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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lonely the Only

It's starting to get late at night. I'm getting hungry. I decide to make a salad and some soup. I hear a knock on the door. I see who it is. It is loneliness again. He has come uninvited. This happens too often. I decide to let him in.

I will refer to Loneliness as L in this piece.

Me: Hey, again.. 
L: hello, I heard you were making food. 
Me: well, yes, but I wasn't expecting company.. 
L: I hear you, let's not forget the treasures of the element of surprise. 
Me: Ok, well I think I have enough for the both of us. 
L: great.

I sit down with loneliness at the dinner table. Of course, I am feeling glum at this point. Seems like another great night. (Sarcasm) 

L: How has your night been? Where are your friends? 
Me: Well, it's going good. My friends are all busy or with their partners. 
L: oh I see, where is your partner?
Me: I don't have a partner.. 
L: oh, why is that?
Me: I wish I knew..
L: Is that why you invited me?
Me: What? I didn't invite you..
L: Oh are you sure? I mean it seemed like you needed some company tonight. I'm your guy!
Me: Why would I need to hang out with loneliness on a night like this? I could call over a friend.
L: Oh can you? I thought you said that all of your friends were busy tonight.
Me: Well, yea, but I have other friends I can call...
L: Hmm.. I see, but I guess none of those friends hold up to me.
Me: No, I mean you are cool, but it seems like you are coming over quite often.
L: I know, I'm a part of you. Well, I mean, I make you think that I am part of you. You have plenty of options, but I keep showing up in your life.
Me: Why do I feel so lonely, loneliness?
L: Well, I think you have gotten use to my company. You are no longer lonely with loneliness. You have embraced me with somewhat open arms.
Me: I just feel alone at times that's all.
L: Well you realize that you are not alone right? I mean otherwise you would have Alone over for dinner.
Me: Yea I know, I guess you're right.
L: Yea I know I am right.


L: Quit checking your phone!
Me: I'm not!
L: I just saw you sneak a peek under the table.
Me: Ok fine, I was just checking on the time.
L: sure.. you're waiting for someone to text you aren't you?
Me: Well.. Kinda..
L: Pay attention to me. I am your guest tonight. You and Loneliness. We could be having fun.
Me: Yea, but no offense you're just not that fun anymore.
L: Oh really?!
Me: Yea, I mean you show up unannounced and sometimes you keep me up and are a real bummer.
L: Well how rude!
Me: I don't mean to offend, I just need to get right with myself and you. I think it's time we took a break from each other.
L: How do you mean?
Me: Well maybe I can have some great nights in the near future where I can enjoy my own company and realize that I have a great supportive network of friends and family that I can get in touch with or even hang out with.
L: Oh, you really think that will work?!
Me: Well, I know that this isn't working..


L: You're going to miss me. I know this. You'll keep wanting me back!
Me: Eh, I don't think so with that attitude.
L: Well you just try.. I'd like to see you try in fact.
Me: Ok, well I think I have had enough. Thanks for coming over and I'll remember these nights of turmoil and loneliness.
L: Sure.
Me: There's the door. I'll let you know when I need you..
L: Bah...

Front door slams.

I eat my dinner quietly with a small smile for once.


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