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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blessed be to be

Blessed be to be, 
I'm beginning to see, 
That the life force inside of me, 
May hold the key, 
To existence, 
To contentment, 
To uncertainty, 
To impermanence, 

Blessed be to be, 
Is what I say unto thee, 
It is what I say unto me, 
To undo the inner frantic spree, 

How blissful it is to sit, 
Without thinking about it, 
To close the eyes and breathe, 
Is truly what you need. 

They say that you should do, 
And be busy through and through, 
To occupy the mind, 
To leave the past behind, 
To keep the cup always full, 
To make yourself a tool, 
And look past what's inside of you, 
Which can make you a fool. 

What's missing is your being, 
Which you aren't quite seeing, 
The thoughts that you are fleeing, 
Will make you hit the ceiling, 

Instead of running like the wind, 
You can invite those demons in your skin, 
And hear them out with what they have to say, 
As you simply and sit and let go, 
They will surely let you know,
They are all just inside of your head.

Blessed be to be, 
And what a blessing it can BE, 
What a miracle it is to see, 
What's infront of you and me, 
What's inside of you and me, 
What's living with pure glee, 

Every waking moment is a prize, 
Void of opinions and lies, 
When you let go and be present, 
You'll see an amazing surprise. 


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