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Monday, June 8, 2015

Why are you smiling?

Why are you smiling?
- I woke up refreshed
Why are you skipping?
- I decided to spice up my walk.
Why are you laughing?
- I have a funny memory pop up in my mind.
Why are you dancing?
- I had a burst of energy and heard Tejano music in the distance.
Why are you jumping?
- I was trying to reach for a leaf that was falling.
Why are you standing still?
- I am enjoying the breeze that just came through.
Why are you laying in the grass?
- It feels great and I'm soaking up some rays. 
Why are you high fiving random people?
- It brightens people's day!
Why are you spinning in a circle?
- I'm enjoying myself. 
Why are you yelling at nothing?
- I'm breaking the monotony and letting of some steam
Why are you doing pushups in the cereal aisle?
- Because I can.

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