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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Butter Life

That Butter Life

Don’t mind me, I’m just living that Butter Life.  The slippery and creamery effervescence combed by a yellowish concoction of gooey existence. Within the realm of pure creaminess, the application of such metaphorical and metaphysical “butter” contextualizes the importance of the permeability and malleability of living a present and rich life.

Oh, you know I put that butter on everything. It goes on that bread of such rich decadence. I spread the butter across all spectrum of masses. All various forms of physical and metaphysical "material". The food and the non-food. The butter enriches the taste of cruciferous vegetables and therefore enriches the taste buds life. That fatty morphing substances enhances the glow of such lucrative digestion. The butter is the transport for the enrichment of plentiful vitamins. Slide it on the asparagus as if you were caressing the limb of a lover. The dance of the knife and the cutter. The groove of the serrated edge and the sharp dairy ledge. It’s the cream of the crop and the deliciousness that won’t stop.

You know it when you slice it. When you lay that knife right down on that moist and decadent surface. You can feel it in your bones. Yes, oddly satisfying to say the least. Such a pleasure to be in that moment. That buttery moment of immense decadence. Are you starting to understand the Butter Life? Are you starting to “feel” what I am talking about?

That sizzle in the pan when you drop the butter in. Calling for your ear buds and taste buds to unite in harmony. All senses are used in totality within this Butter Life. The butter is certainly better when you know the udder from which it was sprung from. When you know the location, it’s even more motivation to seek out that enriched yellow gold that we have already been sold. Blessed be the cow that has given us such pleasure from the birth of butter. That gold from the udder and straight to the mother who will nurture the child. That fatty sensation that has helped feed this nation and give us the strength to move onward!

To butter is a verb. You can butter all the world. It means to glide with the impermanence of life. To be with what is and to add some to sparkle to your biz, when interacting with new experiences! To slide. To enjoy the ride. To relax through the challenges that face us. To butter. To Dance. To Romance. And to Glance. At the strange and beautiful workings of this everlasting existence.

As you are reading you may get this feeling. This feeling of calmness and content. This feeling of warmth like the butter in it’s true form. Not too refrigerated where it gets too “blocky”. We can place a name of this feeling or can we just feel this feeling. Let it pass over us like the newly buttered potato. The baked potato of richness and potential with so many topping ideas it becomes very special. That spice of life. Well, not really a spice. Butter ain’t a spice, but a way of life. Do you see it now?

To butter is to be. Like to really BE. For butter or worse, it allows you to SEE.
To see and be FREE. But what is Free and how can that be? Well let us see...
For the better, you must butter so that there can be no other. No other thing that distorts your mind from another. Do you udderstand? So to butter is the Being of Being with the revealing. The revealing of that which is. So, to better put things in perspective of butter, one must go on and live a “butter” life. A life full of promise and uncertainty. A life that brings about butter upon the unpredictability of crumbling bread type of scenarios. It better be butter if we know now that butter is better.

From one form to another. The solid. The creamy and liquid. Butter takes all magnificent forms. Versatility and mobility. Synchronicity and Electricity! Butter really has no specificity. If it was very specific, it might not be as terrific. To be and to butter. To live and LOVE that Butter Life.

Living that butter night with all potential in sight. Taking that knife and spreading it across your life. With such finesse. With such expression. Being the butter can transport you into another dimension. The dimension of now. So don’t have a cow. Praise the cow for the blessing of a butter life.

Do you think things will get better if you embrace the butter. Do you think that things will work out in the end? Well, I can tell you my friend that every moment you spend with butter will take you to new heights. You will know who you are and how you will go far. Just slippity slide into the butter. You butter believe it or you can leave it, because the butter life is what is and what will be.

Who wrote the book on butter?
It better be butter. It is more butter than butter.
The source of all buttery goodness.

Gotta butter your bread to get ahead!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Can you see without the me?

Can you see without the Me?

