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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Words are amazing, you guys!

Have you ever stopped to wonder the immense power of words? 
There are so many combinations and organizations of words that can have an effect on how we see the world. Words can help us learn and grow. You can see a lot with very few words or go in depth by combining a bunch of words to get your point across. 

Words can let our imagination go wild and expand our knowledge for the future. We are continuously surrounded by words that we automatically read without trying. Words can be used to manipulate, control and inform. Words are like notes in music. There is a structure of rhythm, rhyme and flow that allows words to form beautiful pieces of literature. In short, the potential for words are endless and can help mold your neural network each time you decide to write. 

Let us explore the potential and diversity of words. I mean tuna fish guitar is a television asparagus phenomenon. When a falcon fears a tiger, a gun can transform into a famous flounder. When the power of spontaneity spills milk on the tower of fusion, a violin calms down an army of ocelots. The clocks of the giant wall regulate themselves with spatial awareness. The amusement park closes when the militia spins a special speech from straight razor pamphlets. 

Let us revel in the significance of spontaneous combustions common amongst our ancestral indigenous tribes. For the crow that carries the gluten will forever reap the benefits of recreational bloating. Piece together the tetrapods located at the bottom left corner of your application for evolutionary certainty. For the trilobites that occupy your mental space will soon be eradicated by privileged Luddites capable of constructing spatial awareness. 

The bones of gladiators sit in the desk of a comptroller waiting for the right time to be exposed to the general public. The motivations of young men influence the ones in charge of the chèvre choir. The sopranos sing with zest of Gouda while the baritones simply vocalize feta vowels derivative from probiotic perspiration. 

The tonal language of the Huka tribe helped develop the unique irritagation system that is commonly seen in the mountains of Pooko. Some imaginary alpacas haunted the minds of the tribe. These hallucinations were influenced from the ingestion of a root tea and a colony of infected amoebas. The tribe danced around a fire surrounded by alfalfa sprouts and femurs of deceased pachyderms. The cicadas provided the musical entertainment and soundtrack to ceremonial enemas. 

Let the courage of a thousand men light up the arteries of young suburbanite Christians. The spiritual energy of weevils is known to shift a change in groups of aardvarks. The numbers do not lie. The letters place bets on the mortality of flies.

Life is the decaying styrofoam zygote zeitgeist striving to metamorphose into a futurist nightmare. Time slips into a dreary and dreamt milk state projecting melatonin into the canabanoids of modern humanoids. The Arachnids will rule when the special interest of  Inuit teenagers refract the aerosols of the contemporary troposphere. 

The G chord of the interplanetary radiation spectrum is played with much conviction and fortitude. God uses his index finger to tap the E string of the collective unconscious. The molecular structures of soufflés and multicellular organisms will deteriorate as the spectral gamma rays pass through like osmosis through a epidermal phospholipid bipedal  construct. 

Let the carrots be carrots and the eggplants be cautious! When the wind provides wise words, we know that it's blowing hot air. The police enforcement will make a house visit and invite the general public to an informational session about the benefits of mycelium. 

Please mail all your complaints to the Hippopotamus foundation. Any suggestions will be taken with a grain of Himalayan sea salt and deposited into a colorful receptacle constructed out of old lawn chairs purchased from an estate sale.
Let the light soar within your esophogial third eye and pierce the pineal gland of your forgotten mind. 

Calmly sit and eat burnt toast. 


Destructive convenience of social media

Bad thoughts enter your head. 

You grab for your phone. 
You immediately access the otherworldly platform of the internet that zaps you away from those bad thoughts. Without thinking we distract ourselves to prevent ourselves from becoming irritable or bored. We choose to escape growth and disregard our emotions. We choose not to feel these "bad" emotions. We sure take pleasure from the "good" emotions, but that is how we are designed. 

We get home from work and we are tired. Our exhaustion lead us to become hungry and lazy. We want the easiest thing to eat. We want convenience. 
We want comfort. We want to stuff our holes and try to relax. Cooking becomes inconvenient. Our ancestors cooked out of necessity and tradition. We want the immediate gratification to please our irritability and deliver us from inconvenience. 

We download all these apps and get sucked into the vortex of social media. We unconsciously scroll through the feed constantly searching for external stimulation. We get emotionally manipulated by the articles and memes that we consume with our eyes and our hearts. Social media demands our attention like an annoying gnat swarming by our ears. It keeps us distracted and allows us to become creatures of convenience.

When a piece if technology is not working, an application or a piece of Hardware becomes our existence. We get frustrated when something is not working the way it should. 
Why is that? 
When a computer or a phone is malfunctioning and we get mad, it hijacks our consciousness. The machines have won when we get angry or frustrated. The years it took for us to develop such as magnificent technology has transformed us into irritable creatures expecting immediate results. 

It's such a common characteristic in modern society to want the easy way out. We love shortcuts. Anything that will let us do something quicker and have us focus on only what we want is our main motivation. Understanding is thrown out the window when we choose to only follow the dragon tail of convenience. 

Doing something smarter and doing something out of convenience have different attributes. When you want to do something smarter that allows you to do less work, you are actively applying creative critical thinking that grows and expands the minds problem solving skills. This is good for the sake of humanity and constructing a life free of wasteful labor and time. Our busy lives however have allowed us to abandon some of the do smarter thinking models. 

We complain when the expediency of the service shows to be less as advertised. We willingly get angry in traffic and irritable in lines. What a perfect time to occupy your mind with social media. What a perfect time to distract your self from the treachery of inconvenience. 

When people feel inconvenienced, they are feeling the deep stab of expectation. They are saying no to the present moment. "This wasn't according to plan! I'm going to be late! Oh why did I have to make this decision. Stupid me!" 

Inconveniece can present itself in many ways. Inconveniece is in its true form is an opportunity. When you consciously notice the irritable worm of inconveniene writhe in your brain, you can choose how you want to interact with it. You can choose to let inconvenience become you and muddy your consciousness with irritability or you can let it become your teacher for acceptance. It can teach you to hone your creative critical thinking skills or simply just let you relax with the moment. 

" I notice that I am being inconvenienced. I notice that expectation has led me to falsely believe that everything always works the way it should. From my habits and experiences, I am who I am today and I have the ability to conciously be aware of that. The mere awareness that I am being inconvenienced is allowing me to be present in this moment and see the absurdity of the modern world. I notice that I can breathe consciously and simply let go of this tugging anxiety to better myself and the environment around me. I can truly accept what I cannot change! " 

Inconvenience is inevitable. It grows from our habits and the interactions we have with technology and society. Much like stoicism, we cannot choose all that happens to us, but we can always choose how we react to it. In that case, inconvenience is birthed out of unconsciousness and the lack of self knowledge. Inconvenience is the anxiety arising from not being present. 

Is that phone or computer pissing you off? Well, hitting it or throwing it won't expand your consciousness. If you do use aggression against technology, notice what it does to you. Does it make you feel better? Do you feel like a dupe, guilty or shameful? This is all fine. These are all great teachers, but nasty friends. 

"Inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Gilbert K. Chesterton


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I don't know and I'm ok with that

You know,
I'm not really sure what's going on over here. I'm not really sure what I think I should be feeling right now. It's a muddy situation. I feel trapped in a bubble, but also free floating in a river of life. 

I don't know and that's ok. 
Many people freak out from not knowing. They are seeking comfort in compliance and security with the known. What's so fearful of the unknown? What makes us feel some uncomfortable with uncertainty?

