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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The "Maybe" Generation

Are you going to the party?

Welcome to 2016. The non-commital up for whatever, letting it ride, ambivalent year. 
So many options. So many events to "maybe" go to. So many things to "maybe" do with your friends.
Can't make a decision on what to do? 
Let someone else pick! Forfeit intuition and put decisions in the hands of others. 

Where is the "YES!" ? 
We've been accustomed to oks, and maybes that enthusiasm has evaporated in the air. Confident decision making is overridden by compulsion and the inability to look inward and critically think. 

Assertiveness is such a valuable characteristic. You can't change everyone's behavior, but you can start with yourself. When the uncomfortableness of decision becomes present, you can look inside and trust your intuition. You have the opportunity to try something different and exciting. Maybe the best decision you can make is making the decision to not make an immediate decision. You can thrust yourself into uncertainty and open yourself up to discovery. 

"Maybe" gives off a weird and unnerving stench.  It makes uncertainty more present. It puts people in a weird in limbo state of discontent. Uncertainty is beautiful when you are aware of it. Uncertainty turns into an opportunity when you shine the light of awareness on its inherent nature. Use to taking right turns? Take a left turn. 

Submerge into the discontentment of uncertainty by breaking your comfort zones. "Maybe" arises from learned habits and behaviors that are not challenged. Habits that are unconscious. Socially conditioned habits that lack self knowledge and self ownership. 

Not sure what you want to do? 
That's perfectly fine! 
What comes at the top of your head? 
Listen to it.

Switch from trying to make an expedient decision to listening to what you desire. You may hear silence. That silence is there for the unmanifested to manifest. Let that empty glass fill up with uncertainties. Change your mind from simply doing or acting to discovering! Look around you. "Maybe" something will trigger an idea. 

Not sure what to do again?
That's great. Sit in silence. Sit in the company of your friends or peers. Have a brainstorming session instead of trying to move from A to B like a furious and unconscious rat. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with doing nothing and embracing the unseen. Let that "Maybe" dissolve into a challenge. Let that "Maybe" be a teacher for you to make risky, but informed decisions. 

Maybe "Maybe" can be our best teacher, but let's not get caught in the trap of "maybe next time". 


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