Can you see without the me?
Well, who is me? Who, me?
Well, the me. You know, the me that you identify with. The me that you may see as the I. Are you talking about me? Well, I am talking about a way. Talking more about the idea of this so called “me”. The one that we cling to in times of need. The lens that we see the world with. That me.

Well, how do you see a tree? Do you see the tree with me? Do you see the tree in relationship to your sense of self? Just look. Think about it for a moment. If you see the tree through the lens of the me, you are separating yourself from the tree. The observer creating the idea of the observed. How absurd? You are defining the tree in relationship to me. Do you see? You may not like the shape of the tree or you may try to figure out what kind of tree it is. That is the me! But can you simply just see the tree without the lens of the me? Yes, that’s the question!

The me is your thoughts, your conditioning, your preferences and your ideas. The me is of the past. You are the observer and you identify with it. So, if you look at the tree through the me, you are looking through the lens of the past. You essentially are the past. You are limited by thought and your own conditioning. How wild. So when we identify with this conceptualized past sense of self known as the me, we are distancing ourselves from what we see and setting the stage for conflict, confusion and misery. How clever.

So back to the tree. Can we just see the tree as just the tree. We can see the me can’t we. Well, we can’t actually see the me. It is a concept created from the past. The me is the illusory sense of self and the story we want to believe about ourselves. This is all from the past, subconscious and our conditioning. It’s very interesting to think about. That’s it! The thought of it! The thought of thinking about the me. Do you see? When we think about the me, who is thinking about the me? Is it the me thinking about the me? Ah, you see the trap? It is like the concept of the ego. You know that double headed serpent. That clever ballooning idea that operates on comparison, conflict and separation. Some us want to hard to eradicate the ego, but that is the ego playing tricks on you. That is the “ego” trying to get rid of itself by expanding itself. Oh dear. You see how the ego wants to escape things and search for means to an end. Do you see? So resisting or trying get rid of something is certainly of the “me”. It is the opposite of being present. It is trying to escape from what is! How wonderfully exhausting! How terribly delicious.

So we can see the me, but if we try to get rid of the me or suppress or repress the me, we strengthen that me. The identification with the thought. The resistance to what is.  So, can we see without the me? How can that be? Well, if we are so eager to find an answer then we are not allowing ourselves to discover the unknown. We can only know what we know. And what we know is also what we knew. That’s true. So this knowing is of the past and is BIG part of the “me”. Now you have to see! That’s it! TO SEE! Because when you see, without trying to identify with the me, you are seeing. Not analyzing. Not comparing. Not trying to identify with petty thoughts or with worries on what type of gift to get your Aunt Sheryl. Not trying to go towards pleasure or to escape pain.

That is of the mind.

Yes, your mind. Well, when we say “your” it implies ownership. It is the mind. It is what it is. Yea, yea, you have heard about it. It’s true. So you see the me, now. Is it me seeing the me? Look at it. Who is asking the question? Do you see? Yes, YOU see. You see that me. That me of what you think should be. Those thoughts that you see! Yes, the ones that you see. That’s the me. You see. Observation!


So now do you see that tree?
Now do you see the me?
No, not the me that you think is the me. The me that is of what “should be”.
You can conceptualize all you want. We can conceptualize all we want.
This idea of me. This idea of what should be. This idea of what might be. This idea of what CAN be. But, do we see. Do we see this dysfunction? Do we see this disorder and this suffering? Can we simply sit with it. Can we accept what is?

Do you actually believe your story? The story of me?

Just look. Just see. What about you? What about me?
We can see that that tree is tree from the knowledge of the past. From the concept of the tree. We can label the tree. We can call it beautiful or ugly. All part of the me. Comparing, measuring and analyzing. Without all that mechanical workings, can we truly see? Not ideally see. Not “trying” to see. NOT trying to be....anything.

But can we see? Is it the me asking if the me can actually see? Can we see if it is this “me” that is asking if the me can actually see?


