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Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'm a Statistic!


I am John.
I am a White male almost in his thirties.
I have a college degree and a decent paying job.
I have good credit.
I have made mistakes.
I am a statistic!

I will be lumped into a category and criticized even when people do not know me personally or know how I like to live my life.
I will be criticized on how I feel about the world by the color of my skin and the particular type of philosophy I subscribe to.
People will tell me that I cannot voice my opinions on certain subjects because of my current situation, past life or even the way I look.
People will use emotional manipulators to incite some type of reaction out of me and ultimately dodge the possibility of continuing any rational or peaceful debate.
People will go out of their way to call me out on things they think are wrong and immediately tell me I am wrong without even bringing up and evidence to back up their view.
People will lump me into a certain group of people based upon past actions and backgrounds and not consider the possibility that I have grown from my experiences.

I will get yelled at and called names for certain words that might "trigger" someone else. The accusers will point the finger and chastise me for using a word and not consider the context of how the word is used.

I will unintentionally "offend" people for speaking truths while continually being compassionate and considerate of each others feelings.

My views will be taken out of context and picked apart. 
People will develop views on me based upon what I have said without doing the appropriate research to make a valid assessment and opinion.
They will be shot down and discouraged.

People will form groups and not consider the possibility that there are other views that might align more to reason and evidence.
People will bind their minds to an ideology and not open other views into a healthy discussion or debate.
People will waste their time without looking inward and seek solace and comfort from a group or organization.
People will lose their selves in their own beliefs.
People will point the finger and ignore responsibility and self ownership.
People will get lost in a tornado of blame.
They will dehumanize me and other people by placing us into less endearing terms.
They will create their opinions off of small mistakes you have made.
They will not see the whole picture.
They will not get to know you because they are too interested in their own agenda.

I will become isolated.
I will become angry.
I will become lost in a swarm.
I will become a statistic.


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