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Monday, June 29, 2015

Mondays aren't real, man!


So I woke up and I was like, "Aw man, it's Monday again!"
Here we go again. Another trudging work week to suffer till we get to the weekend.
Monday, Tuesday, Humpday, Almost Friday, Friday!
But the thing is, these days are only trackers of time. They are constructs instructing us about the passing of time. Our society has created these days as implicit contracts for us to be going to school or going to work ( If we are good citizens). The hatred of Mondays are constructed by us. We create this invisible barrier of suffering that we feel we must go through in order for us to compartmentalize fun for later in the week.

We can thank the  Nationalist Calvinistic  agenda of the protestant work ethic for the social programming that made us "feel" certain days for certain illusory days. We have been programmed to make ourselves feel better towards the end of the week and trick ourselves in thinking that we earned "the weekend". We endure the weekdays and live for the weekend. This is destructive. We fall into the sea of " Anti Mondayers" and create a collective suffering. We create a collective apathy like we have no choice in how we feel. We put up weekday construct on the pedestal and enslave us to the idea of work and complacency. Friday and Monday all have something in common: 24 hours.

24 hours to sleep, eat, dance, play, drink, spin, draw.....
Monday...more like.. FUNDAY!

The illusory thought that Mondays are suppose to be dreadful perpetuates itself through each interaction and future generations. Do we want to breed new generations of people that fall into the same dreaded work week mentality? Do want the future working generation to feel like they have to suffer 5 days in order to enjoy a weekend or days off?

Break Yoself!

Make Mondays a day to do something different to start off your week. Inspire people to break themselves from the chains of Monday Monotony. Don't block out a certain amount of time to have "fun". Have fun for the whole day. Integrate it. Sure, you might have to buckle down and take care of things, but it's all about attitude. We fall into the trap that play must be scheduled or compartmentalized sometime in our drooling work day. We create victims of ourselves stripping our self ownership and identify with learned helplessness.

When you align yourself with the present moment and understand the concept of time and the effect of stress on the mind and body, you are living. Your work or errands in the day won't define how to choose to perceive the day whether it be a weekday or the weekend. You ride. You flow with what is. When you are aware, the concept of days and time do not matter.

“Conscious life activity distinguishes man directly from the life activity of an animal.” - Karl Marx

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Hey, Life Happens?

Well you know, Life Happens! Sh*t Happens. It just happens huh?

Some of us like to use these empty phrases to avoid responsibility and self ownership. We think," Hey this is what life is suppose to be right?" Sure, maybe there were some things out of your control. Maybe you acted under emotional duress or acted on an emotion such as anger or jealousy. You can't take it back, but you can learn from it. Saying life happens, implies that you are creating a victim consciousness. You think that life is simply things happening to you and defining your existence. This is one of the biggest illusions ever. We must analyze what this comes from and why we put ourselves in a victim type of consciousness or unconsciousness.


We can see these levels of consciousness in a more direct term that happens with in us. We can analyze and become aware of the ways we can filter and interact with these levels. This is comes with mindfulness and self ownership. We choose they way we can "act" from the prior levels leading up into the physical world.

The Life Happens statement is a statement of avoidance and irresponsibility. There are things that happen outside of your control. That shouldn't define your overall well being. Accept what you cannot change.

Your Problems are created in your mind. It isn't your life. Saying it is your life is possessive.
It is the ego seeing life as separate and a type of self manifested object. We all know Sh*t happens. It is how we react to it that matters. We can approach a storm calmly and with confidence. Being passive and defining an event right on the spot only is avoiding the problem.

Saying that Life just happens boxes you into victim consciousness. It strips you of responsibility. It traps you in a stagnant pool of helplessness. 

Where is the courage?
Where is the self ownership? 
Where is the growth? 

If life happens, 
If life gets shitty, 
Flowers grow from the shit, 
If you are aware of your power to see it. 

Live, learn and grow. 

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Why are you smiling?

Why are you smiling?
- I woke up refreshed
Why are you skipping?
- I decided to spice up my walk.
Why are you laughing?
- I have a funny memory pop up in my mind.
Why are you dancing?
- I had a burst of energy and heard Tejano music in the distance.
Why are you jumping?
- I was trying to reach for a leaf that was falling.
Why are you standing still?
- I am enjoying the breeze that just came through.
Why are you laying in the grass?
- It feels great and I'm soaking up some rays. 
Why are you high fiving random people?
- It brightens people's day!
Why are you spinning in a circle?
- I'm enjoying myself. 
Why are you yelling at nothing?
- I'm breaking the monotony and letting of some steam
Why are you doing pushups in the cereal aisle?
- Because I can.