Can WE see without the me?
Can we really just SEE the TREE without the ME?


Thursday, May 25, 2017

UnPoPuLaR OpiNiOnS

Unpopular Opinions

These things called opinions. Those little finicky things that seem to radiate from our mouths like microwaves and plant themselves in social situations both fulfilling and awkward. Are we even really conscious about our own opinions? Do we identify with our opinions so much that it becomes the CORE of our own identity? We may hold similar opinions and contrasting opinions. Some of our opinions develop the friendships and social circles we inhabit. Do you ever think about that?

We get pretty picky with our opinions? We let some out like and anxious cat and hold others in in order to protect our own self image. How silly. We wouldn’t want to upset someone or have the “wrong” opinion now, would we? These opinions are driven by thought. Thought driven by experience and memory. Whether we like it or not, we are conditioned by the past and the environment we have lived in. It sculpts the way we see the world. Most of it is in our programming. You know. This subconscious concept we so like to spat about at bars and dinner parties. It runs below your general awareness and influences your distorted perception. The distorted lens of the past. It builds your sense of self, which is a product of time. This sense of self that thrives off thought and is driven towards security and pleasure. The desire of the me. The desire to define yourself by the past and your opinions.

Are they your opinions? Do you own them? Where do they come from? Well, your conditioning and level of awareness of course. When you say “my opinion”, you are identifying with thought. You are operating under a mechanism of division. Division that comes from the sense of self, mind, and the “I”. Identifying with your opinions is an act of unconsciousness. It is an act of past experience. It is putting up walls and creating a sense of self that is limited from the past. “Your” mind creates an image from your conditioning. Your programming. Get it? From that image comes conflict and division.

What happens when we simply watch these opinions and don’t identify with them?
How much of “our opinions” are just based on imitating other people’s opinions?

You like and dislike, but what does it mean? You have your own bias. Your bias is showing. Your conditioning is revealing. You are projecting your own ideals. You are separating yourself from what is through thought. Through the lens of distortion. Through the lens of the past....which is dead.

When you observe and not try to lustfully grab or vehemently push away what you oppose, you allow for a new sense of space. This sense of space is not tied to thought, your conditioning, or the sneaky serpent of the past.

What happens when your opinion is unpopular?
When your opinion doesn’t match the status quo.
When your opinion is so against the grain of what society is comprised of.
Do you hold it in? Do you keep it to yourself?

God forbid people not like your unpopular opinion. Do you curtail your opinions to appease the others around you? You must fear isolation, no? You must fear losing some of your friends or your status?

“Popular opinions are a stagnant pond that invites the mosquitoes of dullness and mediocrity.”

Our minds seek security through thought and opinions. Some of the opinions that we consider our “own” are most likely regurgitated from people that we admire or even trust. We like “their” opinions so much that we bring it into our own sense of self. We mimic the behavior we want the most for ourselves. This mimicry of behavior feeds the “me”. It feeds the desire mechanism in our brain. That desire mechanism is programmed to get away from “what is” and go towards “ What should be” or what we “think” we should be. It sculpts our world view and creates conflict within ourselves. It fragments the illusory sense of self.

I mean how much of our meaty identity is compromised of what we think of the world around us and ourselves? Do we ever investigate that without trying to find a quick answer or a solution? Do we ever take the time to step back and watch the mind without trying control it or pick and choose what musical playlist we want to listen to on Spotify?

Our identification with opinion makes us mechanical and dull. We corner ourselves in our own comfortable biased blanket fort and try so hard not to break our routines. We like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like. We don’t question it. We let be suit we want to wear and parade it out when we are out in public. I mean isn’t it precious? Your opinion? What makes YOU want to HOLD onto your opinion so much? After all, you have your own opinions and your friend or significant other has his or her own opinions. Big deal, right?

