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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's that pure clean cut energy

It's that pure clean cut energy,
The kind your find around you,
Inside you, 
Infinite power giving, 
Cycling and recycling, 
The kind you can reconnect with at every breath and every second. 
The kind that transforms you and engages you,
The kind that invigorates and amazes you, 
That white light inside of you.

Not resistance, but it's persistence, 
The ability to turn and change, 
The ability to accept and rearrange, 
It's the centering ghost,
That lives and strives, 
With ease,
With the gratitude of being alive, 

The great alignment, 
Aligns you with the present, 
Aligns you with your being, 
Locking you in place to see under the veil, 
To meet with compassion, 
To greet with kindness, 
To speak with oneness, 

That life force that keeps you going, 
That life force that helps with knowing, 
The seeds that go on sowing, 

That feeling under the muck, 
Away from Amok, 
Not stuck, 

It's that constant push and pull, 
That release you need, 
That effortless speed, 
It's here, 
It's ready, 
It's always there when the heart is steady, 
Through the madness it thrives, 

It lives, 
It gives, 

Through every breath
You consciously take. 


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