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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Words are amazing, you guys!

Have you ever stopped to wonder the immense power of words? 
There are so many combinations and organizations of words that can have an effect on how we see the world. Words can help us learn and grow. You can see a lot with very few words or go in depth by combining a bunch of words to get your point across. 

Words can let our imagination go wild and expand our knowledge for the future. We are continuously surrounded by words that we automatically read without trying. Words can be used to manipulate, control and inform. Words are like notes in music. There is a structure of rhythm, rhyme and flow that allows words to form beautiful pieces of literature. In short, the potential for words are endless and can help mold your neural network each time you decide to write. 

Let us explore the potential and diversity of words. I mean tuna fish guitar is a television asparagus phenomenon. When a falcon fears a tiger, a gun can transform into a famous flounder. When the power of spontaneity spills milk on the tower of fusion, a violin calms down an army of ocelots. The clocks of the giant wall regulate themselves with spatial awareness. The amusement park closes when the militia spins a special speech from straight razor pamphlets. 

Let us revel in the significance of spontaneous combustions common amongst our ancestral indigenous tribes. For the crow that carries the gluten will forever reap the benefits of recreational bloating. Piece together the tetrapods located at the bottom left corner of your application for evolutionary certainty. For the trilobites that occupy your mental space will soon be eradicated by privileged Luddites capable of constructing spatial awareness. 

The bones of gladiators sit in the desk of a comptroller waiting for the right time to be exposed to the general public. The motivations of young men influence the ones in charge of the chèvre choir. The sopranos sing with zest of Gouda while the baritones simply vocalize feta vowels derivative from probiotic perspiration. 

The tonal language of the Huka tribe helped develop the unique irritagation system that is commonly seen in the mountains of Pooko. Some imaginary alpacas haunted the minds of the tribe. These hallucinations were influenced from the ingestion of a root tea and a colony of infected amoebas. The tribe danced around a fire surrounded by alfalfa sprouts and femurs of deceased pachyderms. The cicadas provided the musical entertainment and soundtrack to ceremonial enemas. 

Let the courage of a thousand men light up the arteries of young suburbanite Christians. The spiritual energy of weevils is known to shift a change in groups of aardvarks. The numbers do not lie. The letters place bets on the mortality of flies.

Life is the decaying styrofoam zygote zeitgeist striving to metamorphose into a futurist nightmare. Time slips into a dreary and dreamt milk state projecting melatonin into the canabanoids of modern humanoids. The Arachnids will rule when the special interest of  Inuit teenagers refract the aerosols of the contemporary troposphere. 

The G chord of the interplanetary radiation spectrum is played with much conviction and fortitude. God uses his index finger to tap the E string of the collective unconscious. The molecular structures of soufflés and multicellular organisms will deteriorate as the spectral gamma rays pass through like osmosis through a epidermal phospholipid bipedal  construct. 

Let the carrots be carrots and the eggplants be cautious! When the wind provides wise words, we know that it's blowing hot air. The police enforcement will make a house visit and invite the general public to an informational session about the benefits of mycelium. 

Please mail all your complaints to the Hippopotamus foundation. Any suggestions will be taken with a grain of Himalayan sea salt and deposited into a colorful receptacle constructed out of old lawn chairs purchased from an estate sale.
Let the light soar within your esophogial third eye and pierce the pineal gland of your forgotten mind. 

Calmly sit and eat burnt toast. 


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