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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Name Calling: No more emotional manipulators

A: He is saying a lot of things and he only talks about himself. 
B: That is because he is an idiot. 

Why do we still call people names?
Haven't we learned to engage in healthy conversations as adults? Haven't we learned to back away and no simply insult our fellow human beings? 

Calling people names has become more and more rampant as social media has permeated the hours of people's lives. We like to use them against people we have resentment and disdain for. We unconsciously call people names to separate us from others while creating the illusion that we may be better people because of it. In reality, name calling is a reflection of our insecurities. 

Calling someone an idiot or a dummy is an unintelligent and empty word. It holds no concrete meaning and is used to emotionally manipulate people into conflict or used to make people submit to a state of shame and belittlement. 

What value does name calling give us? 

Name calling perpetuates name calling. It allows us to conveniently and unconsciously label people. It is judging people by certain actions and behaviors and creating a hurtful and unproductive categorical name slot.

Is labeling someone with a hurtful title proactive? 

No. It is unchecked emotional rhetoric. It is the antithesis of understanding and compassion. It is destructive to immediately call someone a dummy and enhances the potential for conflict. 

It is much easier to write someone off without taking a the time to check in with your cognition and assess how your action will affect the other person. Self awareness takes a great deal of patience and the ability to see past someone elses unconscious actions.

Name calling is Ad Hominem. 
Personally attacking someone with a hurtful and empty unconscious analysis is extremely fallacious in nature. 
It does nothing to prove your argument. 

Like said above,
Name calling acts a mirror for YOUR insecurities. 

Check in with yourself. 

- Does calling someone a name or labeling their statement of rhetoric help to advance understanding amongst both parties? 

- Are you simply appealing to emotion in order to get emotionally manipulate the other person? 

- Do you feel the same when you breathe and wait for your nerves to dissipate instead of acting in the moment with aggression? 

-When someone calls you names, how do you feel? 

Let mindfulness be the main motivator in trying to educate people on unconscious things. Strip away the need to guilt trip or shame people in order to "prove your point."

If you cannot get information across without labeling or name calling, it is a great time to reevaluate your motives. 

Let your inner bully be a great teacher. 


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