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Monday, January 25, 2016

Going Knowhere

Sometimes it feels like I'm going nowhere. 
No plan. No long term goal. 
I mean sure, I think most of us want to be stabile. Most of us want to be financially secure and healthy. That's a given. 

Some of us are chasing success. 
Some of us are chasing a career or pursuing what we love no matter what financial gain it rewards us with. 
Some of us are running....
....from here. 

From where? 
That's a good question you ask. 

When you are going nowhere, where are you actually going? Are you simply uncertain of the future? Is there anything wrong with that? 

Well when you're present, the worries of the past and the future do not take priority in your consciousness. When you are uncertain, you have a unique opportunity to regain your presence 

What's the point in always trying to get "somewhere" when somewhere is not here and nowhere to be found? 

Nowhere is your natural authentic state of being. Think about it. You are always in the moment whether you like it or not. You may not be fully aware, but now is all there every really is and every really was. Your idea of the past and future only exist in your mind. They have happened. Now, this is all happening. 

This lull in your life. 
This uncertainty in your life. 
It's all meant to be there. 
It is meant for you to listen. 
To recenter.
To realign with your inner strength. 
Most importantly, to discover. 
To allow spontaneity and creativity to flourish inbetweenst the cracks of unknowing. 
To discover new passions and horizons while shedding light on old patterns and habits. To learn. To get an education.

Plans become clearer when presence is here. Goals start to show when you're focused in growth. 

So, can anyone really be "going nowhere"? No. Since nowhere is not a destination, it means that you are always "there". Nowhere is everywhere when you are aware. Nowhere is the gift of being. 

To really know nowhere, you must know where to look. It's there. It's here. It's all around. When you know where nowhere is, it becomes knowhere. You know? 

You can say with confidence and compassion that you are here and nowhere. Now, you know Knowhere. 


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