It's a remarkably human trait to schedule and put ourselves in predictable routines. We are creatures of habit that get lost in our own ways. Some of us do these things to keep on track. Some of create our atmosphere out of repitition and certainty. The known can slowly become dull like an active withering pencil. 

When something out of the ordinary enters our lives, we freak out. We range in reactions from being calm to being overwhelmed with anxiety. Oh what resistance we put up against the unplanned and the unanticipated. Oh how we neglect the growth that happens when we simply accept and make peace with what is. 

Uncertainty provides opportunity. Chaos provides order and spontaneity spurs growth. Allowing yourself to feel without resisting circumstances or your emotions will be of great benefit. Listening to the small voice and your instinct can provide you will the ability to make good and informed decisions. Decisions that allow you to go deep within yourself and expand your self knowledge. It also allows the uncertainty of the moment to present itself as gratitude. You may not know what to do or feel, but you can for sure know that accepting that will lead to personal growth. 

I don't know how I feel, but I'm ok with that.
I can accept myself unconditionally at this moment. 
I can accept my indecision as a decision to accept that I cannot accept at this moment. 
Listening and not falling into a mind trap of ego illusion will make you mindful of where you are at in life. 
Sometimes moments demand us to make immediate decisions. Even if we make a bad decision, we can only learn from it. It transmutes itself from a bad decisions to a necessary learned decision made in a moment of mindfulness or unconsciousness. Even if the decision does not expand our consciousness with intention, it unintentionally helps us expand our awareness of consciousness. 

You have been here before. 
I have been here before.
You and I have been here before. 
We might feel that tingly tingle in our bodies that remind us to be present. 
We gift ourselves with self knowledge and expansion when we choose to be present. When we choose to accept the impermanence and express gratitude for what we have, we change our brain chemistry. We change our genetics. We change our perception on how we choose to see the world. 

We don't force it, 
We don't necessarily will it either. 
We calmly breathe and accept what is and how we feel. We don't try to immediately escape emotion. We don't resist the moment.
We understand and become consciousness of our true being. 

We delight in the unknown. 
We embrace the unknown and accept the known. We set our seeds to grow and do not know where we might go. 

Uncertainty becomes a great teacher that leads us to an uncertain future with certain growth. 

We go. 


Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Resolving with kindness

Resolving with Kindness 

In this modern world, a vast majority of people are stuffing themselves into cars only to await congested traffic and venting their aggressions through social media. How do we handle ourselves when our lives are full of such conflict?

We must first understand that all this conflict is indeed self imposed. Our monkey mind loves to create and participate in drama to make our lives superficially interesting. Anger and conflict can heighten our senses and almost allow us to feel a sense of being alive. This however is a trap. We trap ourselves in our heads and get drowned in our own sense of perspective. Most of this stems from the lack of self care, self knowledge and self responsibility. We choose to accept ideology over the humanity of other individuals. We are propagandized to believe that other people that identify with certain labels are somewhat "stupid" or "wrong". We don't take in to consideration the other factors on why the other person or persons are projecting themselves the way they do.

It is easy to take something personally these days. I am guilty of this sometimes, but I have learned to recognize it. When a person personally attacks another, they are displaying their unconscious motives and lack of self knowledge. They are resorting to attacking out of some insecurities they choose not to deal with within themselves. Maybe their biased perspective was influenced from a traumatic event where when triggered can trap and disorient the person's judgement. Honesty is the best way to deal with yourself and others around you. 

If a person gets irritated, you can always stop the conversation to check in. Very rarily do we want to recognize someone else's irritability because we know it will increase the discomfort of a situation. It is important to establish that your main intent is to talk about truth, evidence, logic and reason. You may not all agree on some topics, but a talking over the other person contest is a small form of aggression. It is also important to establish that all interactions are voluntary and that either person can leave the discussion or interaction at any time.

This brings me to my main point. Something is being lost in this modern age as more and more people are open to displaying their political views, world opinions and criticisms in their lives. It is easily to quickly retort with ad Hominem or expedient aggression when dealing with less than happy humans. If a person chooses to personally attack or gets emotionally overcome by a certain discussion, they have chosen whether consciously or unconsciously to not subscribe to reason. It is not a good idea to fight fire with fire in this case. We sometimes think that the person who yells the loudest with his or her points will untimately win out in the long run. When conflict arises, we can step back and peacefully disengage or keep engaging with kindness. 

Kindness is key. Kindness is the way of expressing your respect and projecting your awareness of the self and the general well being of all interactions. 

Taking sides and berating people has become too common nowadays and we have fallen prey to the victimhood of impulsivity. Kindness starts with small steps. Kindness starts with making peace with your agression/ aggressors and accepting past violent interactions. 

Kindness implies a sense of selflessness that aims to ensure the health of everyone involved. It is surrendering to the conflict of the moment and transmuting it into an unbiased compassionate sense of humanity. Kindness is recognizing the perspectives of other people and the uncertainities of their past. You cannot know what is going on in their minds or what events have caused them to act in the way they are acting. It is recognizing the suffering of other individuals and abandoning labels and ideological mindsets that would otherwise divide us from our fellow man. 

Kindness implies a sense of equality that levels promotes peace among all life forms. Kindness is a lot like unconditional love, where you can love the people involved in conflict, while consciously aware that their moods or actions do not account for who they actually are. Kindness does not simply ignore past or present wrongdoings of the individual, but rather opens up the space to recognize and learn how to deal with hostility or aggression in the near future. Kindness is a teacher.

 I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.

Khalil Gibran

Kindness starts with yourself. You cannot truly be kind if you cannot be kind with yourself. Forcing kindness is of the mind and tricks you into a means to an end construct. Kindness is like any habit, it takes practice. It takes good and bad practice. It starts with accepting yourself uncondtionally and practicing self love. It starts with you recognizing the amazing similarities and differences that you share with the rest of humanity. It starts with exploring consciousness and influencing others to be kind by acting kind. Kindness is contagious in every way. 

Every kind act whether big or small, are huge markers for growth. A small kind gesture or a display of gratitude or appreciation can change a person's perspective on their day. Kindness can literally change how a person will interact with other people and how they interact with themselves. It reaffirms that their consciousness is not solely polluted by aggression and unconsciousness. Kindness can literally change the genetics of the individual and their future offspring. 

Kindness is an understanding of the inherent responsibility we all have to undertake in order to create a healthy and conscious world. Kindness leads one to live a life guided by virtue and principles that benefits his or herself and everyone around them. When the individual is motivated to be kind to himself, all other reactions will take care of themselves with very little effort. The inner intention of kindness will reflect and project itself amongst the real world. Kindness is the mirror image of how you choose to treat and accept yourself.

 Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.

Dennis Prager


Thursday, September 24, 2015


Why you are so serious?

Hey you,

Why are you so serious ? 
Why the furled brow and the focused look? 
Did something upset you? 
Did something take over your being? 
Did a task or an outside distraction steal your awareness? 
Did you forget that we were on a giant floating magnetic rock? 
Is your pride hurt?

Are you in constant competition with your fellow man? 
Did you forget to breathe after a troubling moment? 
Is status taking over your life? 
Does your career take precedence over your general well being? 
Are you too busy trying to get from A to B and forget to appreciate the present moment? 
Are you taking other people too seriously? 
Are you letting peoples' opinions of you affect your mood?

Are you taking responsibility for how you interact with the external problems in the real world? 
Have you fallen victim to a distorted perceptions based on learned habits from society and your parents? 

Are you distracting yourself with your phone and drugs? 
Did you forget you can dance? 
Did you forget to surrender ?
Did you forget to laugh? 

