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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Look, I'm being really fr*aking patient here!

Look, I'm Being Really Freaking patient here! I have been waiting here for awhile.
And Look, I am one to wait ok!  I have been known to wait for hours on end. I have been known to be an excellent waiter. This one time, I decided to wait longer than I was intended to. I decided that it would be nice if I waited nicely.

I mean how long do I have to wait here? I am being patient. I would say that patience is my middle name or at least a nickname at times. I mean how patient can you be with patience? I mean how can one be patience with patience. Well, I know doctors can, but that's besides the point. I have been patient long enough to know what patience is. Will I ever catch a break?

The moment I think I am done waiting, I just end up waiting some more. It's like the promises of waiting are waiting to get back at me with more weighting. This time is just dragging on now. I mean the clock just seems absurdly slow. Maybe I shouldn't pay attention to the clock and start paying attention to more important things. Sometimes I feel like I waiting is an important thing, but I digress.

What can I occupy my mind with to take my mind off all this waiting. Instead of sitting here just waiting, I could be doing something instead. I feel like I am just waiting to something to pop into my brain. Am I trying too hard? Should I be waiting for something to smack me in the face so I could just stop waiting. Oh Wait! I got an idea! Maybe I could just take a nap and speed up the waiting. That's a good idea, but then I have to wait for my self to go to sleep. What doesn't require waiting? I mean everything in your life requires some sort of waiting. I guess it's what you do with it. You don't need to be oppressed by the tyranny of time!

Maybe waiting is an illusion ! Maybe waiting is just the perception of the observer and the space between A and B. Maybe the space between A and B is worth waiting for. Oh wait! You aren't actually waiting when you concentrate or enjoy on the space between A and B. It's like that saying, " Life is a Journey and not a Destination! " The journey is still a journey even if it requires waiting. So enough with all this talk! I got some waiting to do!

*Mr. Geisler, the Doctor will see you now."


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