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Monday, June 29, 2015

Mondays aren't real, man!


So I woke up and I was like, "Aw man, it's Monday again!"
Here we go again. Another trudging work week to suffer till we get to the weekend.
Monday, Tuesday, Humpday, Almost Friday, Friday!
But the thing is, these days are only trackers of time. They are constructs instructing us about the passing of time. Our society has created these days as implicit contracts for us to be going to school or going to work ( If we are good citizens). The hatred of Mondays are constructed by us. We create this invisible barrier of suffering that we feel we must go through in order for us to compartmentalize fun for later in the week.

We can thank the  Nationalist Calvinistic  agenda of the protestant work ethic for the social programming that made us "feel" certain days for certain illusory days. We have been programmed to make ourselves feel better towards the end of the week and trick ourselves in thinking that we earned "the weekend". We endure the weekdays and live for the weekend. This is destructive. We fall into the sea of " Anti Mondayers" and create a collective suffering. We create a collective apathy like we have no choice in how we feel. We put up weekday construct on the pedestal and enslave us to the idea of work and complacency. Friday and Monday all have something in common: 24 hours.

24 hours to sleep, eat, dance, play, drink, spin, draw.....
Monday...more like.. FUNDAY!

The illusory thought that Mondays are suppose to be dreadful perpetuates itself through each interaction and future generations. Do we want to breed new generations of people that fall into the same dreaded work week mentality? Do want the future working generation to feel like they have to suffer 5 days in order to enjoy a weekend or days off?

Break Yoself!

Make Mondays a day to do something different to start off your week. Inspire people to break themselves from the chains of Monday Monotony. Don't block out a certain amount of time to have "fun". Have fun for the whole day. Integrate it. Sure, you might have to buckle down and take care of things, but it's all about attitude. We fall into the trap that play must be scheduled or compartmentalized sometime in our drooling work day. We create victims of ourselves stripping our self ownership and identify with learned helplessness.

When you align yourself with the present moment and understand the concept of time and the effect of stress on the mind and body, you are living. Your work or errands in the day won't define how to choose to perceive the day whether it be a weekday or the weekend. You ride. You flow with what is. When you are aware, the concept of days and time do not matter.

“Conscious life activity distinguishes man directly from the life activity of an animal.” - Karl Marx

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