Did you forget to call your mom? 
Did you forget you had friends?

Remember when you use to play on the playground? 
Remember the simplicities of taking a walk without a phone? 
Remember how ridiculous it was to judge others?

Remember when you actually mindfully ate something ? 
Remember sitting down and laughing at the absurdity of it all? 
The absurdity of attachment,
The absurdity of taking things too seriously, 
The absurdity of always getting what you want. 
The absurdity that surrounds our daily lives.

Within this absurdity lies deep gratitude and entertainment. Within this absurdity, we can let go and let to not take ourselves so seriously. 

We are brains on sticks in a tiny jar that is infinite inwards and outwards. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The United States of Ad Hominem

ad ho·mi·nem
ˌad ˈhämənəm/
adverb & adjective
  1. 1.
    (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
    "vicious ad hominem attacks"

    Welcome to the United States! 
    Here we take your attacks on character and personality as legitimate rebuttals to otherwise questionable arguments. We create news stories in the media center around ones past actions and character flaws.

    Let's forget about the information and the ideas that the individual has to say. Let's toss out the civility and intelligence of appropriate debate and base everything off emotional manipulators and personal attacks. 
    [ sarcasm ] 

    The media loves to exploit and validates the absurdity of political power. Political power that is based around illusory ideals and cookie cutter aesthetics derivitive of unconscious draconian values. 

    We are trained to judge people of power as stagnant and competent individuals that trick us into believing that we will get what we want. The idea of understanding that individuals change, learn and grow is thrown out the window. 

    The American rhetoric is centered around labels and emotional manipulators. Instead of actually allowing us to listen and discern valid opinions from invalid ones, we like label people and not allow any sense of flexibility. This is inherently destructive because it lacks intelligence, self knowledge and willingness to learn. When you label someone right away, you deprive yourself of the whole scope of information. You also deprive yourself of learning and forming appropriate non-sensationalized reactions to arguments. You are essentially depriving yourself from your own free speech and the potential of free speech of others. You are disciplining your mind. You are degrading moral agency and creating a potential for violence. 

    Vicious personal attacks are a great gauge to determine self knowledge and intelligence. Ad Hominem is the absence of having a legitimate argument based on reason and evidence. The use of Ad Hominem should be seen as a forfeit from debate and any intellectual dialogue. 

    Personal attacks are derived from a fight or flight response from the amygdala when a person feels threatened. Most personal attacks are an appeal to emotion ( logical fallacy ). A person who attacks character is escaping the suffering of himself and ignoring his or hers own personal responsibility and self ownership. The lack of self knowledge can be extremely detrimental and dangerous to the future of human progress and communication. 

    Some labeling examples popular in media and politics.

    - sexist 
    - idiot 
    - bigot 

    These examples are used to manipulate you into an emotional response or shut down any future argument or intelligent response. It is absolutely fallacious in nature to call someone hurtful names when one willingly decides to engage in intelligent dialogue or debate in the first place. 

    It is worse for the personal attacker to use ad Hominem since he or she chooses to remain ignorant and has no motive for personal growth or compromise amongst like minded individuals. 

    Social media and television are the biggest spreaders of the disease of Ad Hominem. It easily pits people of a certain ideology against other people. It allows people to personally attack with little consequence and hide behind a cowardly screen of unintelligence. 
    Once you wake up to the unconscious nature of politics, media and the aggressive nature of some collectivist ideals that lack the importance of self knowledge, you will grow and thrive as an intelligent human being.

    Discernment is important when debating with individuals. It is more important to judge people for their principles and values and question them if you develop conflicts. Quickly labeling and calling people names will only breed more aggression and slump yourself to a false self righteous right vs.wrong dichotomy. Show appreciation for your brother, but always be willing to question everything that deserves questioning. 


Sunday, September 20, 2015



Where do you want to eat? 

" I don't know. Doesn't matter really?" 

Hmm, alright...

There you are. In a social situation with friends or spending time with your significant other, when a wave of indecision sweeps across the landscape. A certain passivity weaves its way through the question and answer forms of human interaction. Most people tend to rely on another friend or a person to make decisions to free them from totally engaging or even putting in effort in thinking and conspiring. They free themselves of responsibility and increase the bubble of apathy and indecisiveness.

Sometimes we lack the ability to give a spitfire reaction to a question. We get thrown a curveball and draw a blank in our minds. Instead of breathing and looking inward, we speak before we think and spout out conditioned indecisive words. We fall into habits learned by past passive and indecisive social interactions. Maybe there were times where you initiated an idea or and answer to a question and it was shot down. Maybe this was done multiple times to where you became frustrated with even initiating in the first place. We unconsciously and subconsciously condition our minds based upon our past experiences and actions. 

It all boils down to self ownership, confidence, assertiveness and initiative. It also takes a great deal of practice to rewire your conditioned reactions to become an enthusiastic initiator. When you start to focus on initiation and assertiveness, you start to listen to the inner creative voice that will guide you in making better decisions for yourself and others. You becomes the actor and less of the reactor. This does not mean that you are unwilling to compromise. Being assertive means you have the attentiveness, self knowledge and willingness to listen and be creative. 

It may be weird and uncomfortable at first to start to initiate new things in your life. A good exercise is to look at a menu when you go out to eat and immediately pick out the plate that you feel the best about.  It boils down to accepting and trusting your gut instinct. You can feel it with your whole body and you react enthusiastically to it. You make a choice in accepting the choice and the foreseen or unforeseen consequences of the decision at hand. If you do not feel the surge of energy or feel a slight discomfort, then you might be falling back to old habits.

Breaking your comfort zones and having an open mind to experiment is an excellent way to grow and learn about yourself and your initiative. The initiator projects a beam of confidence, passion and cooperation. The initiator trusts his self knowledge and accepts responsibility for his actions. The interactions with the initiator have the potential to inspire others to show more initiative. 

Initiative doesn't always imply that you want to lead. Initiation and assertiveness are a catalyst for getting direct answers and opening up creative and healthy discussions. When you are present and attentive to the social situation at hand, you are allowing more presence and attentiveness to flourish. When presence and attentiveness are high, the potential for clear, direct and peaceful conversation becomes readily apparent. 
The awareness of ones owns biases, learned habits and communication styles helps facilitate the more effective tools for decision making. 

Keep these 3 factors in mind. 

1. Presence
2. Confidence ( Courage ) 
3. Self Ownership 

There are so many possibilities in opening doors when you challenge the habits you have learned and conditioned yourself to. When you allow yourself to surrender to the present moment, you let your intuition be your guide in making decisions. These decisions can allow for spontaneous, new and creative possibilities that will benefit the growth of each individual involved. Approaching a question with enthusiasm will allow you to be excited in making great decisions. 

When you think too hard, you cloud your intuition. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Give up

Hey, what's up? Oh nothing.

" Hey, what's up?" 
" Oh, nothing." 
" Cool, cool, that's cool." 
" Yea, you know just trying to stay busy?" 
"Oh yea? Like what?" 
" Oh you know, just working mainly." 
"That's cool, how is that working for you ?" 
"Oh you know it's just a job." 
"That's about you ?" 
" Oh I'm just staying busy with the wife and job you know. Being an adult." 
" That's cool. How's your wife ?" 
" She's doing good. We went to Mexico recently. Fun times." 
" oh that's fun, Mexico is fun. Have you been to Canada ?" 
"No, not yet . Is it cool?" 
"oh yea it's great. Lots of cool trees and buildings and stuff." 
"What are you up to tonight?" 
" Oh nothing, just taking it easy. Maybe watch a movie or something." 
" That's cool. I haven't been to a movie theatre in awhile. Have you?" 
" You know I can't remember, I watch most of them at home." 
"What was that one movie with the guy and girl?" 
"Hmm... Sleepless in Seattle?"
"No. No not that one. It's got that guy that's tall" 
"Maybe Chasing Amy?" 
"Nah, it'll come to me.." 
"Right on, well I'm gonna go get something to eat." 
"Cool, cool, that sounds good. I'll get some too." 
"Nice running into you." 
"Yea you too, take care."


