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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The absence of creativity is creativity itself.

A man sees a bright red ball laying in the grass. He goes over to pick up the ball and sees a piece of triangular wood near by. It must have been from a child's play set. These two objects were obviously not meant to be in the natural landscape of the outdoors. The fact that the objects didn't belong peeks the interest of the man. He takes the ball and goes to pick up the wooden triangular prism. He holds two objects in his hand that he had not intention of holding in the midst of his daily walk. He had no intention in trying to look for objects that did not belong. 

The man decides to take both objects and assemble them into different ways. He tries putting the ball on top, and on the bottom and the side. He tries leaning next to each other as if gravity was another playing force in the activity. He finally finds a combination that strikes his eye. He fixates on keeping it this way. A burst of inspiration works through him. Should he get some adhesive and glue the two objects together or just enjoy the moment of spontaneous creativity? Would preserving the position of these objects eventually diminish in excitement overtime or would it serve as a memory and indicator for future creative endeavors? 

The man thinks long and hard and looks around the park. He sees a kid playing right by her mom near the park bench. He looks at the two objects and realizes that the objects were not meant for permanent amusement. The objects were catalysts in sparking his inspiration and creativity. He realizes within himself that these particular objects would inspire and benefit the kid playing near the park bench. His attachment to the objects fades and the fleeting moment of creativity goes away, but it is transmuted into a feeling compassion and empathy for a smaller human being. The memory of the creative spark may fade, but will eternally remind the man of the beauty of spontaneity and surrender. 

Creativity deals with the awareness of what is. Creativity does not always begin with intent. It thrives in the moments of spontaneity and joy. It reproduces itself through action and thought. Creativity creates value out of nothing. It allows the mind to take new avenues and allows consciousness to expand and explore. 

Universal consciousness is creativity manifesting itself through biological processes. It is the awareness of awareness itself. Not all creativity imies action. When one is truly conscious and aware, creativity is infinite and abundant. Being is creativity and not creativity at the same time. The absence of creativity allows for the cup to be filled with creativity. Without the absence of creativity, there can be no true creativity. The absence of creativity is creativity itself . 


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