Eliminate Verbal Junk

 Language is an awesome and fantastic tool that has evolved and is constantly evolving. Some of us like to talk more than others.How much do we focus on the way we talk? Some people let the words flow out like a faucet and string words together leisurely without being conscious of what they are actually saying. How much do we see talking or speaking as a technology to make us better and enhance communication between one another? I for one, have learned to understand my small vocal flubs and become a more confident communicator and speaker. Most of us are familiar with there words and probably integrate them into our speech on a regular basis. We use these as "glue" to stick together our thoughts, words and phrases. The important thing is to be mindful of what you are saying.
  Verbal Junk
 ( PG13 version : Verbal Diarrhea )
   and uh
   so uh
   kind of
   You know?
   and uh
   yea ok
   Some examples: I was at the store the other day "and uh.." I was looking for something refreshing "Kinda like" a soda.  I was just feeling parched, " you know? "
   " I kinda think that you are being a little angry, like I'm kind of umm.. offended by your mood, ok."
   It is important to be confident in your speech and to learn to speak with conviction. Being direct, correct and full of enthusiasm will influence others to speak in the same way. Once you start being more aware of your talking, you will start to notice it in other people. It is important to not try to correct people, but to simply observe and learn how you can be a better speaker. When you are in full control of your speech, the doors of opportunities fly open. Speech is something that you always have on you and always have control over. Own it! You will make mistakes. Don't get frustrated. Simply noticing it is part of the growing process. It takes practice. Once you start to mold your speech and character, you will start to notice more things falling into place and get a boost of confidence and vigor!
- Vocal flubs bring out your insecurities.
- Be aware
- Learn to take pauses and breaths.
- Be expressive and engaged.
- Be creative and humorous ( based upon context ).
- Speak with compassion
- Say it with your chest!

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Friday, June 5, 2015


Things won't get better

Things won't get better...
Get well soon! 


    We see the classic Halmark card category called "Get Well Soon" scattered between the birthday and anniversary cards in grocery stores and craft stores alike. It can be applied to a magnitude of different unfortunate events such as an illness, loss of a loved one, or a break up. Granted it is a nice gesture to buy a "Get Well Soon" card for a person in need, but it doesn't really do anything positive. Saying get well soon has almost the same effect as "That was really great Barbecue! "

     Saying get well soon shows that you are being acting sympathetic to the person in need. Some people will feel empathy and see the card as a gateway to understanding the pain of the other individual. Sympathy however, is somewhat illusory and fake. Some people see sympathy has trying understand the pain of another person without actually knowing what it feels like or what the symptoms are of a certain situation. Sympathy almost runs parallel with pity. It is a mask we put on ourselves to fake the relation between a person(s) and appropriately react to certain human relations taught to us by society. Sympathy creates a false dichotomy that allows you to detach from the actual pain of another person and create a level for that person that is less than you.

Empathy implies that you are able to relate with the pain and suffering of the other person based on past similar experiences. Some of us cannot truly hold empathy for people that go through disheartening situations that we aren't familiar with. We can only try to understand and be compassionate. When we do not automatically reach for sympathy in our emotional lexicon, we are allowing ourselves to accept the reality of the understanding and approach our actions with compassionate and what needs to be done. We can offer people guidance and compassion when we see suffering in another individual through being fully present for that person without trying to have an agenda of guiding that individual. Listening is one of the biggest acts of love that each human is completely capable of in each fleeting moment.

" Things will get better! "

Does it really matter? We can only predict so much and guide ourselves towards the path of least costs. Saying things will get better gives a false sense of hope. It holds the same meaning as saying that things won't get better. Both statements allow the person to put on the mask of sympathy and separate themselves from truly allowing themselves to feel the authenticity of the moment as it arises. Of course, when we say " Get well soon", we are trying to be positive and hopeful, but underneath the veil we are escaping the present moment and manufacturing a false sense of hope. This is why it is so important to be vulnerable and listen to harmonize and be in communion with each other. When you stop trying to find a solution for the suffering involved, you allow yourself to resonate with the suffering and be fully present with each other. Omitting a Get Well Soon sympathy will allow every person to grow and not try feel what they think they should feel and/or act under a sense of moral obligation pressured upon you by society. Anxiety and fear are both the product of not living in the present moment.

Whether things deteriorate or actually "get better", we can understand that there is only so much we can do to affect the outcomes and consequences. We can allow ourselves to free our minds from contemplating on what will happen in the future or dwell on the wrongdoings of the past. For each moment we are present is a success and the best use of our time. It does not matter if things will get better or not when you truly accept what you are feeling right now and understand suffering and how to be with it.