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Abolishing "ok" and "k"

The words "ok" and "k" have permeated itself in all methods of communication in the modern day era of technological advancement. It's ubiquitous and unitelligable nature has dumbed down creative methods of conversation and spread a mystical butter of mediocrity between the breads of basic human interaction. The words are Ambiguous, apathetic and uncreative. It relies on the expediency of reply and treads on the lines of passive aggression and disinterest. 

The use of the word ok creates an atmosphere of passivity and indifference. It is watered down vernacular indicating an absence of enthusiasm and unconscious interaction. The word has no concrete meaning leading people to be confused and unable to decipher its ambiguous baggage. 

On a biological level, we are creatures of habit. We follow the orders dictated to us by out social groups and the superficial guidelines taught to us. We get caught up in fast replying to things we have little to no full interest in. We clutter our minds and lives with vacuous, short and fast texts that add little to no value. Our communications have been co-opted by the immediate gratification of technology and allowed to us to simply respond to questions without conviction. 

The use of "ok" and "k" are indirect methods of communication. It is a quick non aware response to things not full taken in within open and attentive mind. Sometimes we use these words because we get caught up in our own habitual agendas. It's easy. It's non confrontational ( sometimes ) to use these words and simply reply as if we are checking off boxes on a piece of paper. 

There is a way to break the boring cycle of oks. By mindfully and enthusiastically responding to questions and statements, we can intelligently and creatively grow our social communication. Being honest, assertive and direct helps you interact with people in the present and the future. Enthusiasm rubs off on the people involved in social interactions. Instead of responding with ok, we can positively change the mood and atmosphere of each dialogue. 

Here are some examples. 

Affirmative/ Positive and Enthusiastic statements. 

Great idea! 
Looking forward to it! 
Thank you! 
That sounds grand! 

Get creative! 

By taking initiative and creatively experimenting with language, we can also change social interactions for the positive. We can turn cold and ambivalent responses into helpful, creative and mood altering statements that will affect everyone's lives for the better. By inspiring people to be upfront and enthusiastic, we can spread healthy interactions for the generations of the future. 

"But what if I'm feeling bad or not in the mood to be enthusiastic?"

Good question! 

You should always recenter yourself when you are frustrated with a discussion or a person. Show your appreciation for that person and let them know your true feelings. If you don't feel like spilling the beans, tell them that you are more than willing to talk at a later time and show your appreciation for the interaction whether in real life or through social media/ text. Keep in mind that you are responsible for all that you say. Don't blame other people for the passive or aggressive ways of interaction. 

Go out there and change the way we interact with people. Abolish or at least be conscious of the use of the words ok or k. Consider the "!" as a door to exploring new vernacular possibilities. Maintain positive and non-aggressive interactions while consciously keeping the peoples' moods in mind. Key word: be creative! 

Go forth and spread the enthusiasm!
Bask in the glory of how words can affect  the world and the betterment of all humanity. 



Monday, September 14, 2015


How to make love to a guitar

Grab your guitar gently and place it firmly on your lap as if you were to start playing it a lap steel guitar. 

Gently glide your fingers along the strings starting at the top of the neck down to the pickups or sound hole if you are playing an acoustic. 

Go to the Low E tuning knob and gently massage the tip. Move down to each knob and gently massage each from at least 10 seconds. When you reach the last one gently move your hand along the back side of the guitar neck as if you are trying to wipe dust off of it. 

Move one of your hands to the body of the guitar and gently massage the wood naturally following the curve of the body itself. Bring your face down to the part of the body facing your face and gently smell the wood. Press your nose againt the body and gently caress it with you lips. Breathe in. 

Make your way down to the bridge of the guitar and run your fingers where the string meets it. Strum with one finger and do repetitive up and downstrokes for 10 seconds.( This really makes the guitar excited ). 

Place your fretting hand on the neck and play a first position open G chord. Let the notes ring out for 2 measures and  strum again once letting it resonate. After 3 cycles of this, move to a C chord of your choice and repeat the same directions. 

When you are done strumming the two chords, tremolo ( with a pick or not ) on the high e string for 8 beats. Slowly accelerate and increase volume with each tremolo of the pick of finger. You will notice the guitar starting to sweat. This is a good thing. 

Place your index finger on the 3rd fret of the G string and hit it 3 times as quarter notes in a tempo of 120 bpm. Let the last note ring out. Bring the bottom of the guitar body to your cheek and gently run against it for 10 seconds. 

Hit the harmonics of the high e, b and g strings on the 12th fret. Let those ring out and quickly tap the head of the guitar 5 times. Bring the head of the guitar upright to your face and stand up. Hug the guitar gently, while gently massaging the the middle of the back of the body of the guitar. Start inward and slowly move outward as if you are drawing a swirl with your finger on the back of the guitar. 

Lay the guitar down on a bed or a couch and turn it on it's back. Start from the head of the neck and slowly move your way down to the body with one of your chosen fingers. Flip the guitar over and gently massage the sound hole or the frets of the guitar with 2 fingers. Slap the strings. Wait two seconds. Slap the strings and let it resonate. 

Grab a washcloth or a dish towel and slowly wipe down the strings in a circular motion. Listen to the gentle singing of fret noises as you make your way from the bridge to the nut of the guitar. Tickle the nut. Wait 3 seconds, then tickle the nut again saying, "Tickle, Tickle, Tickle." 

Place the guitar back in your lap as if if you are ready to play it in its regular position and pluck each string once starting from the lowest to highest. Let each string ring out and do not palm mute or stop the resonance of the adjacent strings. When all strings are ringing, play a G, D and C in whatever tempo and time signature you like. Let the C ring out and slowly please your hands on the bottom of the body and the back of the neck. 

Pay attention to your breath and align your fretting hand as if you are ready to play an a minor chord. 

Like this. 
Low E to high E.


Now the guitar is warmed up and ready for you to play Hotel California! 


Friday, September 11, 2015

Just go ahead and trust the man in robes

Go Ahead! 
Follow his lead, 
He has a beard, a robe and an infectious personality. Let him guide your thoughts and make you believe something. Let his kind gentle words turn you into disciples. 

You know you want the security. 
You know you are willing to bleed.  

He may wear a suit and tie and promise you things in the future. He may tickle your emotional trigger and appeal to your personal struggles. He will talk with great confidence and use his words to mold your mind. He will teach you a way that he thinks he knows is right. 

So you're looking for structure. So you are looking for direction. You trust some people that may win an election. You want to belong and you want to thrive. You seem to have forgotten how to be alive. 

You want the directions to be easy. You want it layed out for you to see. You have fear that you will face misery. You would rather be comfortable. You would rather be safe. The idea of surrending to the universe sounds fake.

You would rather not put in the work and fear the failure of tomorrow. It seems a lot easier to find a leader to follow. He can tell you what to do and promise you happiness. He can convince that his knowledge is the greatest. 

