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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why are you so busy?

Why are you so busy? 

You say that you are. 
You say that you have really busy days and you use it as an excuse quite often. 
Did you ever want to be this busy?

When did you think that being so busy was such a great thing? 

When did you think that being so busy would mean that you are successful ? 

You accomplish tasks. These tasks are done with great haste. You simply want to complete the task and just be over with it. You don't bother to be in total attention of the task at hand. When the tasks are complete then you check them off your list and get a small and impermanent illusory sense of fulfillment. 

Ah! On to the next task then! 

I must convince myself that being busy in a day makes me successful and that every success will contribute to a greater and more purposeful success! 

Hooray !

In reality, being present is real success. Being present does not beg to get "something" done or act as means to an end. I should state that the term real success is rather annoying and is ultimately irrelevant. Success is an invented concept and can be distraction from inner purpose and alignment with the present. Success is how we define it. 

Success can be a delicious sandwich created with great attention and flow. 

Success can be a long walk in the park. You feel relaxed and accomplished when you reach the end don't you? Isn't that post exercise feel so exhilarating. Would it be crazy to think that the walk itself was  a great success. 

Success can also be paying the bills on time and cleaning the dishes. The important part is the attention you bring to each task or challenge. The mere failure of a task does not negate success.
The attempt at a task with full attention without the thought of "finishing" it is success in itself. 

So are you asking yourself why you are so busy still? 

We all have things that we need to do. We all have to do our laundry and feed ourselves. Some of us have more responsibilities than others. When we are busy for the sake of being busy then we are certainly wasting our time. If we focus on moment to moment without the thought of worrying or simply enduring a task to get from point a to point b, then we are certainly making the best use of our time and the concept of "busy" does not rule us in our intentions.

Business is of the

The mind wants you to be busy. It wants you to be awash in a cycle of busy thoughts and tasks. It is fueled by the constant flow of unconscious and conscious thoughts. It wants you to do it's bidding! So you may be busy because your mind is controlling you. The mind says, "How many things can I do today to fill up my day and what things can I do that will make me accomplished at the end of the day." When you don't meet the illusory expectations of the mind, you feel like your day has been a waste and you rocket into ridiculous states of guilt and exhaustion. You become a hamster on the wheel simply fulfilling your egoic tendencies. 

Take a breath! Notice what is happening around you in the outside world.

Am I just being busy for the sake of being busy right now? 
Am I only busy because I "think" that I should be busy? 
Am I conscious of when I tell people that I am busy? 

Make time.
Be conscious. 
Be present. 

If you are measuring your success to other peoples' success then you are falling in a dumb trap. Comparing or quantifying how much you got done in a day, a week or a month only creates suffering. It is a creation of the ego.
It spirals you into the illusion of "I should be doing more." 

You are simply distracting yourself from the abundance around you. If you are going to be "busy", be busy with conviction. Be in the flow of attention and the unnecessary sense of mind controlled business will fade and weed itself out.

With your attention, what needs to get done will get done. What you want to get done will get done and be integrated within the dance of moment to moment spreading from a day to a lifetime with awareness. 

So why are you so busy?

Do you have time to dance? 
Do you have time to write?
Are you making time to grow personal relationships? 
Are you
Creating a healthy
Environment around you? 

Are you too busy for all these


What needs
To change ? 

On to the next task!! 


Consciously acting with full attention on things that need to get done integrated with the flow of life! 


Do you want to be busy right now? 

The C Word

We are in the age of C word. It's probably not the word you are thinking of. The c word I am talking about is "Content". We are constantly consuming content with our eyes, mind and heart on a moment to moment basis. A majority of the content we consume comes from the internet or social media. Some other content comes from books, manuals or pamphlets. Content passes through us. Sometimes we soak up content like sponges. Sometimes we let content just pass through us as if we are making hair judgments and moving onward to satisfy the business of the mind. 

Music and art are content. Blogs and articles are content. We humans are great at making content. We are especially good at consuming content in a never ending scrolling platform. We love to share content. If a piece of content tickles out fancy then we love to tell a friend or share it on social media or through conversation. 

The mind loves content. It loves never ending content. Content is like a ham and jam sandwich for the mind. It can never get enough. We feast our eyes on information. Some of it sticks. Some of it dwindles. Some of it brings great benefit to our lives and others. Once you see it then it goes through a series of processes and changes in your mind. It's like the mind is the mouth that chews content and then digests it, composts it and uses it to feed the never ending desire of the content driven mind. 

Content will save and destroy us. 
We must shine the light of awareness on content to lasso it into a useful tool! 

There is a spectrum of content. Everything from art, food, memes, thoughts, and furniture are content. How can content be useful to us? 
How can content enrich our lives and not destroy it? 

The mind and content love to dance. Each piece of new information leads to new revelations, discoveries and thoughts! Some content triggers great memories! Some content keeps us from a dreadful state boredom that the mind wants no part of. 

Something has to change.
Un-deniable dilemma.
Boredom's not a burden
Anyone should bear.

Constant over stimu-lation numbs me
but I would not want you 
any other way.

It's not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
I said
I don't want it.
I just need it.
To breathe, To feel, to know I'm alive.

- Maynard James Keenan, "Stinkfist"

As we process more and more information in this age, we must take a deep inward look on how we take in content. We must not let it hijack the mind and we must understand that mind will always want it to keep itself busy through the never ending black hole of content. When you start see yourself going down the rabbit hole, take a few seconds to focus on your breath. Let yourself breathe and let the content slip away. You can have control. You got this. 
Content will never go away and people will always create beautiful and destructive content. Content will entertain us like mating squirrels and then fade out in our subconscious. Some content will decide to make a surprise visit like in laws. We must be mindful of content before content takes our bodies and minds as hosts for the sick pleasures of the unconscious. 

So much to see,
So much to experience, 
So much to live for! 


Some Questions you sorta aught to maybe should ask yourself everyday?

What am I doing right now? Do I like what I am doing right now? Would I rather be doing something else? Am I loving what I am doing? Am I in totality with what I am doing? Am I conscious of my breathing? Am I listening to my body? Am I embracing this moment fully? Am I judging myself for past actions? Am I ready to let go? Am I ready to surrender? Am I ready to be? Am I ready to be love? Am I bringing my full presence to every situation? What am I clinging to? Am I embracing each moment for it's full potential? Am I saying YES to the present moment?


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