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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Wait, Integrate!

Hey You!

What are you doing today?
Do you have a To Do list made up?
Are you procrastinating again?
What exactly are you putting off?

Don't Wait!

Do you get what I am saying?
Ok, let me Elaborate!

We all love to compartmentalize.
 We all love to multitask. They say it is good for employment. They say you can get more done by doing multiple things at once. What an Idea! We seek solace and pleasure in completing small menial tasks that give us a false sense of purpose. Some of them are necessary I might add. Some of them need to get done for the sake of being done. Let's take dish washing for example. Most of us dread the fact that we have to eventually clean the piles of porcelain and metal that lies in the sink. We make haste with it! We make a race with it. We sometimes fail to align ourselves with the present moment and really enjoy the heck out of dish washing. But when you are truly present with what you are doing, you can enjoy it and be one with it. You create the opportunity for yourself to improve the art of dish washing. Sure you will make mistakes, but it is important to breathe through the small hiccups and proceed through the dish washing completion. Breathe and Proceed.

Do the Dish washing dance!
The Dancing of the Dishes,
If ya wishes.

So what am I getting at?

I brought up the dish washing to bring up a great point on living in the present moment. Now I want to dive into what "passion" is. What are you passionate about? What are you doing from day to day to live your passion? Sure most of us have full time jobs, social lives and even families, but how can we discipline ourselves to live a creative and integrated life. I will have to correct myself on what I just said. I used the D word. Discipline! We are all think that fitting our lives and actions into rigid routines will make us into better people or produce a better product. There is a lot of myth in Discipline. Ponder this thought...

Discipline is the suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self control. Self-discipline is to some extent a substitute for Motivation.[citation needed] Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action that opposes one's desires, which is the opposite of Fun. - Wikipedia

Discipline can be seen as a form of resistance. We want to use discipline as a form of violence to have us "become" what we are not. We like to use discipline as the resistance to the innate desires we have in us.

" I cannot give into my desires because the desires are not in alignment with what I want to BE!"

We can fall into the trap of rigidity that makes us think that we are achieving who we want to be by disciplining our lives for the sake of the promise of our future selves. Where is the passion in our lives? How can we integrate that passion without trying to subdue or whip it like it is an unruly bull?
When we are present and aware of the present moment and are innate passions and desires, we can learn to channel them at the most important times. We can not only dedicate a block of time to our passions every day or week, but we can integrate them in every part of our daily lives. We can harvest the creative energy at every time and turn something out of nothing. You ride with the flow of life and trust your intuitions without putting on a mask that constricts you into an illusory sense of self.

When we start to see discipline as a distraction and a form of constraint, we can start to see why we are better off with out it. When we understand that the core of discipline feeds the illusory sense of self and ultimately distracts us from the totality of life, we can grow. We can breathe through our desires and really evaluate the true values in our hearts and minds. When we understand that our actions ultimately align with what we value, we can make the right choices and start to truly live our lives with integrity and confidence. 

We can align ourselves and accept that our pitfalls and alleged "mistakes" will only be lessons for the future. We can open up ourselves to the creative possibility of not knowing what is coming next and creating an atmosphere of joy, experimentation and curiosity. When we integrate our passions with the present moment and not anxiously try to escape, we become artists of innovation venturing into the grasps of the unknown. We can integrate technology such as an Iphone, a notepad or a sketchbook to draw or jot down the ideas that come to us from the universe. We all have the potential to become antennas for the innovative ideas presented right in FRONT OF US!

Breathe. Accept. Integrate.

Integrate your life with the things that you value. Integrate your life with the relationships and friendships that you value. Integrate your life with the possibilities of not knowing what will come next. Integrate your life with the present moment.


"The ingredient - if I may use that word which is absolutely necessary is the quality of affection and integrity. I don't mean by integrity any form of pattern of belief, nor do I mean it as integrity according to the experience through which one has to live; but I mean that integrity that comes about when you begin to observe every movement of your own thought and when no thought is hidden. You do not wear a mask, you do not any longer pretend to be something other than what you actually are; and therefore there is no discipline, no fancy, no worship; and out of that comes the external sense of integrity I mean that kind of integrity, not the man who has belief and lives according to that belief, not the man who is sincere but with certain ideals, not the man who follows a certain discipline or tries to bring about an integration emotionally or intellectually. Such efforts do not bring out integrity. On the contrary, they increase conflict, misery."- Jiddu Krishnamurti

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