Oh look how he wears his robes or an outfit of antiquity related to traditional roles. Oh the dazzling identity enhancers that make our mind wonder. They make us think that they are over and we are under. The threads separate our humanity and attach us to material. Making us think our self worth is reliant on how we look. 

He may have had more time to gain more knowledge. Why would he be interested in power or followers? What is the incentive of the person who wants to mold the minds of others? 
What makes him or her think they have the key to a better life or the answer for the promise of an ideal life? 
Does a person like this have any interest in deviating from the norm or does he perpetuate ideas that have worked in the past to enslave or trick a group of people? 

The trickery goes on. 
It's easy to be comfortable and let the unquestioned fade. 
It's easy to give the responsibility to a willing person. A person who promises you the beginning of a new age. 

You are the leader.
All others are on their own paths. Some may convince you that there is one way. 
There isn't. 
There is your way. 
There are the infinite teachings and lessons of living life itself. 
There is the present moment and the power of self ownership. 
There is the responsibility of your actions. 
There is the self knowledge to help you grow and thrive. 
There is the innate awareness that keeps your alive. 

When you surrender.
When you listen to your inner voice. 
When you Understand choice. 
When you forgive.
When you accept. 
When you love. 
Your eyes will open. 
You will see through the smog.
You will accept the delusion as it is. 

You will follow. 
Only what guides you.
When you accept the present moment as it is. 


Leaders and followers are a false dichotomy. Loving cooperation is part of your autonomy. 


Vengeance based organisms

" I can't believe Tom would do something like that to me! I'm going to get him back and he won't even see what's coming." 

Ah, classic. 

As humans, we all experience the day to day interactions with other humans. Sometimes we don't get along as well with one another. Sometimes people do rude and immoral things to us and it shakes up our world. We let others ignite our emotions and take control of out reactions, but sometimes we stay cool. 

Whether someone cut you off in traffic or downright lied to your face, you have felt the strangling hang of vengeance take a hold of your consciousness. Part of us loves to hold onto that resentment and anger as if it gives us some sense of drive and purpose. We leave our rational minds and sink into a place of primitive behavior fired up by fight or flight Amygdala response. We simply exempt ourselves from self ownership and point the finger towards the ones that have hurt us. We let them define our emotional well being through actions out of our control. This is part of our genetic makeup that has lived with us all through out evolution. To progress, we must learn about our vindictive behaviors and how them came to be. 

Instead of creatively using the energy that anger, resentment, and jealousy give us, we succumb to the emotions themselves. Instead of stepping back and recognizing our feelings, we choose to hold onto the moments and lock them in our subconscious and store it in our bodies. We condition out brains into thinking that vengeance is what another person deserves by their unacceptable behavior. We create walls separating us from the humanity of the aggressor. We choose to live in a state of unawareness and unconsciousness. 

If one were to adhere to the Buddhist concept of compassion, one would understand the inherent suffering resentment causes to the self more than the aggressor. Recognizing your emotions without oppressing them is the first key in stepping out of a victim and vengeance based consciousness. How silly it is to carry such disdain for another person. What a stealer of joy and limiter of growth. 

Understand that you are only responsible for how you to choose to react to a hostile person. Your reaction inwardly and outwardly are the prime factors of self ownership. Being attentive and alert to what the moment is presenting will present a solution with ease. Of course since your mind is conditioned to react in a socially animalistic fashion, it will feel very hard at first to not aggress towards your aggressor. When you understand that your mood is all based on choice and awareness of emotion, you will learn to interact in a compassionate and nonviolent manner. 

You can be in full control on how you choose to react to a situation and environment. When you see that manipulative guilt, raising of the voice, blaming, passive aggression and aggression are completely irrational and unhelpful, you will have the insight to learn about yourself and common man. 

The torturous thorns of vengeance dig deeper for each time you choose to welcome and take control of it in your life. Resisting vengeance is part of vengeance itself. When you resist vengeance, you are pouring your energy in trying to get rid of emotion. You are making an unconscious decision to escape the moment. You are saying no to the present moment and making a decision to not look inward and listen. When you invite the vengeance demons over for tea, you allow them to speak their minds and say their words. When you do not argue with the demons, they will leave. They are simply of the mind and thieves of joy. 

The interactions between aggressive and unconscious people allow you to look inward awhile applying empathy and compassion. You will see the person as a part of yourself and an opportunity to look inward, take initiative and truly take what it takes to help them out. It is not your job to fix the person. It is your job to listen and bring your presence to the situation. The ego loves to try to solve things and use manipulative tactics to get a means to an end. Vengeance moves through the ego and you are the one to choose how you react. Fight and flight are the leftover mammalian survival responses that can manifest itself through trickery, anger and vindictiveness. 

Presence is the opposition of vengeance. Presence holds the ability to accept and forgive. To understand the why of the emotions at play. Simply accepting yourself unconditionally in the present moment is the key to honesty and vulnerability. When you become present, vengeance is a most absurd and outdated frame of mind. 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Austin Cocktail

I Hope..

There is no escape so you might as well enjoy that ice cream cone

Are you ever eating an ice cream cone and then a sharp ice cold pain shoots down your neck and spirals you down a thought hole of pain and misery? You look at what's in front of you and you tell yourself, " Someday all of this will be gone. I will be gone. All this temporary pleasure will be sucked into a vacuous continuum of nothingness." 

Your fleeting sense of mortality makes your innards writhe in discomfort and pain. Your face goes pale white and your senses are heightened. Did it matter that you drank a little too much last night? Did it matter that you stole a small candy bar when you were a raucous 12 year old? Does the idea of imminent death and destruction please or displease you? 

A black hole could quite possibly rip into the very fabric of our existence without warning. The earth could say it has enough and activate all the super volcanos and earthquakes at once. You delight in the comfort that you will see another day. The splendor of looking forward to more potlucks, long nights, swim sessions and make out marathons. Your constant faith in the unknown just might be what the doctor ordered.

You made a lot of decisions to get where you are right now. A lot of nicely and neatly scheduled decisions that allowed you to enjoy that ice cream cone. All the tragedies and mistakes have molded you into making the decisions in the now and in the future. The fact you are silently enjoying an ice cream cone without the fear of bombs being dropped or hornet attacking is absolutely remarkable. 

Think of all the other things you could be doing. I'm sure there are sales at a local thrift shop or even a singer songwriter showcases you could peak your head into. Why did you choose ice cream at this moment ? Was it the commercial you saw last night or the middle aged man making sweet love to a pint of Ben and Jerry's in a food court? Was it simply the absence of not having anything else to do? Maybe you were trying to repress some bad emotions or thoughts and you thought the best way to cope was a delicious sugary concoction.

How did the ice cream get to you ? Imagine the amazing amount of capitalistic teamwork it took to get that nicely displayed sugary distraction into your hands. Imagine the hands and minds that sculpted the ice cream directly from the imagination. The first invention of ice cream set a catalyst for the perpetuation of ice cream in the universe. From the start of the universe, the multicellular organism, the evolved bovine, to the human interaction, we have have created opportunity from nature and ingenuity. The synergistic relationship between man, animal and nature have all worked in harmony to created a delectable treat that can untimately put a smile on peoples' faces without fail. Although the pleasure from the ice cream is instant and temporary, it's effect on the human consciousness is eternal. The echoes of sugary gratitude has allowed for experimentation, innovation and inspiration for the future of the human race. What a treat it is to see the relationship between the birth of an idea to the ephemeral material manifestation in the outer universe. 

It's a sticky situation. 

