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So you Found God?

So you found god ?

So you found God?
That's great. Where was he?
Or she? Or it?
Did you find (G) after some type of transcendent experience? Did you get goosebumps? Do you think it was your brain trying to make sense of things by manufacturing this concept of "GOD"?
Well, good.
I thought I found God once as well. Tucked away between the corner of the salty snacks and soft drinks at a convenience store. A glimmering effervescent light illuminated my sight. Surely, it seemed rather deceptive. What could have this experience been interpreted after the fact. Was my mind creating a somewhat opaque transcendental experience? What was I feeling? Could this illuminate the idea that GOD is simply all around?

Now, back to you and your discovery.
Breathe. How did you feel?
Let it marinate for a bit.

What does this GOD mean to you?
Do you see (G) as separate from yourself?
What if he or she or it is in you? Maybe not totally real. More like a projection. More like an anthropomorphism of what you THINK this GOD may look like. Your mind makes this image to try to make sense of these things that are unknown. These things that you just can't quite explain.

The MIND will do its best of trying to fill in the gaps with what it already knows. The data from past experience not exempt from synapse misfires and false images.

The devil is in the details?
Maybe GOD is in the details. The minute. The seemingly insignificant. The tiny scales that make up a snake. The cracks and the crevices. The peaks and the valleys. The crests and the dips.

G O D i s i n T H E G A P S  (?)
((The Mind Tries to Fill in the G A P S with what we already know.)) To be continued..
The G A P S in B E T W E E N   T H O U G H T S 

The spaces in between. That space. You know, the emptiness that is most of the universe. Oh, what about the space in between those thoughts of yours? Well, wait a minute. Are they really "YOUR" thoughts? They seem to manifest themselves quite nicely without your will or power to do so. I mean sure, you can think( if you think you can think) all the POSITIVE or Comforting thoughts you want. The thoughts will still appear, but there seems to be "gaps" in between them. Since thought is of the past, can GOD be a part of any of those thoughts?

Is this GOD old? Is it part of this psychosis of compulsory thought that exists with or without our attention? The happening of thoughts. All Old. All part of the mind's conditioning.

What Was was Not What is. What is What was seems to Distort What is.

So maybe it was the thought of god ?
More specifically, maybe it was the thought of the idea of God?

Thought really only plays in the realm of the known since it is constrained from past experiences. All housed in the center of memory and conditioning. All running from the lenses of the past. Older fleshy software.

Certainly this God cannot exist in the realm of the known. If (G) was in the realm of the known then it would be a thing of the past and an eroding conceptual pillar of past conditioning.
More on this later..

So this god that you found must be within the g a p s of the known. Within this unknown that of course we do not or cannot know more about if we approach it from our own mental images and rotting cyclical and compulsory thought. This god cannot in a sense be conceptualized or it categorized since that would require the power of thought and the known which is already dead.

Here's a question:
Do you believe everything you Think?

Take a minute to ask yourself this question without immediately trying to seek an answer.
What happens when you stop trying to seek an answer?
Can you simply sit with the question and wait for what arises?
No rushing. No Formulating. No pursuing.

Does it matter what you believe? Do you think it matters to other people?
How do you "act out" that belief or set of beliefs?
Surely, you can believe anything you want, but how does that coincide with the way you perceive or act in the world? How do you manifest your "ideal"? Is God a representation of your ideal?

How much of "your beliefs" are your "beliefs"? Do you understand? Sit with it.
How much of your own self perceived beliefs are the result of your past conditioning? How limiting can then be if they can only emerge from what is known and what is already gone?

If you follow a certain belief, aren't you constrained to that particular belief system? Within that belief system, you can act or think more rigidly, more closed off, and more distorted in your perception. In what ways does that allow you to understand other beliefs or world views without creating a mental wall or border between other people? You can sense that separateness that arises from dogmatic belief systems. You can see how it divides and conquers people. From that distortion breeds division and conflict. Surely this GOD you found would have no interest in creating such neurosis. Would IT?

