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Saturday, January 9, 2016

You don't have to think that way !

Stop it. 
Just stop it. 
You don't have to think that way! 

It's true.
You are just creating all of your problems. You are planting seeds that become weeds and distract you from what is important. It is really centered around the WAY you think, but also the value of thought itself. 

Some people might say that changing your thoughts will help improve and change your mind. While this might hold some truth, it can miss the mark of actually missing the validity of thought itself. 

The way you think is only part of your self. The derivation of thought is tied to establishing an identity through the mind and ego. Simply if you were only to identity your well being with the way you think, then you are putting yourself in a trap of unconsciouness. Thoughts emerge. It is your choice of what to do with the thoughts. Do you choose to resist them? Do you choose to identify with them? Do you choose to let me them affect your mood and well being? You are not thoughts, but sometimes you choose to wear them as a dress or a nice pair of khaki pants. 

So the way you think is only a small part of your consciousness. Seeing the thoughts for just thoughts is the first step in breaking through a vicious cycle of mind thought identification. 

Be like...

"Oh hello thought, I will let you dance around on the stage in my inner space. I see you and I see your moves. However, you are not in control and I can see that you are transient. I will learn what I can from you and breathe through any anxiety or pain that you have attached to you. Soon you shall pass and more thoughts shall enter!" 

When you choose not to identify with the well spring of thought, you are allowing awareness and presence to manifest within life and the present moment. Growth happens when you can meet with your demons and let them do their thing without getting emotionally or mentally involved. 

So yes, you don't have to think that way! 

You really shouldn't try to think in any other way since disciplining a type of thought pattern is a dull path to a fixed mind set. Your authentic being is fluid and allowing spontaneity and vulnerability to flourish will open your blinders. You can switch from being of the mind to knowing the mind. You can see that thought is separate and can offer some great entertainment or lessons needed to progress in your consciousness. 

Allow the river of thought to flow through you. When you relax and watch, you'll see things you have missed all along. When you try to redirect the river, the river gets stronger and produces more conflict. 

Let the river of thought flow and the river of life shall carry you in the right direction. 


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