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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Abolishing "ok" and "k"

The words "ok" and "k" have permeated itself in all methods of communication in the modern day era of technological advancement. It's ubiquitous and unitelligable nature has dumbed down creative methods of conversation and spread a mystical butter of mediocrity between the breads of basic human interaction. The words are Ambiguous, apathetic and uncreative. It relies on the expediency of reply and treads on the lines of passive aggression and disinterest. 

The use of the word ok creates an atmosphere of passivity and indifference. It is watered down vernacular indicating an absence of enthusiasm and unconscious interaction. The word has no concrete meaning leading people to be confused and unable to decipher its ambiguous baggage. 

On a biological level, we are creatures of habit. We follow the orders dictated to us by out social groups and the superficial guidelines taught to us. We get caught up in fast replying to things we have little to no full interest in. We clutter our minds and lives with vacuous, short and fast texts that add little to no value. Our communications have been co-opted by the immediate gratification of technology and allowed to us to simply respond to questions without conviction. 

The use of "ok" and "k" are indirect methods of communication. It is a quick non aware response to things not full taken in within open and attentive mind. Sometimes we use these words because we get caught up in our own habitual agendas. It's easy. It's non confrontational ( sometimes ) to use these words and simply reply as if we are checking off boxes on a piece of paper. 

There is a way to break the boring cycle of oks. By mindfully and enthusiastically responding to questions and statements, we can intelligently and creatively grow our social communication. Being honest, assertive and direct helps you interact with people in the present and the future. Enthusiasm rubs off on the people involved in social interactions. Instead of responding with ok, we can positively change the mood and atmosphere of each dialogue. 

Here are some examples. 

Affirmative/ Positive and Enthusiastic statements. 

Great idea! 
Looking forward to it! 
Thank you! 
That sounds grand! 

Get creative! 

By taking initiative and creatively experimenting with language, we can also change social interactions for the positive. We can turn cold and ambivalent responses into helpful, creative and mood altering statements that will affect everyone's lives for the better. By inspiring people to be upfront and enthusiastic, we can spread healthy interactions for the generations of the future. 

"But what if I'm feeling bad or not in the mood to be enthusiastic?"

Good question! 

You should always recenter yourself when you are frustrated with a discussion or a person. Show your appreciation for that person and let them know your true feelings. If you don't feel like spilling the beans, tell them that you are more than willing to talk at a later time and show your appreciation for the interaction whether in real life or through social media/ text. Keep in mind that you are responsible for all that you say. Don't blame other people for the passive or aggressive ways of interaction. 

Go out there and change the way we interact with people. Abolish or at least be conscious of the use of the words ok or k. Consider the "!" as a door to exploring new vernacular possibilities. Maintain positive and non-aggressive interactions while consciously keeping the peoples' moods in mind. Key word: be creative! 

Go forth and spread the enthusiasm!
Bask in the glory of how words can affect  the world and the betterment of all humanity. 



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