These opinions are a rejection, ( a form of resistance )
An effort or violent will brought about through thought and fragmentation,
We can put up our own fences and walls.
We can create conflict by trying to choose what we like and dislike.
We can reject what is,
We can decorate our own smelly echo chambers.

We see it in the feed. The constant barrage of opinions in CyBeR SpAcE! People posting things they don’t even think about before hand. How interesting! What is pulling their strings? What forces within them are making them be so opinionated? Making them be so divisive and ideological?

Is your worldview better than my worldview?
Well how SMUG of you!

How amazing thought is. How amazing we seem to get trapped in it like a fly in a spider web! Most people are in a psychosis of thought. They don’t even know it! How bizarre. How macabre. How beautiful?

Your opinions ain’t you. I can assure you. Am I wrong? What’s your opinion on this matter in 141 characters or less? But what are you? Are you actually you? Do you have an opinion on this? Well, do you? If you do, then why? Don’t you see that you are missing the point? Don’t you see the beautiful contradiction? The beautiful distraction? Can you see that tree over there without trying to name it? Without trying to see if it is beautiful or not? Without trying to compare it with the other trees around it?

Just a thought....but is it just a thought?

Does that thought exist? When you are looking at that Camry, can you see the car for what it is and not be reminded of that time you sat in the back of your uncle’s camry when you were 6 and threw up all over the backseat because you drank a slurpee too fast? You see your conditioning now don’t you?

Oh, here comes another thought. Do you see it? Does your mind create images of that thought? Just look! No need to conceptualize or theorize. How silly!

So, what is your opinion on opinions now?


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Composting the Past

Composting the Past

The past. It looms. It exists within our thoughts and memories. The thoughts that are the response to memory. The response to past experience. Some of us feel trapped from the past. Not truly in the present. Trapped in an almost psychosis of thought.

What can the past do for us? How can we try to be more present and not be so beholden to the past. Well since the past has “passed” and only exists within the realm of our own neurons and dendrite matrices, we can understand that the past is encapsulated in a cyclical pattern of compulsory thought. Thought that begets thought. Thought that can change the chemical composition within your body at each moment.

It’s the reactions. The reactions to the thoughts that matter. What is the moment before those reactions? How do we deal with them and how does it feel? Before that reaction exists some type of juicy stimulus. An amalgamation of experience and biological processes. This past that we conceptualize does not exist. It is not with “what is”. Our mind uses knowledge and experience to construct thoughts and images of with what was. The old. The mind can only act with what it knows and through the cyclical nature of thought. The compulsory nature of thought. Let it be known, that this past has passed and it is only conceptualized through the concept of psychological and the “theorized” time that constructs the self!

We can look at the past as if it is almost part of nature. Part of a grand landscape of vines, trees and creatures. The trees will shed their leaves across the seasons. The bare branches will bare new leaves. The dead ones fall to the ground and decompose and feed all wonderful bacteria and scavenging creatures. It is part of the cycle of life. ( As Cliche’ as that sounds) The energy transfer from life to death. Where life feeds the way for death to bring more life. The cyclical processing of matter to perpetuate its own magnificent existence.

How does thought relate to nature and natural processes? Can we see the parallel of the beauty of nature and the architecture of thought and conceptualization of the past?
If thoughts are like the cycle of decomposition and the cycle of life present in nature, can we attempt to compost the past? Can these thoughts that are the response to memory and the imprint of experience come to serve us and make us more “present”? If we see the past as a dirty compost heap, can we use the past to reseed new potentiality and perspective for the present and future? Think about it. If we see thoughts as leaves that have fallen from the tree and are decomposing to make the way for new life and organisms, can we see anew that isn’t tied so much to our past? Of course we can use knowledge to simply learn from our past. That is part of it. That is part of the decomposition/ composition process. Even the bad parts of our past, which are essentially images made my thoughts and memory, can seed the present without attachment to what was.

