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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Transforming F*ck you to Thank you

There you are again. 
Beating yourself up. 
Over the little things. The trivial things. 

You use your blame thrower in the most perverse fashion. Surely it is someone else's fault and not your own. Right?  
You want to tell the people off. You are through with people's sh*t. Your tolerance for drama and bs has reached an all time high. Nothing is right. Things are falling apart. 

It's easy to shift blame from yourself. Some of us have been conditioned to blame outside circumstances for the quality of our lifestyle. We leave heaps of laundry sitting on the living room in our heads. Instead of taking our time to fold and put up our head laundry, we curse at their very existence. 

F*ck those socks. 
F*ck those shirts. 
F*ck those wrinkly towels. 

Screw that dick that cut you off in traffic or that date that stood you up. 

It may feel good to be short and cruel and push off the problems that manifest in our lives, but it conditions us to do the same. It distracts us from growing and developing value tools in our emotional toolbox. 

Imagine this. Instead of stimulating that little negativity buzzed and making rash assumptions and judgments about peoples' behaviors, breathe in imagine a light switch. It's no ordinary light switch. 
The light switch is a switch between gratitude and disdain. Between thankfulness and negativity. 

When faced with a bad thought or negative interaction with a person, imagine the lightswitch switching up to gratitude. Take a deep breath. Don't try to rationalize your feelings. Say thank you out loud or in your head.

Flip that switch! 

 By doing this you are reconfiguring your neural circuitry. You have the potential to train your brain to relax and be thankful in every situation. Every situation offers an opportunity to recenter, reevaluate and realign yourself with the present so that growth may take place. 

When an unpleasant arises, say thank you. 

Thank you for cutting me off in traffic. 
Thank you for showing your emotions with me.
Thank you for your anger.
Thank you for your neglect.
Thank you for your unconsciousness. 

With each trivial thing that may upset you, you have a choice to deal with it with gratitude. Blame knows no end. 
Gratitude offers endless growth.

It's time to transform that f*ck you into a thank you. 

Although sometimes saying "F*ck you" feels so good. 

We can be f*cking thankful and look inward with ease.


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