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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miracles ?

It's a miracle!
But, is it really? 
I mean what is a miracle exactly? 

Is a miracle an act of a god or an intentional event set up by the universe itself? 

Why do we call certain events miracles? 
Have we been socially conditioned to see certain events as "miracles"? 

Let's look at this. 

Do you believe in miracles? 
Let's break down "believe". 
When you believe in something, you are willing yourself to think about a certain thing without actually knowing if that certain thing exists. You are subscribing to a certain mindset. It is based upon imaginary concepts. 

I believe in god. 
I believe in love at first sight.
I believe in miracles. 

Are miracles labels we give to events we cannot explain? 
When we believe are we just focusing on what we feel without reason or evidence to back up our feelings? 
What happens when someone questions our so called beliefs? 
Do we get defensive? 
Do we get emotional right off the bat? 

It is important to ask questions. It is also important to question your beliefs and everyone else's. There are certainly things we cannot explain. We can draw conclusions or we can choose to look deeper into the issue. We can ask questions to the questions we are asking. We can let go of the immediacy and the compulsion to seek direct answers for things we cannot explain. We can accept the uncertainties of our perceptions of reality.

You are responsible for creating your own perceptions of reality. This is what reality is. Reality becomes the perception you choose to adopt. Some of us our unconscious of this fact. We choose to accept our own perspective and cannot see the inner workings of people's minds. These are the levels of consciousness. How aware are we? 

There is so much to learn. So much to explore. So much to challenge. These things we call miracles could be there to expand our consciousness. To expand our perception that is reality. To make us learn. 

What a gift it is to even witness events that we call miracles. To defy the odds. To see the unexpected. To see the so called "amazing" feats of the universe and action. 

As awareness expands, we may see smaller things as "miracles". We may see the interactions of squirrels and birds as small miracles. We may see the interior of shopping malls as miracles. We may see the fact that all matter is held together as miracles. We may see that consciousness and the ability to label things as miracles a miracle. 

A belief is a belief. 
What legitimacy or value does a belief hold in this present moment?
Does your belief segregate you from the humanity of others? 
If so, question it. 
Does your belief trap you in a fixed mind set? 
Well, question it. 
Does your belief allow you to grow or expand your consciousness? 
Most likely not? 
Drop it. 

Swim in the presence pool. 
Let those beliefs swim by your side, but don't let it carry you to the deep end. 


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