If we can turn that hot compost heap of the past, and take it to plant new experience without a specific agenda, we can open ourselves to discovery. Discovery of the unknown. Discovery of what is. The beautiful vibrant “what was” flowers will die and make room for a new host of magical fungi. The dead bird will feed and nourish the scavengers and worms and return the necessary energy back to the ground. What are we planting in our mind gardens? What can the fertile soil bring? If you can take all the “bad” parts of your “past”, you can grow some hefty and vibrant flowers? Think about manure. You can grow amazing food from that cow dung. You can grow amazing tulips, daffodils and the like! This is what your self perceived past can do. It can inform you. It can make you grow. The plants that seed. The seeds that will grow from the all the dead things! That’s it precisely! Thoughts are dead things because they are from the past. They are old and known! In order to grow, you must see it for what it is. See how it works!

I’ve heard somewhere...

“Flowers grow from sh*t!”

Cyclical. Cycles of Impermanence. These flowers don’t last forever.
Lettuce compost the past! Bury it. Turn it. Spread it and leave it be.
When it’s ready, spread that compost into the soil of the present.
Let the dead nutrients nourish your present plants!

All the trauma. All the drama. The thoughts, memories and knowledge.
They can all go into that smelly heap and mix and mingle. Move around and mutate.
Magic or not, they will break down. Breaking down for the new. Laying out for what is.

Life goes fast.
Or at least that is what we "think",
Thoughts of the old and nostalgic,

Here you and there you were,
Here at least and here at last,
Breathe it in and let it grow,
It’s time to...

Compost the past.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On Narcissism

In defense of Narcissism
On Narcissism

What’s the big deal with narcissism? The term seems to be thrown around like a dirty sock constantly missing a white hamper basket. In this society, we see narcissism as being vile, negative and deconstructive. Rightfully so? “We” think narcissists just don’t care about other people and only care about themselves. Do narcissists deserve such a bad rap?

If we really look at narcissism, we can see that it’s something rather particular. It involves a certain type of body chemistry and compulsory thought neurosis that creates what we call a narcissistic person. We think that they are full of themselves, but maybe they are just bigger mirrors for our insecurities. Do narcissists need more attention than what they are getting or craving? Are narcissists just children crying inside reaching out for help?

Aren’t we all a little narcissistic? We all have some type of self interest. Some of us have more “radical self interest” than others. We want to work on ourselves. We compare ourselves to others, judge and condemn others we find displeasing and abhorrent. Does it make us particularly narcissistic when we start placing our needs before others or we align ourselves on some type of benign moral hierarchy? Maybe narcissism is a signpost of unconscious suffering. Is narcissism just a wall put up for people to escape certain past traumas? We are trapped in our own heads and trapped within our own limited thoughts and “knowledge”.

Is there anything morally wrong with being a narcissist? A narcissist may be so involved or “full of themselves” that they isolate themselves from society, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. They may talk at you instead of with you, but they still depend on the good nature and labor of others. Narcissists could not survive in an environment of isolation because they would be deprived of attention and have no incentive to inflate their illusory sense of self. A narcissist is much different than a sociopath, because a narcissist may still resemble certain attributes of empathy and compassion. Most narcissists will have some type of thing or person they are passionate about.

The fact that we can so easily identify and scorn someone as a narcissist, means that we are not willing to listen to what is really happening within us. The labeling comes from the minds work of dividing and fragmenting. From this fragmenting, comes a sense of conflict. When we are so eager to give a label, we strip the humanity from the individual we are scrutinized. So when we can paint with a broad narcissistic brush, we are hurting more of ourselves than the people we unconsciously categorize. We drive ourselves further into unconsciousness when our mind thrives on categorical division fueled by thought. Are you listening to me?

