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Monday, June 8, 2015

Eliminate Verbal Junk

 Language is an awesome and fantastic tool that has evolved and is constantly evolving. Some of us like to talk more than others.How much do we focus on the way we talk? Some people let the words flow out like a faucet and string words together leisurely without being conscious of what they are actually saying. How much do we see talking or speaking as a technology to make us better and enhance communication between one another? I for one, have learned to understand my small vocal flubs and become a more confident communicator and speaker. Most of us are familiar with there words and probably integrate them into our speech on a regular basis. We use these as "glue" to stick together our thoughts, words and phrases. The important thing is to be mindful of what you are saying.
  Verbal Junk
 ( PG13 version : Verbal Diarrhea )
   and uh
   so uh
   kind of
   You know?
   and uh
   yea ok
   Some examples: I was at the store the other day "and uh.." I was looking for something refreshing "Kinda like" a soda.  I was just feeling parched, " you know? "
   " I kinda think that you are being a little angry, like I'm kind of umm.. offended by your mood, ok."
   It is important to be confident in your speech and to learn to speak with conviction. Being direct, correct and full of enthusiasm will influence others to speak in the same way. Once you start being more aware of your talking, you will start to notice it in other people. It is important to not try to correct people, but to simply observe and learn how you can be a better speaker. When you are in full control of your speech, the doors of opportunities fly open. Speech is something that you always have on you and always have control over. Own it! You will make mistakes. Don't get frustrated. Simply noticing it is part of the growing process. It takes practice. Once you start to mold your speech and character, you will start to notice more things falling into place and get a boost of confidence and vigor!
- Vocal flubs bring out your insecurities.
- Be aware
- Learn to take pauses and breaths.
- Be expressive and engaged.
- Be creative and humorous ( based upon context ).
- Speak with compassion
- Say it with your chest!

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