For each lick of ice cream, you immediately reward your pleasure sensors. All your troubles and worries are transmuted into the delectable act of licking cream from a manufactured cone. You could care less about politics or the hunger crisis millions of people are facing across the earth. The act of eating ice has hijacked your constant worrisome hamster mind and has steered it into a state of pleasure and awareness. You see the ice cream drip down the cone as you fight with sun to see who will melt it all first. Your thoughts of fear and worry creep in the closer you get to finishing the cone. The imminent feelings of dread creep slowly into your consciousness. You now know that this moment is fleeting. 

Much like the end of a really good movie, the end of an ice cream cone signifies a return to reality. You try your best to relish in the last moments of the sweet treat. 

You have two choices: 

Enjoy every last moment of the ice cream whole being grateful you had to have it in the first place.  


Plunder into a spiral of doom knowing the the end of the cone signifies the return to a miserable existence. 

The memory of the ice cream cone will fade, but having the power to realize that the eating of the ice cream transported you into a state of conscious awareness is priceless. Think of the events that happened due to the fact that you had that experience. Your enlightened mood could have inspired a stranger to smile and treat his fellow mankind with kindness even if his day was a pathetic like of dung. You could have spurred the idea to buy some ice cream for a friend or even start writing that play about the fictitious potatoe famon on a space farm. 

The influences of the past, your biology, your thought processes and your state of being had a direct impact on the consuming of the ice cream. What drove you to do this on a day like this? Where will the event take you and how will it change your interactions and decisions in the near future? Some ice cream for thought. 

Either way, the impeding promise of death and decay in the universe should not distract you from the pleasure of eating an ice cream cone. Each conscious moment creates a wonderful dance of life will luscious spontaneity and unexpected opportunity. So even if all the dread may just be from the mind, your ability to choose how you interact with it is all on you. Life, like the ice cream cone, has a small amount of time to exist. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


The Anti Hustle

Judoi meets Derome at a coffee shop. They haven't seen each other in quite awhile. It was more of a happenstance meeting when both of them caught each other's eye at the opposite ends trying to exit to the porch of the coffee shop. They decide to sit down and catch up. 

J: Hey, Derome. It's been awhile. What have you been up to? 

D: Oh man. I'm busy. I'm doing so many things. I am hustling. You know, really living that life to make ends meet. 

J: I'm not sure what you mean. 

D: Oh well you know. I'm constantly staying busy to make money and just am going full force through life. 

J: I see. So why are you doing this? 

D: Well I have to keep making money and connections to survive. I like to think I am a hard worker and willing to bide my time hustling around town trying to figure out how to make more money. 

J: Yea I get it. I'm just wondering why you have to busy all the time. Do you live an extravagant lifestyle? Do you have so much bills to pay that you can't schedule more time to not work in your life right now? 

D: Nah, I mean yea. I don't have much expensive stuff, but come to think of it I have been eating out everyday and spending more money on my car. I need my car though. I need it looking good and feeling good since I have to hustle all the time. 

J: So you can't hold a steady job, or is that not what you are looking for? 

D: I've had some jobs, but I really want to work for myself. I mean it's hard work. The hours are long and my pay is inconsistent, but if I keep doing it long enough... I might be raking it in later on. 

J: What if it doesn't work out? What if your free time is constantly in a stranglehold and you're just perpetually hustling. Don't you think you'll get tired of it? 

D: Good question... I'm not sure. Maybe I should reevaluate the way I spend my time. I keep pushing things to the future. I guess I'm a pretty consistent procrastinator. I feel stressed, but sometimes that stress fuels me. Sometimes that stress takes me to the next level.

J: I'm not sure if the next level is what you want. I mean don't get me wrong, I was doing what you were doing about 5 years ago. I realized I felt like I always had to be busy and always trying to make more money. My friendships and relationships came secondary and I eventually just isolated myself from the important people and most importantly my well being. When I surrendered and followed what I was passionate about, the feelings of the need to be busy subsided. I didn't need to be busy for the sake of being busy anymore. I felt stress, but each challenge was a valuable lesson in my growth. That's just me though. 

D: Damn, you're right. I feel like I've been conditioned to look like I'm being busy without actually accomplishing what I really want. I feel pressure from my fellow hustlers. There lives are like a hamster wheel. I feel like most of them are delusional and they will forever be chasing that rabbit. Some of them have become addicts to drugs and the idea hustling itself. I need to stare in the mirror more and look at what I'm actually doing for once. Thanks for helping me see the errors of my ways. 

J: You're welcome. When you start to wake up you'll start to see the monotonous unconscious behaviors of the people around you. People always on the phone, people addicted to looking at their emails, people constantly rushing to their next meeting or event. They are all worried on the next destination. Before they know it, there day is a blur. Each blends quite nicely to an unconscious haze of delirium. Sorry for the rant, but I'm feeling a lot better as a human these day. 

D: Man, spot on. Not to sound like I'm trying to rush, but I really must be getting on. I'll keep this conversation in my head all day. I'll see where this path can take me. Thanks man!

Judoi I pulls out his phone and opens up his email. Judoi whispers to himself.

" It's 2 pm in the afternoon. Why hasn't anyone emailed me yet? Hmm, I wonder what's on Facebook?" 

( End Scene )

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Look, I'm being really fr*aking patient here!

Look, I'm Being Really Freaking patient here! I have been waiting here for awhile.
And Look, I am one to wait ok!  I have been known to wait for hours on end. I have been known to be an excellent waiter. This one time, I decided to wait longer than I was intended to. I decided that it would be nice if I waited nicely.

I mean how long do I have to wait here? I am being patient. I would say that patience is my middle name or at least a nickname at times. I mean how patient can you be with patience? I mean how can one be patience with patience. Well, I know doctors can, but that's besides the point. I have been patient long enough to know what patience is. Will I ever catch a break?

The moment I think I am done waiting, I just end up waiting some more. It's like the promises of waiting are waiting to get back at me with more weighting. This time is just dragging on now. I mean the clock just seems absurdly slow. Maybe I shouldn't pay attention to the clock and start paying attention to more important things. Sometimes I feel like I waiting is an important thing, but I digress.

What can I occupy my mind with to take my mind off all this waiting. Instead of sitting here just waiting, I could be doing something instead. I feel like I am just waiting to something to pop into my brain. Am I trying too hard? Should I be waiting for something to smack me in the face so I could just stop waiting. Oh Wait! I got an idea! Maybe I could just take a nap and speed up the waiting. That's a good idea, but then I have to wait for my self to go to sleep. What doesn't require waiting? I mean everything in your life requires some sort of waiting. I guess it's what you do with it. You don't need to be oppressed by the tyranny of time!

Maybe waiting is an illusion ! Maybe waiting is just the perception of the observer and the space between A and B. Maybe the space between A and B is worth waiting for. Oh wait! You aren't actually waiting when you concentrate or enjoy on the space between A and B. It's like that saying, " Life is a Journey and not a Destination! " The journey is still a journey even if it requires waiting. So enough with all this talk! I got some waiting to do!

*Mr. Geisler, the Doctor will see you now."


Spiritual Magma

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Torture of Thought Based Recovery systems

There you are minding your own business when a thought tornado or possibly a thought devil comes and starts to reek havoc on your perfectly set up modern interior cerebral living room. Maybe you saw something that triggered you. Maybe the open space between thoughts allowed a bad experience to flood in like a forgotten faucet. In any case, you feel the tight feeling in your chest and try your best to dismiss it. You use your mind sword to wack away at the bad thoughts. 

