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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blessed be to be

Blessed be to be, 
I'm beginning to see, 
That the life force inside of me, 
May hold the key, 
To existence, 
To contentment, 
To uncertainty, 
To impermanence, 

Blessed be to be, 
Is what I say unto thee, 
It is what I say unto me, 
To undo the inner frantic spree, 

How blissful it is to sit, 
Without thinking about it, 
To close the eyes and breathe, 
Is truly what you need. 

They say that you should do, 
And be busy through and through, 
To occupy the mind, 
To leave the past behind, 
To keep the cup always full, 
To make yourself a tool, 
And look past what's inside of you, 
Which can make you a fool. 

What's missing is your being, 
Which you aren't quite seeing, 
The thoughts that you are fleeing, 
Will make you hit the ceiling, 

Instead of running like the wind, 
You can invite those demons in your skin, 
And hear them out with what they have to say, 
As you simply and sit and let go, 
They will surely let you know,
They are all just inside of your head.

Blessed be to be, 
And what a blessing it can BE, 
What a miracle it is to see, 
What's infront of you and me, 
What's inside of you and me, 
What's living with pure glee, 

Every waking moment is a prize, 
Void of opinions and lies, 
When you let go and be present, 
You'll see an amazing surprise. 


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Be the Sponge, bro.

I want you to relax. 
Relax everything in your body and sit yo self down. Let yourself breathe naturally. 


Forget bout your opinions. Turn on some music and let is flow through you. Stare at the wall. The wall is your friend. Well the wall is just a wall, but it surrounds you without judgment. Soak up the vibes. 

Soak up the frequencies. 
Who cares if you don't like it. 
Let it grow on you. 
Waiting for the next part? 
Well you're not really listening....
Are you? 

Are you thinking about what you need to do today? Stop that. 
What you need to do right now is to see right now. To be right now. 
To do right now. 

That is what matters. Right now matters. 
What matters right now is that you don't think about right now. You must be the sponge. Soak it all in. Watch it. Don't resist and don't purge. See the positive and negative move through like water. 

Do it. Or don't. Don't just Do it. You don't need to do anything. It's about being really. Being and sitting or standing or walking. If you're walking, walk. 

If you're sitting, sit. 
If you're dreaming, dream.

There is nowhere you have to be except right now. No final destination. 

See those trees? 
Those tress over there are just there being trees. They're not time traveling in their mind or worried that they may have said something stupid at the party last night. 

I like trees because trees don't have opinions. Like the wall, there is no judgment. They have no compassion either. That's your choice. 

Hug that tree. Feel the aliveness in both of your bodies. The fractal branching out of life force. Two carbon based life forms only truly being. 

It's not about focusing on being. The sponge has no need to focus. The sponge does not divert its attention away from its thoughts. Well the sponge has no thoughts. You do. Stop trying so hard, but don't resist. It's not about "sharpening focus". You're missing the point. Well there really isn't any point. 

The point of being is to be. 
Can't you see? 
Let the world flow through you. 
Vibe with it. 
Let your spongy nature manifest itself and let go. Relax. Things of necessity can wait. The main necessity is your spongy being. 


Brothers and sisters of multicellular divinity. 


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Transforming F*ck you to Thank you

There you are again. 
Beating yourself up. 
Over the little things. The trivial things. 

You use your blame thrower in the most perverse fashion. Surely it is someone else's fault and not your own. Right?  
You want to tell the people off. You are through with people's sh*t. Your tolerance for drama and bs has reached an all time high. Nothing is right. Things are falling apart. 

It's easy to shift blame from yourself. Some of us have been conditioned to blame outside circumstances for the quality of our lifestyle. We leave heaps of laundry sitting on the living room in our heads. Instead of taking our time to fold and put up our head laundry, we curse at their very existence. 

F*ck those socks. 
F*ck those shirts. 
F*ck those wrinkly towels. 

Screw that dick that cut you off in traffic or that date that stood you up. 

It may feel good to be short and cruel and push off the problems that manifest in our lives, but it conditions us to do the same. It distracts us from growing and developing value tools in our emotional toolbox. 

Imagine this. Instead of stimulating that little negativity buzzed and making rash assumptions and judgments about peoples' behaviors, breathe in imagine a light switch. It's no ordinary light switch. 
The light switch is a switch between gratitude and disdain. Between thankfulness and negativity. 

