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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Probably Maybe

Q: Are you going to go to the gym later?

A: Yea, probably....

I may, I might. 
We are ignoring our behaviors and plain sight! 

Some of us structure our days around things we want to accomplish or tasks that we think we need to do. Whether it be going to the grocery, the gym or the store for a new pair of speedos, we see our days as checking of to do lists. 

How many of us step back and actually analyze our language and the things we value in a day and in our life?

Some of us casually use indecisive language in our lexicon without being conscious of it. We throw around maybe and probably to avoid responsibility in making direct decisions. We indirectly say ambivalent things because we lack intention and conviction. We simply throw confident decision making to the wind. 

Why are we so indecisive? 

Maybe it is the "risk" in making direct decisions. Maybe it is the constant proliferation of learned habits that has molded us into routine automotons. The trudgery of modern life weighs on us and we tend to choose the easiest or most convenient choice.

We act like deer in the headlights when a hair decision must be made. Whether it be choosing a place to eat, hanging out with friends, or trying to decide on what to do to fill a block of time, we hit the hazy wall of blocked decision making.

So how do we change? 

We must be conscious of our vernacular. We must breathe and make the effort to break our habits. 
We must make the uncomfortable decision of being assertive! 

What is the first thing that comes to mind? 
Listen to it.
Feel the feeling in your body. 
How does indecision make you feel?
Don't try to change it. 
Don't try to force it. 

Maybe "Maybe" is cutting us off from growing and expanding. All these indecisive words place in a groove of habitual indecision. It trains our minds to make us think that being indecisive is simply ok. It is a limited mindset that kills growth.

If it makes you uncomfortable, good! 
It is an opportunity to make an impulsive decision. To look around you and look within your consciousness to pull out the magic rabbit from the hat of the unseen. 

You can turn apathetic indecision to the act of discovery. 
You can use each indecision as an opportunity to break a comfort zone or a learned habit. 

It takes practice. 
It takes moment to moment awareness and the willingness to listen and improve. 
It takes doing things you don't want to do because you don't feel like doing it. 

It takes courage and the ability to let go.
It takes the ability of non-resistance. 
It takes the effort of non-judgment. 

So you will probably go to the gym? 
You will go to the gym. 
You will bake that pie. 
You will ride that bike.
You will FINISH that painting. 

If you don't, then no need to worry. 

You will be, regardless of what happens. 

At least you probably maybe won't do those things anymore. 


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