Resistance. Resistance. Repression. 
We are taught to use positive self talk to justify our actions of the past and simply shoo them off without getting to "know" them. We place our bad thoughts in the bad thoughts folder in the desktop of our minds. We try to flood ourselves with positive affirmations or simply tell ourselves that it's going ok. We attempt to apply rationality to self destructive thoughts and willingly reason with some resistance against the agonizing thought forms. 

Unleashing an army of good thoughts against bad thoughts is only strengthening the illigetimacy of the self and the ego. Although it may seem courageous and advantageous to fight within the thought arena, it is not sustainable. It much like the ego trying to get rid of ego itself which itself is the ego taking control. We compare and contrast out behaviors to others which strengthens the bloody walls of self and creates more suffering in the future.

Each mistake, error, atrocity and out of character move, is an opportunity for growth and expansion into conscious awareness. Since the self is a product of time, identifying with accomplishments and errors strengthens the core of the self. Attaching your self worth to outward things such as awards, accomplishments , earthly pleasures and anything material, creates fertile soil for suffering. 

When you get in the habit of creating thought based recovery structures as a mean to "cope" with the bad things in life, you are plunging yourself in the deep pool of unconsciousness. When you consciously observe the passing of thought forms without going straight towards a repetitive affirmative thought structure, you are transcending your unconscious habits. With practice, the ability to analyze without identifying with the self will yield some great conscious growth. 

Things like:
" Ah, why did I say that?! I'm just a piece of crap!" 
"I'm such an idiot!" 
" What was I thinking! " 

Most of us are guilty of the negative self talk. We become increasingly comfortable with the interior shaming of our character. Shame and blame know no end and are two of the biggest unhibitors of spiritual growth. Although positive self talk may be different, it still operates under the same idea of boosting the ego. It creates a false subconscious pleasure pain dichotomy that perpetuates itself through punishment and reward. 

Understanding these structures is the first step in freeing yourself and growing as a person. You'll glide through and accept what is without trying to define yourself through your actions directly. You will see lessons and learn. You will consciously observe the dragon of your self trying to take the handle bars of your brain. Without resistance, you will calmly invite the self to do what it will. Your lack of resistance will deter the dragon. You will see the thoughts as clouds and your inner being as an unbreakable sky. 



Thursday, September 3, 2015


The Tragedy of Ideology before humanity

The invention and evolution of social media has created a great divide between groups and individuals with vastly different opinions and ideologies. People take to the feed with strong vigor sharing and spreading memes and information that directly influence their state of being. Ranging from politics, racial issues, lifestyles and backgrounds, we have caught ourselves in a storm of polarizing beliefs and stories. Some people use their passionate drive more than others to fully push their agenda with no option of compromise. Droves of these people attach themselves to arbitrary hashtags supporting collectivist ideals and unshakeable opinions. 

People use their ideologies and beliefs to enforce their own lifestyles while taking pleasure in scolding or ostracizing others in the process. Instead of having intellectual debates and systematically analyzing varying opinions with reason and evidence, some people choose to use emotional manipulators to try to shut down the conversation and get their own way. They are ego driven confused humans that firmly believe that correlation equals causation and that any person or group of persons that does not agree with their views are simply wrong. When you place a belief or ideology before the humanity of a person, you a creating the potential for violence and disregarding empathy. Instead of acknowledging the other persons argument, they choose to pick apart everything the other person has said with brute emotional force and logical fallacies. 

Things like.
" Your argument is stupid." 
" That makes you a racist." 
" Well you are this because of that." 
" My ideas are always right." 

Statements like these are emotional manipulators ( gaslighting ) commonly used by social justice warriors and people that are conditioned to one particular mind set. Saying an argument is stupid or racist only shuts down the possibility of making more arguments or reasonably discussing the topic at hand. When a person chooses to use emotional manipulators in an argument, they have already lost, but they don't see that since they are imprisoned in a belief system that subscribes to "might vs. right". 

Emotional manipulators disregard the People First philosophy. They are imprisoned by the belief that ideals define their relationships with people. They strip moral agency away from people that do only agree with their ideals. They get lost in definitions, labels and collectivist categories that strip away individualism. Their "ists" and "isms" are illusory filters socially conditioning them into us vs. them pardigms and polarizing any sense of human decency.   

This is particularly relevant to the two party system present in contemporary politics, but is not limited to it. Many religions indoctrinate people conditioning them to polarize, criticise and emotionally detach from different perspectives. Their critical thinking, patience and compassion are squandered by banal agendas void of any reason, evidence and accountability. The stringent ideologies and perspectives close off any possibility of responsibility or self ownership. Blame knows no end, but when reason is rejected it can turn into a threat. 

Wars are started by conflicting ideologies and causes. Nationalism turns one group of people against another. This is particularly absurd when a groups if people identify with a given land mass. More specifically, the people become disciples of social constructs that are antiquated, draconian and do not exist. Government is responsible for stripping moral agency from any person that goes against it. Government does not create an atmosphere of compromise. 

The unwillingness to discuss, analyze and reformat logical opinions will only make things worst. The immediately offended are programmed from the interactions they were taught as children and their immediate environment including public education and media. The inability to question social constructs that have been put into place and perpetuated through repetition is the opposite of progress. It is the lack of awareness and self ownership that produces the same individuals that will indentift with any idea or cause on a strict emotional basis. The blind obedience to do what you are told will only perpetuate the same ideas and keep the same people that have put these ideas in place in power. 

"Think for yourself, question authority." - Timothy Leary 

So what can we do as critical thinking human beings to combat these unconscious people?

First off, it is very important to becomes aware of your actions, feelings and behaviors and not let them overwhelm you. Taking a step back and breathing to analyze your thoughts is the first step in peacefully as mindfully interacting with people. If an emotionally manipulative person chooses to rattle your cage and you respond in the same fashion, they have won. It is important to continually acknowledge what the person has said without pointing a finger or accusing them of being or doing something inaccurate or wrong. It is a distraction to continually pick apart the inadequacies of their character and speaking when the main factor is the rationality and reasonabolity of the information itself. 

I wrote in an earlier article about effective and peaceful communication involving the three step process of Attention, Acknowledgement and Appreciation. When you maintain a healthy atmosphere of attention, you can accurately assess where the person is coming from and whether they are using and emotional tones to try to get you to submit or simply agree with their fallacious arguments. When you put forth a positive and calm tone of attention, acknowledgment will come with great ease. You can acknowledge what you are saying as a way to really tell them you are listening and invested into the discussion at hand. The final step of expressing appreciation will humanize the conversation and ultimately show your respect for the other person's opinions and character. 

It will become increasingly apparent that you will be running into ideological walls with people when you react in a reasonable and sensible manner. If a discussion turns tense and you can easily see the person's unshakable agenda, then move on. It is increasingly important that you peacefully disassemble or ostracize yourself from the situation. When reason and evidence aren't the building blocks of the conversation and the main drive are emotional and irrational constructs, you must respectfully and peacefully end it. Although it is not absolutely necessary, showing that you appreciated the discussion will give some type of closure to the situation and show that you are not simply leaving on any major distressing circumstances. If the situation becomes threatening or physically intimidating, it is important to express your feelings explicitly without threatening or increasing the tension. In those cases, saying that you feel threatened and expressing your feelings without attacking their character might ease the tension. Stand your ground and be truthful to your actions and words. 

You will quickly find that what you value in discussions in arguments will direct your future interactions. Seeing the warning signals of emotional manipulation and misappropriated identification, will let you pick your discussions wisely. You want to surround yourself with people of substance, morality and virtue that can treat you as a person first. Like attracts like. Understanding yourself is the first step in effectively communicating with people around you. 

