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Friday, September 11, 2015

Just go ahead and trust the man in robes

Go Ahead! 
Follow his lead, 
He has a beard, a robe and an infectious personality. Let him guide your thoughts and make you believe something. Let his kind gentle words turn you into disciples. 

You know you want the security. 
You know you are willing to bleed.  

He may wear a suit and tie and promise you things in the future. He may tickle your emotional trigger and appeal to your personal struggles. He will talk with great confidence and use his words to mold your mind. He will teach you a way that he thinks he knows is right. 

So you're looking for structure. So you are looking for direction. You trust some people that may win an election. You want to belong and you want to thrive. You seem to have forgotten how to be alive. 

You want the directions to be easy. You want it layed out for you to see. You have fear that you will face misery. You would rather be comfortable. You would rather be safe. The idea of surrending to the universe sounds fake.

You would rather not put in the work and fear the failure of tomorrow. It seems a lot easier to find a leader to follow. He can tell you what to do and promise you happiness. He can convince that his knowledge is the greatest. 

Oh look how he wears his robes or an outfit of antiquity related to traditional roles. Oh the dazzling identity enhancers that make our mind wonder. They make us think that they are over and we are under. The threads separate our humanity and attach us to material. Making us think our self worth is reliant on how we look. 

He may have had more time to gain more knowledge. Why would he be interested in power or followers? What is the incentive of the person who wants to mold the minds of others? 
What makes him or her think they have the key to a better life or the answer for the promise of an ideal life? 
Does a person like this have any interest in deviating from the norm or does he perpetuate ideas that have worked in the past to enslave or trick a group of people? 

The trickery goes on. 
It's easy to be comfortable and let the unquestioned fade. 
It's easy to give the responsibility to a willing person. A person who promises you the beginning of a new age. 

You are the leader.
All others are on their own paths. Some may convince you that there is one way. 
There isn't. 
There is your way. 
There are the infinite teachings and lessons of living life itself. 
There is the present moment and the power of self ownership. 
There is the responsibility of your actions. 
There is the self knowledge to help you grow and thrive. 
There is the innate awareness that keeps your alive. 

When you surrender.
When you listen to your inner voice. 
When you Understand choice. 
When you forgive.
When you accept. 
When you love. 
Your eyes will open. 
You will see through the smog.
You will accept the delusion as it is. 

You will follow. 
Only what guides you.
When you accept the present moment as it is. 


Leaders and followers are a false dichotomy. Loving cooperation is part of your autonomy. 


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