If we call someone a narcissist, are we merely subconsciously displaying a reflection of our own narcissistic nature? Is our own “ego” inherently narcissistic? Can we really tell is we are being narcissistic if we aren’t really conscious of it? If we assign the concept of narcissism on a spectrum, aren’t we fragmenting it from thought? Aren’t we placing it on  levels of division comparable to an Us vs. Them false dichotomy? Who is to say that one person is more narcissistic than the other when you can only see narcissism from a fragmented viewpoint based on compulsory thought and their own conditioning? Are you still listening to me?  Are you listening to THEM?

Why not let Narcissists be Narcissists? Why try to scorn or change their behaviors? Want to help? That’s great, but maybe it starts with listening to ourselves first and observing what actually is and not what “should be”. Maybe it involves the abandonment of debilitating labels and prejudice. Do narcissists need help or do we need help in attempting to understand why they are narcissists in the first place? I mean, do narcissists even exist?

Narcissism = Compulsory Thought+ Chemical Imbalance+ Conditioning from the past+ Memory+ Disorder+ Neurosis

When you identify with the “I”, you are identifying with a false sense of self. A self that is based on the mind and division from the observer and the observed. This I is self contained in compulsory thought that makes you unaware and confused. That compulsory thought creates a type of psychosis that feeds on its own dysfunction and disorder. When we separate and categorize, aren’t we being inherently narcissistic. Aren’t we dividing ourselves with comparison, and resisting what is and the possibility of  relationship and “compassion”?

How many times do you say “I” in a day? Who is saying “I”? Are you even conscious of how many times you say “I” in a day or in a minute? It can be in your head or voiced out from your vocal chords. It’s that voice that your mind produces. It is the voice that is conditioned from your past and memory. Is someone really at fault if the don’t know what they are doing or why they are doing it? Is a narcissistic a victim of his or hers own unconsciousness/ consciousness?

Can you truly be a narcissist if you are really aware that you are a narcissist?

When labeling someone as a narcissist, are we moving away from what is to what should be? Instead of helping or inquiring deeper, are limiting ourselves from observing and understanding what is? What stops us from embracing a person for who or she actually is? How they exist in that very moment. Why they act the way they act. Instead, our mind categorizes,shuns and acts upon our preferences that are conditioned from our past. It is easy to label and move away from people when they don’t meet our petty standards brought about by thought and memory. What good does it do to write people off? How does it feel in our bodies? Does it make us feel uncomfortable? Do we feel better about ourselves when we compare our own delusion and disorderly unconsciousness to other people? That’s the ego, right there. The thing that constantly thrives off the conditioning of the past and compulsory thought. Thriving off of confusion and disorder.

What good does it do to call people narcissists? Think about it. What good does it do for you? Does it further your own isolation and division from the people around you? Does it make you more receptive to continually making callous labels and accusations? Does it bring you any peace or any solace? How does it make YOU feel?

Look, I might not be the smartest bug on the rug, but I can tell you that I am a pretty good thinker. I mean I might be better than you. I don’t know. I mean what is wrong with thinking that I am better than you? Am I hurting you? Am I creating more suffering or isolating myself from you? I respect you. I really do. I find that you compliment me quite nicely. I find that I am pretty good at driving. I am a safe driver. Unlike you. I have seen you drive. It makes me scared, but I am safe. So how does that feel? How does it feel to be not the best driver compared to me? See what I am getting at? Are you still listening? Alright.

I was looking in the mirror the other day and I was just adoring my hair. The way it waves and the vibrant color. It is almost as if the hair has a mind of its own, but it is still part of me. It is my hair. I can do whatever I want to my hair and I would have to say I put in quite a bit of effort trying to make this hair look miraculous. It compliments my beautiful eyes and my vivacious chin. You know, I was mostly born this way, but I also have a pretty good exercise regiment and diet. Have you been keeping up with my blog posts? I think they are great? I mean I could improve, but I think that I am a pretty good writer. I am doing great even when others think I am doing poorly. Why does it matter what they think? That is THEM and this is ME! ME! Me, I tell you! Well enough about me, how about you? But wait, one more thing. I don’t have long to talk, I have a lot of important things to do and I also have a hair appointment in the morning. Sorry to cut things short, but I really ought to go. I know we can catch up later, please give me a call or send me a message, I get pretty busy and it’s hard for me to make time to make the first move. I know what you’re thinking. I could be better at planning, but look at this new planning app I just downloaded. Isn’t it great? Well look at the time, have a great night!

