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Thursday, September 10, 2015

There is no escape so you might as well enjoy that ice cream cone

Are you ever eating an ice cream cone and then a sharp ice cold pain shoots down your neck and spirals you down a thought hole of pain and misery? You look at what's in front of you and you tell yourself, " Someday all of this will be gone. I will be gone. All this temporary pleasure will be sucked into a vacuous continuum of nothingness." 

Your fleeting sense of mortality makes your innards writhe in discomfort and pain. Your face goes pale white and your senses are heightened. Did it matter that you drank a little too much last night? Did it matter that you stole a small candy bar when you were a raucous 12 year old? Does the idea of imminent death and destruction please or displease you? 

A black hole could quite possibly rip into the very fabric of our existence without warning. The earth could say it has enough and activate all the super volcanos and earthquakes at once. You delight in the comfort that you will see another day. The splendor of looking forward to more potlucks, long nights, swim sessions and make out marathons. Your constant faith in the unknown just might be what the doctor ordered.

You made a lot of decisions to get where you are right now. A lot of nicely and neatly scheduled decisions that allowed you to enjoy that ice cream cone. All the tragedies and mistakes have molded you into making the decisions in the now and in the future. The fact you are silently enjoying an ice cream cone without the fear of bombs being dropped or hornet attacking is absolutely remarkable. 

Think of all the other things you could be doing. I'm sure there are sales at a local thrift shop or even a singer songwriter showcases you could peak your head into. Why did you choose ice cream at this moment ? Was it the commercial you saw last night or the middle aged man making sweet love to a pint of Ben and Jerry's in a food court? Was it simply the absence of not having anything else to do? Maybe you were trying to repress some bad emotions or thoughts and you thought the best way to cope was a delicious sugary concoction.

How did the ice cream get to you ? Imagine the amazing amount of capitalistic teamwork it took to get that nicely displayed sugary distraction into your hands. Imagine the hands and minds that sculpted the ice cream directly from the imagination. The first invention of ice cream set a catalyst for the perpetuation of ice cream in the universe. From the start of the universe, the multicellular organism, the evolved bovine, to the human interaction, we have have created opportunity from nature and ingenuity. The synergistic relationship between man, animal and nature have all worked in harmony to created a delectable treat that can untimately put a smile on peoples' faces without fail. Although the pleasure from the ice cream is instant and temporary, it's effect on the human consciousness is eternal. The echoes of sugary gratitude has allowed for experimentation, innovation and inspiration for the future of the human race. What a treat it is to see the relationship between the birth of an idea to the ephemeral material manifestation in the outer universe. 

It's a sticky situation. 

For each lick of ice cream, you immediately reward your pleasure sensors. All your troubles and worries are transmuted into the delectable act of licking cream from a manufactured cone. You could care less about politics or the hunger crisis millions of people are facing across the earth. The act of eating ice has hijacked your constant worrisome hamster mind and has steered it into a state of pleasure and awareness. You see the ice cream drip down the cone as you fight with sun to see who will melt it all first. Your thoughts of fear and worry creep in the closer you get to finishing the cone. The imminent feelings of dread creep slowly into your consciousness. You now know that this moment is fleeting. 

Much like the end of a really good movie, the end of an ice cream cone signifies a return to reality. You try your best to relish in the last moments of the sweet treat. 

You have two choices: 

Enjoy every last moment of the ice cream whole being grateful you had to have it in the first place.  


Plunder into a spiral of doom knowing the the end of the cone signifies the return to a miserable existence. 

The memory of the ice cream cone will fade, but having the power to realize that the eating of the ice cream transported you into a state of conscious awareness is priceless. Think of the events that happened due to the fact that you had that experience. Your enlightened mood could have inspired a stranger to smile and treat his fellow mankind with kindness even if his day was a pathetic like of dung. You could have spurred the idea to buy some ice cream for a friend or even start writing that play about the fictitious potatoe famon on a space farm. 

The influences of the past, your biology, your thought processes and your state of being had a direct impact on the consuming of the ice cream. What drove you to do this on a day like this? Where will the event take you and how will it change your interactions and decisions in the near future? Some ice cream for thought. 

Either way, the impeding promise of death and decay in the universe should not distract you from the pleasure of eating an ice cream cone. Each conscious moment creates a wonderful dance of life will luscious spontaneity and unexpected opportunity. So even if all the dread may just be from the mind, your ability to choose how you interact with it is all on you. Life, like the ice cream cone, has a small amount of time to exist. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


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