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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The secular church

Hear Ye! 
Hear Ye! 

May I have your undivided attention?
I am calling for a radical idea. This idea can strengthen unity within the community and expand your inner awareness. It focuses on building, creating and growing. 

Let me explain. 

We pick one day of week where we can all gather. It can be a house, a rented space or even a place outside. 
A sacred space.
A space for us to share stories, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. A place with we can really focus on the unity of community. Where we actually get to know the eccentricities of our neighbors and fellow community members. 

A space not based on belief. A space based on the idea of communion, strength and support. Where judgment takes a backseat and understanding takes the wheel. Where acceptance is key and forgiveness is a necessary practice. A place of sharing without expectation. A place where presence is present. 

This space will focus on the progress of the individual and the collective. The strengths can shine and organically flow into place with each willing individual. A common understanding of community, respect and maintenance where each person can offer something extremely pertinent and valuable. Where talents are fostered. Where love is imminent. 

Some of us may see it like church, but there shall be no pastor. There shall be no leader reading from a book to convince people to act in a certain way. There will be respectable codes of conduct that advocate not harming other individuals. Patience and compassion will be the huge pillars in the space fostering the growth of each individual and the community.

Individual beliefs shall be respected. 
Individual beliefs shall not be enforced. 
The presence and personal space of each person must be respected. 
Looking out for other peoples well being is a major pillar of this space. 

This space will allow for honesty and sociability. People can air out their grievances and express their feelings. People can console with one another. People can support one another. 

This space shall have access for anyone at any time. This space shall serve as a place of sanctuary and sanctimony. This space shall serve as a shelter for the abused in the community and the traveling person. This space shall encourage creativity for everyone in many ways. 

What say you? 
Where value does community have in your life? 
What value does unity have in your life? 
Are you ready for the Unity in CommUnity? 


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