With the creation of the belief system, you automatically create the possibility for conflict with opposing beliefs. A false dichotomy of sorts. Do you see? There lies a fallacious level of superiority that aims to inflate, separate and serve the illusory sense of self which is a product of time and a mere servant of the past and what was. The ego, if you will. Do you think that this GOD you found would have any resemblance or attachment to this conceptualized mess we call YOU and I?


Well, what do you know?
You can only act out what you know!
What you know to be right or what you THINK you know to be right.
If you act from thought (the past), you are acting from what you know. Within the realm of the known. From past experience. From "your" conditioning.
Acting from what you know from and of the past.

Old. Stagnant. Limited. Measured. Predictable Programming.---you.

So sometimes..
You do what "FEELS" right. (( Well, what does that mean? ))
Could this be a part or merely the workings of your intuition?
Could this be the unknown force within us? The unknown force that acts through us or for us? Could this be the sub conscious or a type of self deception?

This goes to the idea of DOING your BEST!
Doing your best with what you KNOW at the TIME!
We are conditioned to the Known. From the Known.
Attached to thought and measurement.
Attached to the past (the image) and our collected experiences.
So we seem to always ACT within the realm of the known.
Can this GOD you found be just on the other side of the known?
The Unknown.
This Unknown. We can conceptualize this Unknown all we want much like how we like conceptualized the "Now". We can get lost in this mental activity. We make it so easy by fitting the NOW with our own distorted perceptions of our selves. We can get lost in the activity of categorizing (limiting) and conceptualizing (defining from conditioning ) this UNKNOWN and NOW all we want. Hell, we can conceptualize the idea of GOD in an infinite amount of facets and conundrums. What does this do for us?

GOD//The Mind// The Image

Certainly, our mind creates an image of certain things. Concrete and Abstract. Dogs and Cats. Sadness and Butter. Insects and Religions.

We can create an image of GOD in our minds. Well, it's more or less involuntary. Our minds tend to create these images from the past conditioning. It happens just like thought happens. It appears as cycles of thoughts. A string of images limited to the known. These images could have been influenced by our parents, churches, schools and cultures. Any external experience from the past. Any past interaction with objects or living things. That's right, your mind creates these images all from past experiences and assembles a distorted perception. From those images, comes division. By creating an image or idea, it creates a wall from what is. It builds up an illusory sense of self constrained to thought and knowledge. An Illusion of separateness if you will. The mind creates the potential for conflict and miscommunication. from the assemblage of distorted images. Within this mental division lacks the relationship with what is. Dirty Glasses from the past trying to make sense and "look" at the present.

Can one have a real relationship with a GOD if false images are created by the mind? Is false images are created, doesn't it create the possibility of creating a false hierarchy or an illusory ideal of what SHOULD BE? Surely, this GOD couldn't hold the same attributes of the KNOWN? Could this god be as false and compulsory as THOUGHT? So what have found? Could it be nothing? Could this GOD you speak of be the manifestation of emptiness? Could this GOD be of the space of what is?
The gap between the thoughts?
The raw ephemera of experiential awareness?
This conceptualization of the Un-Conceptualized?

Do we even need to understand this thing of a GOD thing-a-ma-bob?

The NEED to understand is thought aiming to find a means to an end. A sense of completion and certainty. To fly towards security and knowledge. To rinse. To repeat. To gather more knowledge and perpetuate it's own compulsory and cyclical psychosis.

If the ROOT of desire is suffering, then is the desire to seek a GOD or even try to attach to or grasp to the conceptualization of GOD a pathway to more suffering? Can this GOD truly take form is desire ceases? If the desire to rid one of desire a deceptive goal to perpetuate more desire? From resistance comes persistence and the persistence to create more resistance will only strengthen that which resists. The resistance is a reflection of unconsciousness and the cyclical psychosis of thought.

Thought Seeks the Reward.
The Security. The Certainty.
Blind Attainment of Knowledge.
The Validation of the Self ( the past ).
The increasing Distance between You and I. Them and Us.

From What is to What Should Be. Is this "Should Be" an ideal? Is this Ideal a part of what we think of as GOD?

Can one feel the Presence of This God?
To Feel. To Act. To Complete. To Commune.
To Integrate. To Reciprocate. To Appreciate.
A Domino Effect of Appreciation. A snowballing of gratitude.