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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I don't know and I'm ok with that

You know,
I'm not really sure what's going on over here. I'm not really sure what I think I should be feeling right now. It's a muddy situation. I feel trapped in a bubble, but also free floating in a river of life. 

I don't know and that's ok. 
Many people freak out from not knowing. They are seeking comfort in compliance and security with the known. What's so fearful of the unknown? What makes us feel some uncomfortable with uncertainty?

It's a remarkably human trait to schedule and put ourselves in predictable routines. We are creatures of habit that get lost in our own ways. Some of us do these things to keep on track. Some of create our atmosphere out of repitition and certainty. The known can slowly become dull like an active withering pencil. 

When something out of the ordinary enters our lives, we freak out. We range in reactions from being calm to being overwhelmed with anxiety. Oh what resistance we put up against the unplanned and the unanticipated. Oh how we neglect the growth that happens when we simply accept and make peace with what is. 

Uncertainty provides opportunity. Chaos provides order and spontaneity spurs growth. Allowing yourself to feel without resisting circumstances or your emotions will be of great benefit. Listening to the small voice and your instinct can provide you will the ability to make good and informed decisions. Decisions that allow you to go deep within yourself and expand your self knowledge. It also allows the uncertainty of the moment to present itself as gratitude. You may not know what to do or feel, but you can for sure know that accepting that will lead to personal growth. 

I don't know how I feel, but I'm ok with that.
I can accept myself unconditionally at this moment. 
I can accept my indecision as a decision to accept that I cannot accept at this moment. 
Listening and not falling into a mind trap of ego illusion will make you mindful of where you are at in life. 
Sometimes moments demand us to make immediate decisions. Even if we make a bad decision, we can only learn from it. It transmutes itself from a bad decisions to a necessary learned decision made in a moment of mindfulness or unconsciousness. Even if the decision does not expand our consciousness with intention, it unintentionally helps us expand our awareness of consciousness. 

You have been here before. 
I have been here before.
You and I have been here before. 
We might feel that tingly tingle in our bodies that remind us to be present. 
We gift ourselves with self knowledge and expansion when we choose to be present. When we choose to accept the impermanence and express gratitude for what we have, we change our brain chemistry. We change our genetics. We change our perception on how we choose to see the world. 

We don't force it, 
We don't necessarily will it either. 
We calmly breathe and accept what is and how we feel. We don't try to immediately escape emotion. We don't resist the moment.
We understand and become consciousness of our true being. 

We delight in the unknown. 
We embrace the unknown and accept the known. We set our seeds to grow and do not know where we might go. 

Uncertainty becomes a great teacher that leads us to an uncertain future with certain growth. 

We go. 


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