When faced with a bad thought or negative interaction with a person, imagine the lightswitch switching up to gratitude. Take a deep breath. Don't try to rationalize your feelings. Say thank you out loud or in your head.

Flip that switch! 

 By doing this you are reconfiguring your neural circuitry. You have the potential to train your brain to relax and be thankful in every situation. Every situation offers an opportunity to recenter, reevaluate and realign yourself with the present so that growth may take place. 

When an unpleasant arises, say thank you. 

Thank you for cutting me off in traffic. 
Thank you for showing your emotions with me.
Thank you for your anger.
Thank you for your neglect.
Thank you for your unconsciousness. 

With each trivial thing that may upset you, you have a choice to deal with it with gratitude. Blame knows no end. 
Gratitude offers endless growth.

It's time to transform that f*ck you into a thank you. 

Although sometimes saying "F*ck you" feels so good. 

We can be f*cking thankful and look inward with ease.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Success is a distraction ?

It's 2016 now.
I'm sure there are a bunch of things you want to accomplish and or succeed in. 
The last year let you reflect on the growth or lack thereof in all aspects of your life.
You get the idea. 

You want to be more successful. You want to fill up the upcoming year with things to do and to accomplish. Your renewed vigor at the moment is driven by passion and hopefulness for the future. 
This may change down the line, but you have every right to bask in the momentous thrill of unbridled motivation.  

Here are some pertinent questions to ask yourself as you move through the baby stages of the new year. 

How much is "success" the dominating factor of your life and the new year? 

Where does the idea of growth come into place for the new year?

Where does the idea of developing meaningful relationships fit in with your goals? 

Success can be broadly defined. 
Monetary success is something that is dominate with the western meritocracy we live in today. Success in business and a career is also a dominant factor in this fluid market economy. One person's perspective of success is just as unique as anyone else's. A conflict comes into play when someone's definition of success makes another think that that is the most sound and concrete model of success. 

Success is subjective. 

It is a construct made for person to seek reward and meaning. Some of it could be seen as illusory and a distraction from personal growth. When a person goes out and seeks success without looking inward and acquiring self knowledge, he or she is trapping themselves in an illusion. When success becomes a means to an end, one gets lost in achieving and inflating the ego. 

Can success exist on a micro level? 
Can success involve being present? 

When you are present, you can see success for what it is. You can question it. Questioning the validity of what success leads to personal growth. 

Success becomes a junk word. Success becomes a biproduct of being present. When success becomes the main motivator, the floodgates for disappointment, discontent and suffering swing wide open. 

Does the community benefit from your idea of success? 
Does the world need more successful people? 
Are you trying to be successful because it will you happiness or contentment? 

The essence of success lies in the ability to be present. Recognizing compulsive thinking and letting it flow through you can be "successful". When the purpose of achieving supersedes your ability to be present, you have lost sight of who you are. 

It's a rat race. Comparing achievements to others and letting that define your success is an unconscious affair. 

Are you using success to fill a void in your life? Are you using success as a way to achieve status or stability in your life? 
Are you trying to be successful so that people can think highly of you? 
Are you trying to impress your parents? 

Success must be questioned. 
Success must be disassembled and stripped of its parts that have little to no value. 

Success is a mask. 
A mask that covers insecurities and inflates the self. Success can divide and conquer. Success can blind you. 

Success is a distraction. 
Distracting you from authentic self. 
Distracting you from exploring spontaneous potential. 
Distracting you from being present and developing close and meaningful relationships.

Success must be redefined for the sake of inner growth. When one sees success for the illusion that it is, he or she can truly develop inwardly. From the inward development, comes a reflection of outward authenticity. From that authenticity, success only becomes a word and progress gives birth. 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

You can have your "isms"

You can have "isms" and your "ists"

Let us look at this lists...


Let's forgo these listed words beneath to divorce them from my illustrated point. 

Schism ( yea I can see the irony here ) 


"Isms" are identifiers to mark a certain ideology or a way of thinking. Ideologies are driven by conceptual constructs derived from cyclical thought in the mind. Ideologies are designed to group a set of ideas and classify and discern from other conceptual constructs. 