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You Don't Deserve to be Happy

You Don't Deserve to be Happy

" You deserve to be Happy!"
"Thank you!  That's what I thought!"

Although this positive statement can be empowering, it is more or less an empty statement. It is very important to understand the nature of happiness and a sense of entitlement. By saying you deserve to be happy, you are boxing happiness into a state of mind, lifestyle, mood and object. You put happiness as a reward spectrum for who you think that you are. It is more or less a crisis in identity.

"I'm a good person so I deserve to be happy."
"I am a good spouse so I deserve to be happy".

You deserve to be happy as much as you deserve to be angry.

You create a false dichotomy of work and reward. I am this so I must have this. I have gained this so I "deserve" this. You are escaping the present moment when you say that you must be a certain thing or fit into a certain construct of being. Saying that you deserve anything is a form of resistance.

If you are sad, you can try to escape that sadness by demanding that you deserve to be happy. You are not stopping to breathe and attempting to understand why you are feeling such sadness. If you look at the sadness and breathe through it then you are allowing the present moment to be as it is. Being aware of the present moment will lead to "happiness" and joy. When you think you deserve to be happy, you are placing happiness at an ending place. Happiness becomes a means to an end. Happiness becomes a dead end. Happiness becomes a teddy bear you will eventually get bored of.

"So you're happy, now what?"

But, what about my right to be happy?

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives three examples of the "inalienable rights" which the Declaration says has been given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which governments are created to protect. - From Wikipedia

Let's break some of this down.
I am more interested in the ''pursuit of Happiness" part so I can stay more in course. I may possibly break down this entire phrase in another piece of writing.

The pursuit of Happiness ( with a capital H mind you! ) is somewhat of an illusory concept. It is broad and open to different perspectives. First of all, you are placing Happiness as a destination or a goal that will manifest itself through the outer world. Even when you pursue happiness inwardly, you are chasing a carrot that you will never carrot. If you arrive at a place in your life and say, " Wow, I am finally happy right now", you are being fooled. Happiness exists in every moment and is not a destination or a "reward" inside your mind or in the real world. You have the freedom to become aware of the present moment and thus make a choice on whether to be happy or not. Happiness arises in the most spontaneous moments of awareness. On these grounds, thinking of happiness as a "right" is illegitimate when happiness is created and labelled by one's own conscious ability. Happiness becomes a concept solely determinate on self ownership. No outside circumstances are necessary responsible for your lack of happiness especially when pursuing the illusion of happiness itself.

If someone tells you that you deserve to be happy then you can fully understand that happiness is not dependent on a certain set of actions or constructs. With the power or awareness and meditation, one can realize the joy of knowing that happiness is a label and a distraction. If you choose to be happy, then BE happy, but realize that trying to tell someone to be happy is a lost cause.

What a glorious time we live in where we can wilfully choose how we feel and react in each moment. Consciousness is a wonderful blessing and a useful tool. Oh what joy we can have when we realize that happiness does not exist, but is simply a made up concept we can all subscribe to or laugh at.

You don't deserve to be happy.
You don't have a right to be happy.
Just be..
or don't!

Your Horoscope for today

Happy Day!
Here is your horoscope for today. I hope the day brings you gifts of joy and infinite abundance!

Aries- Go ahead and go for that third cup of coffee today just so you can spend a little time on the toilet while watching YouTube videos.

Taurus- Beware of rogue traffic cones that show up randomly on roads. Avoid hitting them unless of course you are feeling bold and beautiful.

Gemini- Try staring at the sun for a few seconds longer today and then spin around 5 times and just lay down in the grass. Don't be late for work!

Cancer- Don't bother wearing underwear today. Let that sh*t breathe!

Leo- Buy a piece of fruit for a random person at the supermarket. Make sure and tell them how much you like the symmetry of their elbows.

Virgo- Start a random conversation about the weather with a friend or stranger in a public place. Tell them that you are hoping for rain or at least a mildly threatening dust devil.

Libra- Get up early and clean out your closet. Smell all the insides of your shoes and sweep under the bed. Try humming while you brush your teeth and put on two different types of socks. Make sure to high five yourself in the mirror.

Scorpio- Preach the gospel of hourly push ups.

Sagittarius- Just go ahead and try to eat a whole pizza because your day is just going to be bad. Sorry!

Capricorn- Stay away from Leos and short anecdotes today.

Aquarius- Reconsider your career and consider the rewards of working in Waste Management.

Pisces- Try riding a bike after work today while yelling " Look who has a smaller carbon footprint..this guy!"