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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I was so busy I forgot to be busy!

I was so busy I forgot to be busy. It's true! I was in a wash of unmitigated busyness set forth by past business that perpetuated present busyness that has caught me off guard. I didn't plan on being this busy. It just happened. 

While I was going about my day being busy, I came across the thought that maybe I wasn't being busy enough. I mean I have been busy this whole time and it didn't really occur to me that I should be even more busy. This busyness sure comes with some small rewards. It is absolutely imperative that I keep remaining busy so that busyness can maintain itself. I mean who doesn't want to be busy? 

From the first time I wake I make sure to satisfy my mind with busy thoughts and fill up my time with busy actions. I must at least make it look like I am busy so that people do not think I am not doing something with my life. I must make sure my schedule is somewhat air tight and constantly tell friends and colleagues that my busyness takes the utmost priority in my life. Even when I attempt to go to bed I like to ponder the significance of the business that will occupy the next day when I wake. I must revel in the busy ness of others. Even if I or others do not necessarily get anything done, I can at least say that I was busy doing something. 

I must keep this hamster wheel in my head spinning with great vigor and pace from one task to the next. I must focus on the A to B dichotomy and totally ignore the pertinence of the present moment. If I slow down then my thoughts and doubt will creep in like a cockroach in a kitchen at night. I must make sure to avoid pressing problems in my psyche and push forward to finishing a paper or depositing a check at the bank. I am a conduit for fruitful busyness to move through. I must bend to the will of my mind's eccentric and beautiful madness that uses up glycogen like fire to a book.
I must frantically panic when something does not go right. I will then regain my composure and be a slave to my amagydala. Did I say that I need to be busy all the time? Even when it appears I am relaxing, my mind is busy. 

I must identify with the busyness. I must become the busyness. The busyness is my business. It may be none of your business to be involved in my busyness, but my busyness business is my busyness life. So are you busy right now? 
Are you on the road to being busy? 
Is your busyness your business?
Is your busyness your master?

Well, everyone else is busy. Why aren't you?


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