It is important to understand ideological constructs. Ideological constructs are constructs of the mind. They do not actually exist in the material world. They emerge from the imagination and cyclical thought. Thoughts float into the human mind like clouds in a sky. They are impermanent and perpetuate more thought. Thought shows value when questioned and not immediately identified with. The complete identification with thought is the departure from presence. The ego perpetuates itself through the distraction of thought and emotion. Ideological constructs observed through passive awareness in the mind, will help facilitate in the growth of self knowledge and humanity. 

What good do isms do for the evolution of human consciousness or progress? 

It is good to see that all ideologies have some sort of "ideal" attached to it or are designed to make you "think" in a certain way. Do isms promote the idea of a fixed mind set? Since isms are constrained to a certain set of rules and regulations, they have limited flexibility in ideological change. 

The key thing to look at is the concept of isms itself. What makes narcissism different than cynicism? What makes anarchism different from communism? 
Obviously, these words all share "ism" in their structural nomenclature. The difference lies in the meaning of the words themselves. Of course, this goes for saying for all words. The word dog has a completely different meaning than the word fire hydrant. 

The effect of isms are the important issue to look at. The problem of isms comes into place when a person or a group of people attach themselves to a certain ideology associated with isms. The identification with isms can let a person relate to another persons method of thinking. From that, people can do things that fit in alignment with the ism without really questioning its legitimacy. The legitimacy of an ism depends on it's success rate when put into an action. 

When a person blindly adheres to an ism, they are subscribing to a fixed mind set that can deteriorate critical thinking, rationality and the ability to reason. The communist identifies with the idea of communism. From there, a communist can seek out other communists based only upon the adherence to communism ( an ideological construct ). 

" I am a communist! "
" Why? " 
" I feel like it is the right thing to do and I agree with the idea of communism." 
" Have you questioned the legitimacy of communism based on facts of reality?" 
" Communism works becaus it is built on good ideas that will benefit everyone!" 

The moment someone identifies with an ism they are separating themself from their authentic self and the humanity of others. The person that classifies another as a socialist or communist, is choosing to label a person as a mythical construct stripped of his or hers humanity. In reality, the person in front of you is a reflection of your contentment or insecurities. Labeling helps to strengthen the ego and illusory separateness. 

Isms are not stupid because calling them stupid serves no value in understanding the legitimacy of isms. Calling anything stupid is a forfeit of argument and plunge into unconsciousness. 

As soon as we start to identify with an ism, we must question its very nature. We must ask these questions: 

Does this ism serve me?
In what way does this ism help me or add value to my life?
In what way do isms hurt me and others? 
Am I subscribing to an ism out of the need to fill a void or combat insecurities? 
Does an ism constrain my ability to think? 
Does an ism create conflict in the way I interact with others? 

An anarchist may not agree with a communist. An anarchist who calls a communist a communist has chosen to adhere to a fixed mind set and seperate from the humanity of the other person. The identification with labels strengthens the self to divide and conquer. 

Progress lies in the questioning of all ideologies. Progress lies in seeing past the illusory conceptual fog that divides people into unconscious and sometimes violent groups. 

Progress lies in the courage and presence you bring to the interaction with others. When you can see past the ideological identifiers, you can be compassionate and dissolve conflict. The rejection of isms is not the key. Bringing awareness to why we identify with isms will shine a light on our unconscious manifestations both on the inside of us and in the real world. 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Stop trying to find yourself ?

Steve: Hey, what have you been up to? 

Julie: Not Much, just trying to find myself. 

Steve: Excellent! 


It is part of the human experience of growing up. We rise from our youth into adulthood with interest, intrigue and seldom enthusiasm. We are seekers. Seekers of desire, adventure, love and truth. 

When we are freed from childhood, we go forth into higher education, the work force or introspective pondering. Some of us know what we want. Some of us consistently ponder within a haze of uncertainty and insecurity. The river of life carries us when we can surrender to the present moment and go outside of our comfort zones. 

We might take long breaks from employment and schooling to figure out what we want. We put things into terms of desire and marketability. We ask questions that we are begged to ask from society. 

What am I going to do for a living?
How am I going to make money? 
Where do I see myself in 5 to 10 years? 

Are these inquisitive introspective questions important to us? 
Do we often sacrifice our "passions" for more "realistic" and pragmatic paths of certainty? 