How does my hair look now?


Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sandwich of Knowledge

The Sandwich of Knowledge

There it is. The sandwich of the Knowledge. The ever seeking and the ever stacking.
It exists within us. Within many forms in our own minds. We all have our own particular sandwich preferences. The sandwich wants to continually seek for that knowledge. The knowledge of the outside world and the knowledge of the self.

This is how you stack it. This constant seeking for knowledge means more and more layers of stuff to add to it. Never ending layers you might say. You see, the sandwich//the mind are using knowledge to modify itself. It still exists as the same form, by the accumulation of knowledge and the will to expand. It can only stay within it’s own conceptual relevancy. Get it? It still exists as a sandwich of knowledge because there will always be the restraint and restriction of the bread that exists on the top and bottom of it. The Sandwich of Knowledge wants to continually modify itself to adapt and help survive and proliferate its own existence.

Sometimes the contents of this knowledge may fall and fade away or simply be replaced with something new, fresh and decadent. Sometimes the old the remnants of the old contents will get tucked away or pushed down in order to make room for new sensory knowledge input. We can keep acquiring, but the mind will do its best to use what is best and what is most relevant for what is needed at the time.

Sometimes we see knowledge as a means to sound more “knowledgeable” in a social setting. We may pimp out that sandwich for the benefit of trying to make ourselves seem more orderly, presentable and darn right interesting. What does this do to serve us? Can we just access the different knowledgeable contents for the times that we “think” we need them? When does this concept of knowledge become more of a storage unit for memories and tidbits that tickle our own fancys?

How do you stack it?
Is your Sandwich of Knowledge a Giant Stuffed Reuben?
Is your Sandwich of Knowledge more of a basic grilled cheese?

Our mind wants to keep accumulating knowledge to prop up our “sense of selves.” We may not even be totally aware of its own workings and manipulations. We can question it all we want. We can divide ourselves from this concept of “the mind” all we want, but none of us will bring us closer to what we see as “the Truth”. Sure, we may be able to spout out facts and give out analytical answers to topics and questions, but this knowledge that we hold is all based in thought and thought is rather limiting since thought begets thought and works in cycles and patterns. This Sandwich of Knowledge may look delicious and taste wonderful, but it cannot not radically change itself to become something it is not.

So it doesn’t really matter how many toppings, layers and ingredients we add to the sandwich because it will still remain a sandwich. Do we need to change that? Can’t we just see the Sandwich of Knowledge for what it really is? What more can we really know? Do we even need to know more? What is left to know? Do we even really know?

It’s ok to say I don’t know, certainly. It’s fine to look at how the mind likes to store tidbits, facts and platitudes. It may bring the mind great comfort and satisfaction. We can separate ourselves all we want from the Knowledge Seeking Mind, but that won’t change anything. That will divide us more and more from what is actually happening and just create more conflict. Is this making sense? Just let it be. Embrace that there is only so much we can know at every waking moment. This is how we act. This is how the mind acts. We can only know what we know when we know it. It is a product of time. You cannot have knowledge without time. This is what we know and this is rather interesting.

So the mind seeks for things that is does not know and attempts to use what it already knows to adapt with the outside world and construct your own illusory sense of self. What happens when we don’t know something? Do we immediately gravitate towards things that we might know? Do we immediately gravitate to answers or solutions to the “ I don’t know” statement? If you don’t know about these questions, then that is great. Sit with it. When you see the immediate reaction to try to escape the “I don’t know” state, you will see how the mind wants to try to keep within the realm of the known and try to appease itself with answers that it may think will add to the overly stacked Sandwich of Knowledge.

