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Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear God, will you make me a sandwich?

Dear God,

               Will you make me a sandwich? I am feeling very hungry and I crave the sustenance of a gluten based meal. I want the energy so I can go about my day and succeed! I want tomatoes with bacon and cheese and some mayo. But please hold the lettuce! The iceberg variety is oh so disappointing. I shall become one with the sandwich in the moment. I will eat with conviction and eat with my full attention. Every sandwich is a gift. The bread, the meat, the condiments and the vegetables work together in union and create a blissful dance on my tongue. I want o be full oh Lord!

                I will not ask for chips or a pickle for that matter. I only want the grace of a sandwich. Be it in a bag or on a plate, I will eat it. Give it to me on rye, wheat, sourdough, pumpernickel, but please not on white. For the white bread eliminates the potential of the sandwich. The bread of the sandwich holds so much weight. I mean it holds the whole sandwich together for YOUR sake! I am not saying that I wouldn't take chips, but I don't want to ask for much. Side note: Fresh and local vegetables would be a great addition, but once again I don't want to be too picky.

                I will leave the type of sandwich to you. I want the surprise of biting into the unknown. I want the excitement of not knowing what I am getting into. I know you know what I like. Like a search engine, you know me like the back of your hand right? Please don't hold back on the mayonnaise. Let the mustard or Dijon slide across the bread and clash with the mayonnaise forming a wonderful marbled swirl of explosive taste. I feel like I am asking for a modest delight. Although I do prefer the blessing of condiments, I am not opposed to a dry sandwich with the base of meat and cheese. I will also not refuse a vegetarian sandwich. Slather that hummus or peanut butter on that bread with humility o' lord. I occasionally enjoy the school like charm of a classic PB&J. That sandwich transports me into the past. The childlike innocence and exuberance that I seldom forget comes rushing into my frontal lobes like a high speed train. Each sandwich has the potential to transport me into a different time. I am eternally grateful for this.

So what say you God? Shall you grant me the blessing of a sustaining sandwich? Will I be graced with this culinary masterpiece? I do not ask for much and I know you have been watching. I pledge to be a better person. I pledge to enjoy every bite of the sandwich. I shall no take this for granted. For the fertile land produces abundant sandwiches that bless people each day. What a wonderful and fantastic world full of choices. Grant me this holy task of consuming the fruits of my labor. Give me strength to masticate and process the POWER of the sandwich. One sandwich could change everything!

Dieter Ray Geisler

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