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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top 9 best things about being broke!

Hey are you broke?
Well certainly it is not the end of the world. Being broke shows that there is an opportunity to be more creative and fiscally conservative with the money you don't have or have yet. Here are the top 9 reasons on why being broke is beneficial for you in the long run.

1. Being broke forces you to prioritize what is necessary and what is important in your life. 
- you might want to reconsider the small things you buy. They add up. Consider focusing on the necessities such as rent and living expenses. Maybe that cappuccino or that beer isn't the best option for you right now. Consider what foods you could buy that will last you a week or more. Rice and beans are a good start.

2. It makes you think more long term while still making you focus on the importance of the present moment. 
-When you are broke it is good to subscribe to a "More bang for your buck" philosophy that will help you in the near future. It makes you think, " How can I sustain myself until I get a new job to get paid again?" You can take a deep break and realize that what you have right now is enough and that saving a little bit more or learning from past frivolous spending actions will turn you into a better money managing human. 

3. Being broke has the potential to make you more grateful.
- When you have very little, things of value such as friends, family and current luxuries will shine brighter than before. Showing your gratitude will also inspire others to look at their lives in a different light. It's that old saying, " You Get What You Give." 

4. It allows you to become a
Conscious freeloader. 
- Ok maybe freeloader isn't the best word. I believe that scavenger is a better word for it. We live in a consumerist society that praises buying new things and shuns the idea of scavenging or buying used things. Taking your time to see places that offer snacks, samples and treats are a great way to visit new places and eat for free. Going to thrift shops, garage sales and looking on Craigslist are all great activities for creating a sustainable lifestyle of low income and money saving. I would recommend the book, The Scavengers Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson.

5. It allows you think of possible new ways to make extra money. 
- You know that old Casio keyboard or that antique shelf that you never use are collecting dust. You probably have many objects that would provide some value to other people. This goes back to prioritizing your stuff and De-cluttering your space. Your stuff is a reflection of your inner state of mind. 

What are some talents or actions that would be able to provide value to other people? I am not necessarily advocating for you to quit your job and pursue your kombucha or decorated bottle cap business right away, but if the need for more cash is needed you can start small. What are you passionate about and what can you offer people for some side cash? You can certainly be amazed by the snow ball effect that happens when you actually start interesting people in what you have to offer. This also fits hand in hand with time management and how and what you value in life. Your actions are a reflection of what you value. 

6. It forces you to engage in more free activities and adventures. 
- Maybe the idea of going to a bar with your friends and not being able to afford any drinks is a bad idea. You can certainly go while being honest with your friends, but there are so many options besides sitting around and drinking at a table. You can invest your time wisely and start thinking of activities that don't involve spending too much money. Hiking, swimming, working out, going to a park and riding bikes are a great introduction. It will open you up and allow you to see past the consumerist ideal of just going out and spending frivolous amounts of money on food or stuff. 

7. It shows you the people in your life that are willing to help you out.  
- Going back to the "Get What You Give" philosophy, you will certainly figure out that many friends and family members are willing to help you out or even provide for you without even asking. Most of us sometimes operate under Reciprocal Altrusim, where we spot a friend and then they spot us later. While this is completely common and fine, there will be times where your true friends will omit their sense of obligation. You may need a ride, a couple of bucks for the bus, a much needed post work drink or even a granola bar. When you are in the financial dumps, true and honest friends will step up because they value what you offer in the friendship. The value you offer to your friends is leaps and bounds over anything monetary in return. This is a good idea to reflect and ask yourself what you are actually "giving" or "adding" to your relationships and how you can step up and add more value. 

8. Being broke allows you to investigate more into trade and bartering. 
- There are lots of websites popping up and pages on social media that are operating under trading, sharing and bartering. If money is tight, but you need a necessary piece of equipment or even food, trading is a great way to start. Even if you only have a couple small basil plants, some really good books, canned goods or some clothes, you can find someone willing to trade what you need. It will take some more time investment and you can always reach out to closer friends if you are in an immediate need for something. Sharing is a concept this is often lost in our society. Take a moment to see if any of your friends would be willing to lend you something that they are not using. You can save and work up to getting your own in the future, but realize that there are lots of trusting people and friends that would have no problem letting you borrow their stuff.

9. Being broke has the potential for tremendous growth. 
- When you are tight on money it is important to always align your self with your inner atmosphere. Remember to breathe and be ok with what is. Panicking and making up stories in your head provides no positive actions for yourself at the moment or yourself in the future. You must realize the the outer is a reflection of the inner and through awareness, meditation and breathing, any financial state should not dictate how you actually feel. Don't be a victim to the dollar. Breathe, regroup and take all past events as lessons for your growth into a financially responsible and happy person.


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