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Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's all about discovery !

Take a moment to sit and realize that everything in front of you that was man made in someway, was manifested by discovery. That's right! This world around you has arisen from imagination.
Those buildings, those cars, those finely packaged candy bars, those outdoor sculptures, that bench, that playscape etc.

These "objects" are merely reflections of the inner through action. It emerged as an idea. The seed grew with great intention. It succeeded in being built and realized in the real world. It went through many stages, changing, evolving and improving until it got to be the way it is today. Where was that initial spark? The amazing catalyst that allowed for a person to create directly from their imagination. 

Some ideas simply come out of nowhere or hit you like a ton of bricks. Some ideas simply take time for it to seed and subtly holds your attention when you become ready. It is fascinating the wide range of ideas that spring forth from different levels of consciousness. All sprouting from the depths of the human mind. Is all this a product of evolution and the evolution of consciousness? 

Sometimes people execute ideas for the sole intention of making money. This doesn't make an idea any less remarkable, but sometimes the execution  of the idea could create some harmful or unintended circumstances. This is however, necessary for future discovery. We must uncover the unseen of all ideas to progress forth to the proliferation of new and better ideas. 

Just like music, each idea emerges from the stillness of the human consciousness. The improvisation of an idea allows for the gears to produce unforeseen ideas and circumstances. It is all connected. The thought of a bad or unsuccessful idea is directly connected to the proliferation of a new and better idea. Understanding the process of discovery allows the unconscious to become conscious. The subconscious subtly gives us clues to what is coming next. It foreshadows that trial and error are necessary for refining new thought processes and awareness. 

Each intentional idea and action arises from the unknown and the unplanned. This is why you get good ideas when you aren't thinking to hard about it. You go for a walk or take a shower and an "Aha" type of moment arises. By not focusing so much attention on your intention, you allow your brain to discover the unforeseen. When we allow open space for ideas, we allow ourselves to accept and listen to them with clarity and awareness. 

Think of all the undiscovered ideas that have yet to come into being. Think of the infinite potential that our consciousness holds. Think about committing yourself to being open. To being a sponge. To listening. To taking different paths. To being an antenna for new and profound opportunities and ideas. To being flexible. To challenging rigidity and routine. 

When we can learn to "let go", we can learn to accept the now and allow internal and external growth to flourish. 

Accept yourself unconditionally at this very moment. Every moment. See where you flow when you can let the judgment go and the acceptance to flow. 


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