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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tending your mental garden

Imagine if you will... 
You brain as soil. Your mind as a garden. 
What shall you plant in your head? 
How shall you choose to take care of this infinite plot of potential and abundance ? 

Think of your thoughts as seeds and the planter is your state of awareness. Your consciousness will help you make the best choices for what needs to be planted, tilled and prepared. Now, think of how these thoughts and intentions influence the rest of the garden. Certainly the bad thought could be seen as weeds and/or pests. Take note that compulsive thought and anxiety create an unmitigated atmosphere of turbulent vegetation. 

Your garden plot can start small. Abundance grows from the presence you harvest. What valuable thoughts or things occupy your mind and in what way do the bring value to your innder atmosphere? Do these thoughts need constant watering and/or maintenance?
It is important to see how each planted thought will work towards the overall health of your mind and body. 

What kinds of fruits or vegetables do these planted intentions provide? 
With your awareness and ability to breathe, each part of he garden grows a little more. It takes little discipline to influence abundance of the mind vegetation. You cannot force a plant to grow. You must step back and look at what you can do. Have you taken the time and effort to look at the weeds that grow in the crevices? Have you taken the time to see why some of your plants have not been fruiting or growing? 

Water your mind garden with awareness and presence. There is a never ending supply of this. Think of taking deep mindful breaths as a garden hose. You can water with ease. You can relax and check back in with yourself. Ask yourself...

Am what I doing right now helping to manage my garden? 
Is what I am doing right now hold any value or have an effect on how myinner  garden will harvested in the future? 

Some of us may not have the means to create an actual garden. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to. I can see my actual garden as a reflection on how my mental health is. I can look at the general state and have direct and concrete examples on what I doing and not doing. Are some plants dying? Are weeds taking over? Is there a pest  issue? I feel as if my garden is a direct reflection with how I choose to care and maintain things in my own life. 

My outer garden tends to reflect my inner garden. I can use it as an accountability tool that let's me manage and maintain my habits and my internal state of presence. If my garden in the outside would is doing well, then most likely I am doing well. I can look at it, smile and breathe. I am connecting with the now. 

You can use this garden analogy for many aspects of your life. How are you maintaining relationships in your life? 
How are you maintaining your health?
How are you maintaining  your goals? 

Like gardening and agriculture, it focuses on growth. How are you growing in different parts of your life? Both inner and outer? How are you watering your mind plants to make sure they can grow and seed for the future? Your thoughts can seed in many different ways. Some can blow into the wind and plant in ways you would have never thought of. Those seeds can plant in the minds of others and influence how that person chooses to tend to their garden. 

You plant seeds with your actions.
You plant seeds with the behaviors. 
You plant seeds with mindfulness. 

How are these seeds going to grow?
Are they going to ravage and take over a mind garden plot? 
Are they going to bloom into flowers that can produce more flowers in the future? 

You can diversify your garden and experiment with how you see it and how you want it to be. So, go forth and plant seeds of kindness and opportunity in your mind, the world and in the consciousness of others. Educate people of the importance of the soil and how it creates abundance. 

Take a breath and plant your humanity and consciousness. 


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