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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I give up

I give up. 
It's true.
Don't think too much about it. It's not what you think. I haven't given up on life. I haven't given up on love and living. In fact, living and loving have encouraged me to give up with confidence. 

What does it mean to give up on life? 
Well life isn't a goal. Life isn't a means to an end. You certainly can't possess it.
You are it! 

What have I given up? 

I'm giving up on resisting and struggling. I have given up on the rat race. I have give up on becoming since becoming never comes. I simply am giving up on defining myself through outward appearances. 

I have given up on the resistance since the resistance bleed persistence. Persitence of resistance. 

I'm not losing anything. Think about the statement of "giving up". I am giving so I am gaining. I certainly am not giving down. I have given down most of my life. Given downward to unconscious oblivion and suffering. Giving down by not looking within. Giving down because of the discomfort in my own skin. 

Let's change things around. The opposite of giving up is taking down. Their is no value in taking down.
Taking down others.
Taking down yourself. 
Taking down the joy of the present moment. 

I surrender to the moment and the uncertainties in this existence. I surrender to spontaneity and the creativity it serves. I have loosened my belt let the good and bad things flow and know that it's going to be alright. 

I give up on the ideal of perfection. 
I give up on identification.
I give up on defining myself by what I do. 
I have given up on trying to be something that I certainly am not. 

I have given in to passion that makes me more present. Wherever that takes me. I'm good. It's all good.

I give up and so should you so you can finally witness the eternal growth inside of you! 


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