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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 things to do OFFLINE

Here are 10 things to do OFFLINE! 
( This means no access to internet ) 

1. Go read a book! 
- They are these things with pages. Sit down. Set a timer for at least 20 minutes. Watch the magic of imagination unfold before your eyes! 

2. Go look at some plants or flowers! 
- I also advise hugging a tree for more than 20 seconds. The connection with nature will make you feel good and content with yourself. 

3. Make a sandwich 
- Go put some effort in making a killer Sammie with all the fixings you can imagine. Get creative! 
Think about mixing meats with different condiments. Peanut butter and mustard anyone? 

4. Make up a song with your mouth!
- Think of a catchy hook and work around that. If you can, record it with your phone and send it to a friend. It will make their day. 

5. Draw what you feel. 
- Use a pencil, pen or even some lipstick. Look for a piece of scratch paper or even a piece of cardboard. If you feel anger, draw what yuk think that looks like. It's therapeutic. Let it flow, man. 

6. Go out and say "Hi" to random people.
- Take a stroll downtown or in a relatively crowded area and kindly acknowledge people with your face and words. Get creative! Don't do anything too commanding, but just give a smile and let them know that they are cool cupcakes. 

7. Lay in the grass 
- Don't worry about getting dirty. Look up at the sky. Don't worry about trying to accomplish anything. Just simply exist and look like you passed out on your lawn or in a public space. When someone asks if you are okay, give them a big ol' thumbs up. 

8. Analyze some insects 
- Look for different types of bugs and follow what they are doing. Don't interupt, but simply see how they live their life and interact with other plants and creatures. You may learn a lot about yourself and the universe. Your problems may later seem insignificant. 

9. Make faces in the mirror
- Experiment with different facial formations while looking at your reflection. Think about making up characters for each face. How would this face talk? What kind of personality would a scrunched up face have? 

10. Pretend you are an alien visiting earth for the first time.
- Be in awe of what is around you. Explore your surroundings with an expression of amazement and wonder. Stick your hands on the ground. Feel the ground. Breathe in the air. Do some skipping. Dance while you cross the street. Flap your wings like a bird. Jump like a rabbit. 


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