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Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm a published Author

I am a published Author. Every post I have made on social media can be appropriately cited. Every post becomes it's own identity or part of a collective whole of conceptual continuity. I can arrange posts for future publications that could most likely take the form of a blog article, book or pamphlet. 

Every post is an original thought. The unoriginal quotes that are copied onto statuses and tweets are appropriately credited at the bottom. Since I publish on the internet through social media and blogs, I am challenging the way we read and write with each published word. Each social media post becomes part of a grand patchwork of internet writings. 

A narrative is not necessary for determining the legitimacy of a published piece on social media. Simple random words and declarative statements are no different than thoughtful and contrived posts. Some posts are more interpretive and less objective. The posts that are objective can easily be truthful statements that perpetuate the endless cycle of internet archival practices. 

Each post expands the internet consciousness and adds to the archival knowledge of the global network. For when all participants in social media and internet practices post content, the expansion of authors becomes commonplace. Each person generates their own original content when the thought is original or a simple expansion or innovation of unoriginal thoughts. Each post reinforces the author identity on the internet. Internet post participants perpetuate the false identity of internet avatar relations. One cannot be simply his or her self when authenticity is manipulated through each published post. Users create their identity through the publication of words and images. Users steal identities from others on the internet to reinforce their own egoic identity. 

 Each post is deceptive in social media. We are putting makeup on our internet face. We are internally editing in our brains and outwardly expressing that editing through published posts. Writers do the same thing. Writers are contrived. Writers reinforce their own identities through the act of writing and editing. Editing becomes god. Editing becomes your egoic identity. 

We are trying up be honest. 
We are trying to impress. 
We have also have inhibitions. 

We edit and we act on impulse.
Each post is an historical document.
Each post becomes a relic from a past time. We can learn from them and we can forget them. We can be witty and we can be dumb. For posts are grand studies on the human psyche and evolutionary human biology. 

We are all writers! 
Rejoice !

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