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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hey, what's up? Oh nothing.

" Hey, what's up?" 
" Oh, nothing." 
" Cool, cool, that's cool." 
" Yea, you know just trying to stay busy?" 
"Oh yea? Like what?" 
" Oh you know, just working mainly." 
"That's cool, how is that working for you ?" 
"Oh you know it's just a job." 
"That's about you ?" 
" Oh I'm just staying busy with the wife and job you know. Being an adult." 
" That's cool. How's your wife ?" 
" She's doing good. We went to Mexico recently. Fun times." 
" oh that's fun, Mexico is fun. Have you been to Canada ?" 
"No, not yet . Is it cool?" 
"oh yea it's great. Lots of cool trees and buildings and stuff." 
"What are you up to tonight?" 
" Oh nothing, just taking it easy. Maybe watch a movie or something." 
" That's cool. I haven't been to a movie theatre in awhile. Have you?" 
" You know I can't remember, I watch most of them at home." 
"What was that one movie with the guy and girl?" 
"Hmm... Sleepless in Seattle?"
"No. No not that one. It's got that guy that's tall" 
"Maybe Chasing Amy?" 
"Nah, it'll come to me.." 
"Right on, well I'm gonna go get something to eat." 
"Cool, cool, that sounds good. I'll get some too." 
"Nice running into you." 
"Yea you too, take care."


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