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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Narcissists United

I am here.
I love myself?
Do I really love my self?
To love the self is to love the thing that necessarily is not you. When you use "I" or "me" you identify with that form. That my friends is ego. When you love the self then you are loving the "thing" you think you are. The "I" is a form. Form can be manifested into an actual object or can be a thought or idea. When you think you love yourself, you are assigning love to an object. You are creating an attachment to an illusion. 


A selfie is a reflection of your self reflecting onto it's own self. It's demanding. Look at me, look at me now. 
What will people think of this picture? 
Upon further investigation, the selfie serves to feed the self and the ego. The feeding of this "thing" perpetuates the same behavior and strengthens the ego.  

Man is the reflection of the universe.The universe manifests itself through the consciousness and awareness of man. So the understanding of the selfie is the reflection of the reflection of the universe reflecting it's awareness through man. 

The hungry ghost that is fed and feeds the selfie shall perpetuate the increased occurrence of more selfies. It will give the illusion that you want to be seen. It will give you the illusion that you are doing well. It will feed the beast that compares yourselves to others. It feeds the ego and the ego loves to strengthen itself through the act of "self importance". 

Status: this is what I am doing. 
This is what I am doing in the future.
This is what I want you to know right now.
I am too scared to tell you in person. 

Social media allows one to express their thoughts and feelings through form. It gives the illusion that people will care or that people are involved in your thought patterns and distracted consciousness. You delve into the unconscious when your urges and actions are motivated from the self or ego. 

The selfie and the status create an environment of false expectations. You post with the intention to get seen and to illicit sometime to "like" or comment a response. When someone approves your status or selfie, various chemical reactions occur. Dopamine is released in the brain and the "pleasure and reward" center of the brain is triggered. This leaves you wanting more. This fuels the fire of the self and the illusionary unconscious realm of reality. 

Some statuses can lead to positive reaction and inspiration. When you share with the intention of creating an atmosphere of conscious awareness and wisdom, then you are only strengthening the self and ego. When you are posting with the pure intention of creating your online ego, then you are deceiving yourself. You are identifying with an illusory perception of reality based on the opinions and feelings of others and your self. 

" I think people will like this and I think people will benefit from this post." 

When you think that a status will make you any more important or relevant than other statuses, you are creating a conflict. The conflict centers around the illusion of self importance and self comparison. Even when you tell yourself that you don't care what other people think, you are denying yourself and creating a false perception of thine self. This creates suffering. 

...but I'm just trying to be cool man. I'm just trying to send out some juicy positive vibes. 

What is the point of posting a selfie and status? There is no point. There is no end to it. 

The mere wish to not participate in social media out of judgement of yourself is stupid. What you resist persists. It is like the ego trying to get rid of ego. You cannot get rid of ego, you can only understand it and shine the light of awareness of it. When you become more aware of your behaviors and actions motivated from the self and the ego, you listen. You learn and you don't identify with the controlling social media serpent. To rid yourself of a feeling or a state of being is to ignore the present. When you are not present in the now, then you are unconscious of your social media behavior. 

Social media is of the mind. 
When you realize it is of the mind, then you are free from it's binds. 

But isn't the selfie and moment in time and thus a recording of being in the moment? 

You are taking the photo with the intention of sharing it. 
You are taking the photo with the intention of impressing or luring others. 
You are taking the photo with the expectation of achieving a response. 
Your self is taking a photo of itself and creating a feedback loop of unconsciousness and ego identification. 

This is what I am doing now, 
This is what I want to share. 
If I say I don't care, 
Then I must be impaired, 
I feel that I must consistently share.

Social media is a strange and predictable anthropological invention. It gives us the illusion of connection. It connects us through technology. It fits us into boxes and leaves us playing roles. Authenticity is tossed out the window. Everything is edited. Honesty is masked by deception. 

Social media is a strange experiment of human behaviour. It is a creator of bad habits. It is also a creator of false expectations and predictable outcomes.

The fact is: 
You are connected. 
You have infinite connection to the now void of such deviating distractions.
There is no need to think that others are having a better life than you.
You are you and you are love, but you are not really you when you think you are love. When you don't identify with "you", you are shining the light of awareness onto it's self. Love runs through you. 

Love what you share. Notice the insignificance and notice the significance. Learn from your social media mistakes. 
Live in the now and share spontaneously. Be silly. Be serious. Share wisdom. 

You certainly aren't what you post. The posts are a reflection and workings of what is working through you or what is controlling you. When you breathe and become aware of your behavior, you grow.

Live, love and learn through the abundant  feed of social media.

We are monkeys sending all the wrong and right messages. 

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