We often approach these questions with an intention of desire or "progress". We identify with our passions and goals and incorporate them in with the illusory aspect of finding ourselves. We treat our psyches as if they hold fossilized answers to all of our questions. Simply our passions become distractions from our true being. When you identify with what makes you happy or content in the external world, you may miss the mark on what matters on the inside. 

This being said, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should forgo anything that makes you passionate or happy, but it is important to see them as parts of you. When you identify yourself with an abstract label, you are devoting yourself to a role that isn't all of you. Your passions are a part of you and serve as excellent signs and markers for decisions you could make for the present and future. You can see them as pieces of a puzzle that are not inherently dependent on who you are deep down. 

What is to find yourself? 

To say you are finding yourself is to imply that yourself is not complete or entirely intact. When you rely on an outer factor to determine your well being, you are fooling yourself into false completeness. Your self is always there. It is the life force that does not judge nor criticize. Your self is a product of time and experience. In each moment, you have a complete self that is never godown and therefore does not need to be "found". The self is impermanent and can grow and change when awareness and presence are the shining beams of consciousness. 

Eckhart Tolle posits that you must first "lose yourself to find yourself". This is an inherently true statement because it requires introspection, surrender and awareness to break away the false identifiers and masks in our consciousness. It raises us to question our values, principles and judgments we have been conditioned to from our upbringing. Shining awareness onto the ego dissipates the compulsory need to think that there is more that needs to be found within the mirage of the egotistic self. 

What value does looking inward hold in your life?

Where does presence fit in for living your life? 

When you accept yourself unconditionally at every moment, you will see the beautiful impermance of your being that needs no journey or falsified destination to eventually "get to". 


Thursday, December 3, 2015


Questioning Solutions

A: We need to do something about this gun issue? 
B: why? 
A: This heartless violence needs to stop! 
B: I understand, but what's your solution? 
A: Well, we need stricter laws. 
B: Sure, you think that will take care of the issue? 
A: It's a step ! 

Many of us are driven to solve certain problems by immediately looking for a quick solution. Solutions are a means to an end and a distraction from understanding. Immediately gravitating to a one size fits all solution stems from an insecurity with deeper issues. The answer in clear sight is a deceptive one.

The need to be right stems from ego. When we devote ourselves to an agenda, we put our selves in a false dichotomy of us. Vs them and right vs wrong. What good does this serve us? What good is trying to reason with the unreasonable? 

We seek conclusions as if we are trying to seek some closure. The discomfort of what is stimulate us to gravitate towards change that is for the most part based on ideological thought. The conceptual mind wants us to figure things out that will immediately solve our problems. In issues involving government, politics or immediate life choices, we want to create solutions to give us a sense of hope and drive for our well being. In a practical sense, there are only choices that can be made that will have inherent costs and benefits. 

Solutions in the form of logical responses to scientific or mathematical problems are of course a necessity. Those are not the specific solutions I am talking about. The solutions we project as individuals or in large groups are ways of the brain trying to come to ultimate logical conclusions. Some of these supposed logical conclusions are informed from past experience and cognitive biases we have developed in our minds. When an immediate solution has come to mind, we tend to gravitate based on factors we think we cannot control. It allows us to put a theoretical period at the end of a sentence so the mind can move onto another compulsive thought or an illusory problem to "solve". 

How often do we actual question our solutions?
How many of our solutions are informed by collectivist ideologies and agendas? 
How many times do we face conflict with multiple solutions swimming in our heads? 

It is important to realize that many solutions are often derived from a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is a static sense of what should be done without considering alternatives or the fluidity of processed thinking. When someone declares that there is only one abstract way to so something, they are putting blinders on to other possible paths. The fixed mindset individual can only see what is within their self interest or the self interest of a group or party. When a person refuses to ask more questions and accept uncertainties of decision making, they are departing from the rational and critical mind. Solutions derived from ignorance hold no value. 

Where should we stand on making accurate and rational solutions? 

See a solution as an abstract that is something that is impermanent and may change due to the data and circumstances. A solution is a good concept to build a back bone in solving a problem. Asking constant questions are the key to getting to the root of all problems. When we see the illusory nature of a solution, we can truly see the broad scope of what needs to be done. True action is birthed from awareness and the ability to separate your authentic self from compulsive thought and cognitive bias.