Take in mind that we all carry a huge responsibility in how we present our selves to the world. We can be aware of our actions and empathetic with the people around us. Seeing the diversities in opinions and beliefs in people allows your to learn and understand the continual evolution of humanity. We are responsible for spreading reason, evidence and virtue for next generations. All the small interactions are important and add up. A collective look inward will cause the outer world to blossom. The outer is a reflection of the inner. Involution of human consciousness will spawn a revolution of human progress. 


Thank you Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I am writing this letter to thank you for what you have done and what you are currently doing. I want to thank you for lifting the veil of politics before our eyes. Your brash narcissism ( necessary for anyone in pursuit of political power ) has exposed the credibility and absence of importance of political power and the paradigm that has been created. Your theatrical statements and non forgiving upfront attitude has shown a harsh light on political seriousness. 

The two headed snake that is the left and right has created a false dichotomy that furthers the initiative of more government control and polarizing ideologies. Your jingoistic and cartoonish views on what America should stand for shines some truth on what the American perspective of Nationalistic tendencies has evolved into. Your refusal to compromise and insatiable perpensity to control people's lives and decisions has opened up my eyes to the fact that politics are absurdist theatre in itself. Your politics has offered limitless entertainment in my life. It has shown me that politics are a perfect distraction and a divergence from educations the general public on the more important issue of economics. Your celebrity has transcended mere business interests, NBC and television. Your entrance into the political sphere has exposed the fake and drab characters of both parties involved. The cast of power hungry schmucks that are fighting their way to the White House hot seat has allowed me to easily abandon hope and revel in the endless absurdity that will perpetuate itself in any political party. 

You can call me a cynic for thinking that the demise of political parties, especially the GOP, is a great thing and inherently progressive in nature. Your consistent mockery of other candidates has opened up the flood gates and challenged every politically "correct" aspect of the party itself. Your pandering and consistent berating of other candidates' skeletons has evolved politics into a new form of meta theatre expressing itself through social media and media. People that hate you write long leftist articles about you and people that love you praise you with monetary and social support. Whether it is hate or love, you have won because people have taken time out of their own delusioned lives to write or talk about you. You have flooded feeds with your propaganda and pissed off many people with no sense of economics or what is actually is important. You have let people show their true colors and express themselves in positive and negative lights. People are talking about you. People are giving you power. Whether you win it or not, your persistence to push forward with brute force will echo through chambers of time. 

Donald Trump, you are avant garde. You may not think so. You may not even know what the word exactly means. You are challenging every inadequacy of politics and spitting in its face. You gracefully assert your views and express your crass humor against your competion. Your no holds barred comedic enterprise has changed tragic political theatre to a post modern dystopian meta play that continually gets better through every slick and courageous tweet or comment. Your tyrannical and semi fascist views on freedom and foreign affairs has indeed shed some light on the cancerous virus the state has become. 

You have changed the game. Politics is the game and you are using an iron fist. You are taking pitbulls to a poker game and littering the the table with cigar ash and cherry bombs. You hold a heavy hand and do not bluff. The rules have been discarded and the cage has been open. You have now opened up the opportunity for celebrities and billionaires to enter the political arena. You have created possibilities for new merchandising, websites, blogs, hate groups, support groups, organizations, new banal political parties, unforgiving opinions, brash and to the point statements, bragging, specialized groups and strong personalities. 

Your persistent consistence to deviate from the norm of drab and illusory politics has started to crush the perception of politics itself. Your impact will snowball into a series of vapid political debates and grandiose peacocking rambling rampant through male driven politics. The political game will be forever changed from your antics. Whether the change is good is irelelvent since the core of political power is distraction from oppression, violence and coercion. You can be sure that future political debates and happenings will be much similar to your successful show, the Celebrity Apprentice. The lines of celebrity and political leader have been blurred and this important to see so we can evaluate, rise and up and change the way we live. 

Pay no mind to the people that think what you say is dangerous. They are blind. Some will wake up from what you have said and see through the political blinders. Some will still support the paradoxical two party system. At the end of the day, your relentless pursuit for political power is shaping the destruction of politics in the future. The crumbling is necessary for progress. 

Keep distracting the sheep. Keep providing ridiculous entertainment. The political arena is now your reality show! 

Dieter Geisler 

The Couch of Death

There you are tired and worn like a piece of chewed leather that a dog tore up in a mud pit. You just got home from work and your feet feel like they could fall off at any moment. Alas, you throw your keys and your care for the world on the kitchen counter. You stumble like a toddler to the COUCH of DEATH!!

You plop down and you feel your pourous and vulumptious body sink into the cushions like quicksand. Several quarters and a nickle fall out of your pockets and the join the communities of old gummy bears and Cheetos from past slothful Netflix binge sessions. You close your eyes and let out a big "Ahhhhh" as if a mesuse manifested herself behind back. Your neck swings back towards the cushions and you put your feet up. All your troubles and stresses from the day are wiped from the windshield of your mind and forgotten. You grab the remote and turn on the tube. Your eyes transfix and your mind locks into the frequency that glazes your eyes and sooths your anxiety. You transport your brain from critical thinking and place it into a bath of sugary mucus water. 

You ask yourself. 
"Should I eat? I'm hungry. I need to eat, but I'm so tired." 

As your thoughts in your mind start to slowly fade from your consciousness, your attention is being stolen by the television waves. Your mind sinks incrementally into the couch cushions and your body attention is lost in a haze of distraction. 

5 minutes pass.
10 minutes pass.
20 minutes pass?

The longer you sit or lay on the couch, the harder it is to get up. 

Your grasp of time is lost and you escape from reality. This is you. You most days after a long day at work or out running errands. Instead of slowing down and reflecting, you choose to escape and forget about the troubles. You choose comfort over courage and submerge yourself into a habit of destruction and apathy. 

Before you know it, it is almost time to drag your body to the rectangle you call your bed. Maybe one more t.v. Show? Surely you do not want to fall asleep on the couch like many nights in the past. Surely, you don't want to wake up with potato chip crumbs on your chest and a hazy disposition. 

Your expended glycogen and shot cortisol levels have led you into a pattern of slothful and gluttonous behavior common in 40 hour a week human beings. Your passion is sucked dry. Your motivation is stolen from the job that you hate. 

" I really need to do laundry. Ah, I'll just do it tomorrow. I really should make lunch for tomorrow. Ah, I'll just get take out." I really should finish that repair of the kitchen cabinet. Ah, this weekend I'll do it." 

Rinse, wash and repeat.
We're creatures of convenience. 
We sacrifice our energy for things we are not passionate about and put our passions on the shelf to dry and collect dust. 

The couch of death will suck you in, 
The couch of death will make you think it's your friend,
It greets you with cushions wide open, 
It transports you to carelessness and lethargy, 
Couch of death begs you to sit,
Couch of death begs you to quit, 
Couch of death makes time traveling easy,
Couch of death makes you think it's all easy breezy,
It'll start with your ass and work up to your head, 
Pretty soon you'll realize you're ready for bed, 
It slows down your motivation and steals your direction, 
The couch wants to grab all of your affection,
Night after night you practice sofa ritual, 
Turning your mind into mush, 
There seems to be no rush, 
The laziness seems perpetual, 

So before you hit that couch,
Take a moment and look out, 
Take a breath and state your intention, 
Refresh your self somewhere else,
Maybe take a look at the shelf,
Grab a book or go make some lazagna.