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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank you Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I am writing this letter to thank you for what you have done and what you are currently doing. I want to thank you for lifting the veil of politics before our eyes. Your brash narcissism ( necessary for anyone in pursuit of political power ) has exposed the credibility and absence of importance of political power and the paradigm that has been created. Your theatrical statements and non forgiving upfront attitude has shown a harsh light on political seriousness. 

The two headed snake that is the left and right has created a false dichotomy that furthers the initiative of more government control and polarizing ideologies. Your jingoistic and cartoonish views on what America should stand for shines some truth on what the American perspective of Nationalistic tendencies has evolved into. Your refusal to compromise and insatiable perpensity to control people's lives and decisions has opened up my eyes to the fact that politics are absurdist theatre in itself. Your politics has offered limitless entertainment in my life. It has shown me that politics are a perfect distraction and a divergence from educations the general public on the more important issue of economics. Your celebrity has transcended mere business interests, NBC and television. Your entrance into the political sphere has exposed the fake and drab characters of both parties involved. The cast of power hungry schmucks that are fighting their way to the White House hot seat has allowed me to easily abandon hope and revel in the endless absurdity that will perpetuate itself in any political party. 

You can call me a cynic for thinking that the demise of political parties, especially the GOP, is a great thing and inherently progressive in nature. Your consistent mockery of other candidates has opened up the flood gates and challenged every politically "correct" aspect of the party itself. Your pandering and consistent berating of other candidates' skeletons has evolved politics into a new form of meta theatre expressing itself through social media and media. People that hate you write long leftist articles about you and people that love you praise you with monetary and social support. Whether it is hate or love, you have won because people have taken time out of their own delusioned lives to write or talk about you. You have flooded feeds with your propaganda and pissed off many people with no sense of economics or what is actually is important. You have let people show their true colors and express themselves in positive and negative lights. People are talking about you. People are giving you power. Whether you win it or not, your persistence to push forward with brute force will echo through chambers of time. 

Donald Trump, you are avant garde. You may not think so. You may not even know what the word exactly means. You are challenging every inadequacy of politics and spitting in its face. You gracefully assert your views and express your crass humor against your competion. Your no holds barred comedic enterprise has changed tragic political theatre to a post modern dystopian meta play that continually gets better through every slick and courageous tweet or comment. Your tyrannical and semi fascist views on freedom and foreign affairs has indeed shed some light on the cancerous virus the state has become. 

You have changed the game. Politics is the game and you are using an iron fist. You are taking pitbulls to a poker game and littering the the table with cigar ash and cherry bombs. You hold a heavy hand and do not bluff. The rules have been discarded and the cage has been open. You have now opened up the opportunity for celebrities and billionaires to enter the political arena. You have created possibilities for new merchandising, websites, blogs, hate groups, support groups, organizations, new banal political parties, unforgiving opinions, brash and to the point statements, bragging, specialized groups and strong personalities. 

Your persistent consistence to deviate from the norm of drab and illusory politics has started to crush the perception of politics itself. Your impact will snowball into a series of vapid political debates and grandiose peacocking rambling rampant through male driven politics. The political game will be forever changed from your antics. Whether the change is good is irelelvent since the core of political power is distraction from oppression, violence and coercion. You can be sure that future political debates and happenings will be much similar to your successful show, the Celebrity Apprentice. The lines of celebrity and political leader have been blurred and this important to see so we can evaluate, rise and up and change the way we live. 

Pay no mind to the people that think what you say is dangerous. They are blind. Some will wake up from what you have said and see through the political blinders. Some will still support the paradoxical two party system. At the end of the day, your relentless pursuit for political power is shaping the destruction of politics in the future. The crumbling is necessary for progress. 

Keep distracting the sheep. Keep providing ridiculous entertainment. The political arena is now your reality show! 

Dieter Geisler 

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