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Monday, January 25, 2016

Just trying to Expand my Brand

Oh don't mind me,
In just trying to expand my brand.
Just trying to market my product and image. I'm just trying to get more eyes on my effort. More likes for my agenda. 

I'm just trying to aim for success. You know, eyes on the prize. Trying to put myself out there and make myself important. Make myself more clean cut and approachable. Make my brand reflect "who I am." 

I'm looking for the acceptance and validity from my peer and the general public. I can certainly say that I believe in what I'm doing. I believe that my brand and my style are the keys to expanding my career. Why is my career so important? Good question. 

I believe that my career will lead me to a more fulfilling and successful life. I think that my social status and income are the paths to true happiness within this capitalist land mass. I am looking to shape my brand to be something different. Mold it into a marketable, likeable and ubiquitous product that anyone could certainly relate to. Selling my image is of the utmost importance. 

My image may be a mask or a tool, but I can assure you of its authenticity. I'm planting the seeds of marketing tricks to convince you that what I am doing is important. The competition is out there and I am ready to play. It may be cutthroat and unforgiving, but I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of my brand. 

My brand is the way. The way for me to excel and grow as a productive member of society. It is the way for people to respect me and like me. It is the way for my self confidence to radiate like a sunbeam. My brand is hot and radioactive. My brand has immense potential. My brand has the power to grow and succeed! 

I see people as a way to expand my brand. How can this person or people help to expand my brand? How can this person be of use for me in my success and career? How can I learn to expand my brand from other brands? How can I make my brand more marketable for the future? 

I need to make my brand more marketable. How can I sell my brand and how can I sell myself. I must merge my concept of self with my brand. I must eliminate my pitfalls and shortcomings in order to present myself as an adequate ambassador of my brand. I must become my brand and adopt my self identity under this construct. 

My brand will make me grow. 
My brand will make me grow. 

I will be relentless and pursue the goal of brand expansion. I will market and manipulate my message in order to network, succeed and make more money. I will dedicate my time and energy to fulfill the needs of my brand. 

I am my brand. 
I am a brand. 
I have branded myself do that I may expand. 
I have expanded myself so that I can brand. 

Look at me.

Don't mind me I'm just expanding my brand. 


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