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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey, Life Happens?

Well you know, Life Happens! Sh*t Happens. It just happens huh?

Some of us like to use these empty phrases to avoid responsibility and self ownership. We think," Hey this is what life is suppose to be right?" Sure, maybe there were some things out of your control. Maybe you acted under emotional duress or acted on an emotion such as anger or jealousy. You can't take it back, but you can learn from it. Saying life happens, implies that you are creating a victim consciousness. You think that life is simply things happening to you and defining your existence. This is one of the biggest illusions ever. We must analyze what this comes from and why we put ourselves in a victim type of consciousness or unconsciousness.


We can see these levels of consciousness in a more direct term that happens with in us. We can analyze and become aware of the ways we can filter and interact with these levels. This is comes with mindfulness and self ownership. We choose they way we can "act" from the prior levels leading up into the physical world.

The Life Happens statement is a statement of avoidance and irresponsibility. There are things that happen outside of your control. That shouldn't define your overall well being. Accept what you cannot change.

Your Problems are created in your mind. It isn't your life. Saying it is your life is possessive.
It is the ego seeing life as separate and a type of self manifested object. We all know Sh*t happens. It is how we react to it that matters. We can approach a storm calmly and with confidence. Being passive and defining an event right on the spot only is avoiding the problem.

Saying that Life just happens boxes you into victim consciousness. It strips you of responsibility. It traps you in a stagnant pool of helplessness. 

Where is the courage?
Where is the self ownership? 
Where is the growth? 

If life happens, 
If life gets shitty, 
Flowers grow from the shit, 
If you are aware of your power to see it. 

Live, learn and grow. 

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