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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The United States of Ad Hominem

ad ho·mi·nem
ˌad ˈhämənəm/
adverb & adjective
  1. 1.
    (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
    "vicious ad hominem attacks"

    Welcome to the United States! 
    Here we take your attacks on character and personality as legitimate rebuttals to otherwise questionable arguments. We create news stories in the media center around ones past actions and character flaws.

    Let's forget about the information and the ideas that the individual has to say. Let's toss out the civility and intelligence of appropriate debate and base everything off emotional manipulators and personal attacks. 
    [ sarcasm ] 

    The media loves to exploit and validates the absurdity of political power. Political power that is based around illusory ideals and cookie cutter aesthetics derivitive of unconscious draconian values. 

    We are trained to judge people of power as stagnant and competent individuals that trick us into believing that we will get what we want. The idea of understanding that individuals change, learn and grow is thrown out the window. 

    The American rhetoric is centered around labels and emotional manipulators. Instead of actually allowing us to listen and discern valid opinions from invalid ones, we like label people and not allow any sense of flexibility. This is inherently destructive because it lacks intelligence, self knowledge and willingness to learn. When you label someone right away, you deprive yourself of the whole scope of information. You also deprive yourself of learning and forming appropriate non-sensationalized reactions to arguments. You are essentially depriving yourself from your own free speech and the potential of free speech of others. You are disciplining your mind. You are degrading moral agency and creating a potential for violence. 

    Vicious personal attacks are a great gauge to determine self knowledge and intelligence. Ad Hominem is the absence of having a legitimate argument based on reason and evidence. The use of Ad Hominem should be seen as a forfeit from debate and any intellectual dialogue. 

    Personal attacks are derived from a fight or flight response from the amygdala when a person feels threatened. Most personal attacks are an appeal to emotion ( logical fallacy ). A person who attacks character is escaping the suffering of himself and ignoring his or hers own personal responsibility and self ownership. The lack of self knowledge can be extremely detrimental and dangerous to the future of human progress and communication. 

    Some labeling examples popular in media and politics.

    - sexist 
    - idiot 
    - bigot 

    These examples are used to manipulate you into an emotional response or shut down any future argument or intelligent response. It is absolutely fallacious in nature to call someone hurtful names when one willingly decides to engage in intelligent dialogue or debate in the first place. 

    It is worse for the personal attacker to use ad Hominem since he or she chooses to remain ignorant and has no motive for personal growth or compromise amongst like minded individuals. 

    Social media and television are the biggest spreaders of the disease of Ad Hominem. It easily pits people of a certain ideology against other people. It allows people to personally attack with little consequence and hide behind a cowardly screen of unintelligence. 
    Once you wake up to the unconscious nature of politics, media and the aggressive nature of some collectivist ideals that lack the importance of self knowledge, you will grow and thrive as an intelligent human being.

    Discernment is important when debating with individuals. It is more important to judge people for their principles and values and question them if you develop conflicts. Quickly labeling and calling people names will only breed more aggression and slump yourself to a false self righteous right vs.wrong dichotomy. Show appreciation for your brother, but always be willing to question everything that deserves questioning. 


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