“ We can only do our best with what we KNOW at the TIME.”
Constant Learning. Constant Collecting. Constant and Consistent Thought Patterns.

We can bite from the sandwich and enjoy its flavor all we want. We can look at with salivary lust. We can embrace it will total joy and hunger.  Is it about the more we know? Is it about the more we want to know? Can we ever act or see out from what we know already? Can we see without trying to analyze while being bound to compulsory thought and the past?

The Sandwich of Knowledge thrives on thought. This is what it knows. This is how it is built. Can we know what it is like to step out of the binding cycle of compulsory thought? The sandwich certainly likes to feed on itself. To reference itself and to make you “think” about the knowledge you already have. You knowledge will be added to in every new interaction and discovery. You will accumulate it like you accumulate bad jokes and puns. It gets stored in your memory. Memory that is conditioned from the past and processed with old experiences and thoughts. What we know can help us and what we know can send us into new territories into the “unknown”.

Can we know and live without being so constricted to what we already know?
Will we know what it means to experience the “unknown”?

I don’t know.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I am content generator.


I am content generator.
I am a* content generator.

I create images both satisfying and inquisitive. I disperse them like apple seeds across the digital and IRL landscape. I package them in nice digestible bites and upload them to the noise of the daily grind. That daily life of constant content. That daily attachment to compulsory thought. I contribute to the constant expression of fear, desire and doubt. I process what comes in my mind and blend it into a more coherent and inquisitive type of cerebral drink. I do this for myself and I do it for YOU.

I must be consistent. I must spread my content consistently with great discipline and vigor. Is the content directing me or am I directing the content? Do I think that my content has any specific significance? Do I think that my content is better than YOUR content?

I dare not compare, for my content is that of my mind and my conditioning. I filter through my own lenses. My sense of self conditioned by time. Conditioned by the past. Conditioned by what seems to catch my eye and hooks my brain. That deliciously decadent brain candy. That neural satiation and cerebral satisfaction. Cream of the crop, where my content floats to the top.

Maybe you will like my content. It is mine after all. I am attached to it. It is part of me, at least I think. What is your reaction?

It’s true. I may get lost in the noise. Lost in the feeds and lost in the constant scrolling of humanoids. Most of my “stuff” doesn’t see the light of day. Some of it I let it out as if it is an experimental dog thing that may or may not disturb you or poop in your yard. It’s all part of the process, trust me. All the bad stuff and all the good stuff. The bad stuff makes the good stuff look better and the good stuff makes the bad stuff look worse. I embrace that. I am ok with not doing my “best” during times of stress and duress. It makes content generating that more fun! Content generating is the like the bees knees of tragedy and the gunk between the eyes of beautiful frogs. The frogs that croak and fetch the golden ball for the princess. You know the story.

It’s the yin and yang. The light and dark. The siren’s call and the dog’s bark.
The content is ephemeral, amorphous and ever changing. The change is constant isn’t it? The change is inevitable they say. Content will be here. Old content and new content will fade. Content will be composted and redistributed. Content will exist as long as their is thought.

I am content with content. Am I content with content? I am not too sure. I shall investigate. I shall allow the content to come out. It shall please some. Some will go unnoticed. That is the nature of the game. That’s how you learn. You learn to make better content from how the older content is perceived. Maybe you learn a little bit more about yourself. Maybe you learn more about your process and how you choose to make content. We can make content within the comfort of our own home or make it with friends at a coffeehouse. So many opportunities and so many ways to make content.
How will you make content?
How will your content change?
Do you enjoy generating content?
Do you enjoy absorbing content?
Does the absorption of content make you make better content?

Some things to ponder. Some things to juggle in that head of yours. Things all around you. Images in your head. Images from the chasm of social media. Images from the passenger side of your best friend’s ride.

I am content generator.
I will keep making content with or without you. 
Am I simply a reflection of my own content?
Am I content?
Am I content?