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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thankful for discomfort

This discomfort that weaves in and out of my consciousness is a blessing. Some may see it as a nuisance, but I see discomfort as a powerful teacher. Discomfort allows you to breathe and recenter. 
Discomfort allows yourself to ask questions. 

Why am I feeling discomfort? 
Is this discomfort a choice for me to feel? 
What is this discomfort trying to teach me? 

The key is to notice the discomfort. The more you resist, the more the discomfort persists. It is not there to ignore or to get rid of right of away. Discomfort leads to growth. It all depends on how you choose to interact with it. Battling the discomfort demons will only increase their resiliant army.

The writhing feeling you get from discomfort can force you to be more present. Yes folks, the suffering of discomfort can let you see what is truly important. When you pick the scab of discomfort, it cannot heal quickly and organically.  

It's your choice. 

Recognize the discomfort in your mind and body. Feel it and do not resist. Use your breathe as a tool to relax and be one with what is. Do not attempt to label your emotions or opinions on the discomfort. Those will only keep the cycle going. Words are unnecessary in this context.

Accept yourself unconditionally in that moment. In every moment of the discomfort and every moment of comfort. 

See the potential for growth. It is endless. 
Thank the discomfort for allowing yourself to be more present. Thank the discomfort for the discreet holiness it presents for you. It projects your humanity.

What a blessing it is to feel discomfort in the first place!


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