see,
You're merely the sky where things happen to be, 
They come and they go,
Some without fair warning,
You can always expect,
That there will be some storming,
For these passing clouds,
Dark, bright or rainy, 
Cannot rip up the sky,
Or make you go zany,
But when you confuse the clouds for your overall being,
You can't really believe what you are seeing,
These moods they might pass with grace or torment,
But realize that you can choose how you explore it.
Sit back and watch the dance of the clouds, 
Breathe in the air and make a big sound, 
The sky might change colors, 
But it still remains the sky,
If you hold to those clouds,
You'll be living a lie! 


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